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NBA World! (2014 All-Star Weekend – The Truth)!

Hi NBA World,

Here are the realest personal thoughts on the 2014, NBA All-Star weekend.

This is the truth if you can handle it, read on:-

It all started with me sitting down and watching the Celebrity All-Star game.

I don’t know why, but they invited people that don’t know how to ball to an NBA celeb-All Star Game! What a big drop off in skills from last year’s crew. Also why don’t they get some people that are A-List celebs.

Just a note:- You wouldn’t invite people to a relay swim comp if they can’t swim. (Kind of funny that a low skilled field made it boring to watch).

That said Snoop was in there, he did ball hard and he did seem to ball well, Kevin Hart missed everything, his jokes were even off. The minister of Education won the MVP after Kevin Hart deferred the award (as Hart won it by a biased fan Vote).

Was it just me or does the Minister of Education sound like Mike Tyson when he spoke to accept the award!

(For a moment I thought this was a really clever prank (like he was a saturday night live character), but then a quick Google search and I found out he was for real).

So the celebrity Ball game didn’t have Usain Bolt jamming it, they did have some Victoria Secret Model who made it on the court for about 2mins. The game was riddled with WNBA players and an ex-NBA player Bruce Bowen who couldn’t hit a bucket.

The best thing about the competition was seeing Jalen Rose near a ball court again as one of the All-Star team coaches and his outfit specifically his jacket (was pretty nice).

Next, (A huge yawn!!!) The C-Webb vs G-Hill Rookie game.

These two former NBA superstars split up the rookies into two teams, as was the motif of the weekend there was absolutely no defence and Drummond looked like a man amongst boys.

Then it happened the game was about to hit the S-bend, when out broke a huge one on one battle between the Knicks Hardaway Jnr and the Cavs Dion Waiters. At one point Dion broke the ankles of Hardaway. This was one of the highlights of the whole weekend and definitely worth another watch.

The game became very exciting when they started slinging’ threes from deep, it went back and forth – I have to say in my opinion Dion killed it and won over heaps of fans.

Note: – Team Hill got the W.

On to day 2 – I missed the D-League All Star game (Snoozed through it) I’ll probably see most of the players on the Lakers roster soon enough anyway! 

My first event of Day 2 was the Shooting Stars challenge – this to me is only exciting with the half court shootout, which Bosh again owned. He can hit those all day and shoots those half courts like a regular person does a free throw. That was a little exciting to watch in the finals.

The next was the most boring event of the weekend (a real yawn fiesta) this event should be scrapped, the skills challenge nobody ever tries to win and nearly all players just coast.

Wait on I’ll be more specific here, all the players that are A-List NBA Ballers just jog this event B-grader ballers sprint and C-graders move their tails like there life depends on it. The team of Lillard and Burk good-on-em for winning but this event is entirely meaningless and boring and if you ever need a substitute for a warm cup of milk to fall asleep, just replay this.

Ok now onto the 3-point comp, an event that used to excite me especially when it meant that I got a chance to see how great people like Miller, Stojakovic, Nowitz and Rice shot. This year I was disappointed when they changed the money ball rack, I was frustrated watching this not only from a lack of effort but also because NBA plants friggin add-breaks in the telecast everywhere.

Anyways, I expected more from Lillard, Irving and Curry who all failed – I wanted to see Durant, Anthony and curry square off in this event, see that would have been exciting. Belleneli, missed so many and it was annoying, this didn’t show skills this showed a lack of it! He did manage to string together two good racks which was good enough to beat Beal. It would really be better to watch a condensed replay of this than the entire thing.
So now onto what I was hoping would be the highlight event, the dunk comp!

Listening to Kenny, Shaq, Ernie and Barkley try to explain the rules of this event was like trying to read Sanskrit!
Not one of them had a clear understanding of what was going on and at a few point they laughed at the complexity of the rules.

So Nick Cannon announced the dunk comp (HURRY UP AND LETS SEE THE DUNKS I KEPT SAYING).
He introduced the DJ, Competitors, Judges, Crowd, Commentators and pretty much everything that was in the venue! (SHUT UP AND LET’S SEE THE DUNKS!)

Finally, the dunk-off “Team Event” round began and that was so sad, it was like watching a group of disorganised mascots jumping off a mini-tramp.

There was no cohesion and I was insulted by what I was seeing.
Next, was the battle segment, where I will skip the epic failures like Harrison Barnes (What a waste of air time showing his missed attempts).

Now onto the next highlight of the NBA All Star Weekend, Let’s focus on the room all standing when they saw the missed-dunk attempt by PG, OHHHH DAMMMM! P.G. didn’t just try a 360 through the legs did he?

That was sick – it would have been better if he made it on the first attempt, the excitement was finally back, it momentarily left the room when we knew what he was trying but to see him make it was epic!!!!!
Next, John Walls jump over the Wizards mascot with his addition of the Harold Miner-Pump reverse looked incredible, even more so in slow-motion (Except they won’t show it front side as he loses the grip of the ball), still what a sick dunk. Best original dunk I’ve seen since Carters win back in the day.

The East won the comp as a group but I have to mention the epic bomb attempt on Shaq by Macklemore, his miss dunk from his reach over the seated Shaq will be #1 in the Shaqtin the Fool this week – I thoroughly believe it deserves to be on the blooper reel also.

Now people I’ve saved the worst till last, I will discuss the ‘Yawn Fiesta’ that had only two highlights – it was the inaugural 2014 NBA All-Star game.

I’ll spare you the entire game which featured no defence and the biggest score line in the NBA’s entire All-Star history.

The two highlights:-

#1 Which I didn’t really enjoy, but everyone has raved about it on twitter and so did a few friends of mine so I guess it’s ok, but I just thought it was too pre-planned and it just seemed like a regular dunk. Steph Curry’s over the backboard oop to Durant form the inbound.

#2 Kyrie Irving’s ankle breaker on Dwight – this I loved and truly enjoyed. The rest of the game was a ride off for me from here as there was no passion in this game.

Mello made it obvious if you give him the ball and space he will score a 3 (Do it in the 3 point comp or a Playoff). But no one wanted to put a hand up and the same went for Blake and Durant’s points.
At least Irving tried to make it exciting, Durant V Lebron didn’t happen and at times when it could all we got was a long three (yawn) from a step back (do it in the 3point comp Durant!).

Thus, the entire weekend had maybe 5 highlights too watch.

I hope y ‘all found it more exciting than I did as always let me know your thoughts, especially if you think I got it wrong.


NBA World! (The West Top 4)!

Hey yo,

To all my NBA loving fans!!!!! As I promised before, here comes my West-Coast NBA breakdown.

Lets start with the Oklahoma City Thunder, they’re #1 in the West with a 1 game win streak.

The Thunder are playing the best team ball in the league, in this recent stretch without Westbrook they’ve won against some tough teams and they surprisingly lost to some easy ones. OKC are 8-2 over the last 10 games and that recent loss to the Magic – Well, I feel, that game should be considered a one off, a minor bleep in their current torpedo like approach towards destroying the league.

In recent times I’ve definitely second guessed the OKC, especially when Westbrook fell out of the line-up. In an unexpected turn for the better the Thunder actually look smoother offensively without Westbrook and appear to have bonded together as a unit, the ball doesn’t stop at the top of the key (like it does with W-brook on the floor) the ball appears to reach Durant’s hands in safer positions for him to exploit the defense. (Durant’s offensive TO’s are down and his assists are up – thanks to Hoops Metric for stats).

In previous years, I completely doubted Durant’s defense (anyone can get a rebound like he does, was my thinking) but this season he is actually trying to shut down the offense by moving his body to the spot early and not just trying to wrap his arms around the attacker.

All that said, Durant is still way to thin for my liking on D, I believe a good physical defender should be built more like a truck, but it appears that what he lacks in size he’s gains in getting the team more involved defensively (again a huge surprise) and there is no question that with all this new-team chemistry, D and his explosive offense all combine to make him the front runner for MVP this 2014 season.

Note: – I do see a potential problem that Durant could have and that’s when Westbrook returns to the line-up, just after the All-Star game, Durant might start deferring to Westbrook again, if he doesn’t!!! well then, we should get to see the OKC slay some good teams especially the Heat (again) before the end of the season. (Yay)

On to the San Antonio Spurs who have the second best record in the West.

The Spurs in my opinion are not just a team that is battle scar ridden but they appear nightly of late as being physically old.

The age factor does not mean they can’t ball because they obviously can, I just feel at times that coach Pop expects too much from his bench. I can see how he’s tried to create mirror images of the big three with Mills, Belleneli and Splitter but these new boys just don’t have the talent. (Sorry it has to be said)

The Spurs are 5-5 in the last 10 and I honestly believe that they are one injury away from sliding into 6th, 7th or 8th spot in the west.

I usually bet on the Spurs to win against most but this week and with the injuries they have I’ll be second guessing every single game. Note, I was considering tipping the Hawks against Spurs, but luckily I grabbed a glance on twitter that Duncan and Parker were back in the line-up. (Phew)

Here we are, at the mystery that is the Portland Trail Blazers, who at present have the third best record in the West.

The Blazers are a one gun show, they have a brilliant starting line-up that plays extremely well together, but I feel teams have started to work out that you need to push up on Aldridge and in addition they have targetted a Lillard who is slumping of late and this combo will cause the Blazers to lose a tonne of games.

The Blazers are 5-5 like the Spurs over the last 10 and yet they haven’t got the excuse of having major injury setbacks.

In my opinion this team is like one of those cool Domino exhibits but once knocked over your left with a big mess of pieces all over the place. I didn’t tip them against the Wizards or Pacers, but I did against the Timberwolves (with Pek injured) and the Knicks.

I don’t feel they can beat a team that is fully healthy and prepared inside the top eight when the playoffs come around. They are a feel good team if that and I wish them well.

On to the exciting L.A. Clippers who have the fourth best record in the West.

Wow, without Paul and OMG with Paul back!!!

They were up by 50 points at half time over the 76ers (it’s the 76ers not the Pacers or Heat but who cares!!! 50pts) they look like a team that has bonded together so well whilst Paul was out. It’s completely unexpected as I (like most) used to feel that Griffin needed to be piggy-backed in games by a great point guard, so I’ll reserve my judgement on him (Yes, that’s as close to an apology as I will ever give).

This chemistry will go on show as they compile a massive run after the all-star break, my prediction a great new record 20-0???

I did see Griffin limping around the first quarter near the locker room which was a concern, but he ate some concrete pills and came back out tough as hell.

Boys n girls, this team will be extremely hard to beat when Paul gets back to 100% and if you add Coach Rivers experience, you can only see them getting better as the playoffs get closer.

Note: – I love the crowd cheering when Vujacic hit the court; they definitely were behind the ex-laker – respect L.A.

NBA World! (The 2014 Season)!

Hey yo,

To all my NBA reading fans!!!!!

I know it’s been a while between blog’s and I do sincerely apologise for not at least hitting back earlier but, I’ve been extremely busy with extracurricular NBA activities (such as my NBA Tipping comp – NBA Fantasy League – Watching Games – Watching Replays and Highlights & most importantly playing ball).

My activities have kept me away from being able to update my usual rants to this blog.

So as my act of good will to the all the readers of my finely tuned blog, I’m going to give you my quick-break-down on each team in the NBA over the next few weeks. I’ll start with the top four teams in the east and move down the ladder as we go along. (Yes, of course I’ll avoid doubling-up).

Pacers, (Currently on a 3 Game win streak), I feel like this team relies way too much on Lance S and PG to get things done – Step it up Hibbert! (Is it just me or does this giant fall over way too much?). How many games do I have to sit through and wait for the Pacers to start playing, it seems like every single game with exception to a few, they drop the first half. Stop it, its super painful, play from the first whistle till the end like your life depends on it, why not blow-out a team in the first half and then cruise home in the second?

I feel like picking up Andrew Bynum was a pure act of genius by Larry Bird – they effectively removed a key that other teams could have used to open the lock that the Pacers have on the league.

George Hill is a loose cannon to me and selfishly shoots when he should be giving the ball in deep – but his inconsistent plays are made economical as David West seems to steady everything. If David West remains healthy they will remain #1 team in the league. I am interested to see how the Pacers play without Lance for the next two weeks due to injury.

Miami, (Currently on a 3 game win streak), Watching this team apparently turn it on and turn it off or feel like playing or not, is irritating (yes, I know I’ve never been a heat fan) I see this team as burning out this year and I don’t give them a shot of 3-peating.

I often wonder if Wade is more prone to injury this season then Oden.

They didn’t miss much by not getting A.Bynum (as they have Oden anyway) I don’t feel either slot into the Miami offense well.

I do feel like Lebron isn’t able to turn up the Heat as high as he has in previous years (he has zero triple doubles this season) and his efficiency on the defensive side of the ball is actually stronger when battier is on the court??? (Thanks Hoops Data) he’s letting more opponents shoot in his face and in the key and it’s never really been that easy before.

Coach Spol has said that, he’s trying to limit minutes to keep the players healthy and hungry. I don’t believe they are hungry at all, I see them making huge mistakes on offense and terrible mistakes on defense.

You have to be consistent and power through teams to be a champion, I can’t see this Heat line-up beating the Pacers, Spurs or OKC when the finals come around.

Raptors, (They are currently on a 1 game losing streak), Terence Ross dropping 51 and the team being third in the east, who would have thought it?

Definitely not I!!!!

I can’t believe Amir Johnson is such an animal and moving Gay off to Sac would have proved to be such a positive outcome (I guess the Grizzlies did it and they flourished).

Derozen, is a slick player and the team as a whole plays with great chemistry. I hate to think though that one injury to Derozen or Johnson and this team might spiral down to the bottom in the East.

The Raptors frustrate me at times as they lose close winnable games and I feel they would be way more reliable if they could avoid playing Ross and Derozen at the same time. Johnson and Ross do make watching this team fun. I am sick of the commentators mentioning that Ross almost broke Carters record – I don’t think he’ll ever shoot like that again. Can they make the playoffs? (Most likely) will they win a playoff round? (Maybe only one series, but it will be fun to watch).

Hawks, (The Fourth team in the east), you broke my Heart – especially you Horford!

Horford was my go to guy with my fantasy team and I’m sure that Hawks fans were excited to have a powerfully legit east team this year.

I think Milsap is a scoring, post move, spinning dynamo and if you haven’t seen him play he’s really a blue print for how to get points in the low block. The team did have a great balance and they pushed some of the better West Sides to nail biting finishes and Overtime wins. I love how Teague is playing and I think when they moved Smith was without a doubt the smartest drop a team has made in a long time.

I can’t wait to review the Lakers in the upcoming weeks (Be prepared people).
Have a great all-star weekend.

NBA World! (The 2013 Season)


The NBA finals breakdown this has to be said,

I’ve listened to a whole bunch crapola via Podcasts, NBA Blogs and the website about how great the Miami Heat are and how great this season was and how we should all celebrate Lebron James etc… but let’s just put this all in perspective people.

The Miami Heat were the number 1 ranked team in the entire NBA and had a 27 game win streak and dominated everyone for a huge part of the season. They went heads up against the Spurs who at best were the second best team in the West and possibly the third or fourth best team overall.

How did the San Antonio Spurs get there? Well, they smashed the under-strengthened Lakers, they just got past the Golden State Warriors (that was a great series) and they killed Memphis. Let’s not forget that Memphis got through on the fortunes of an injury to Russell Westbrook and the Thunder.
Anyways, so the Spurs meet the Heat in the finals how did the Heat get there?

The Heat smashed the Bucks (WOW) – (No surprise they were a sub .500 win team). They get into a tussle with an injury plagued Bulls (missing Rose the former MVP) good on you bulls, who squeaked out a nice game one win. They then meet the Pacers who also have an injury to their star Danny Granger and then only just manage to win in a Game 7. Yeah right, the Heat looked really superior… Pffftt!!!! They had not a single listed injury to any player, except the 24 hour crushing & debilitating knee injury that mysteriously plagued Wade (intermittently of course) which only flared up whenever Wade missed a jump shot.

What a great series – for who exactly? The Spurs!!!! The Heat was the number one team – they were expected to win in 5 or 6 (Vegas, Sports Bet and pretty much the entire world had them as an odds on fav’s) this said, they should be disgusted that it was even close.

The finals as a whole – four of the seven games were a blowout – game 1 was close and Parkers final shot was just the nail in the coffin as the Spurs were in front when the shot went in – it didn’t decide the outcome it was just nice to have a highlight.

Games 2 through to game 5, meant absolutely nothing, but game 6 was the best game in the entire series. I loved how the faithful fans of the Heat with two minutes to go started piling up to leave the stadium yeah great support.

Miami should thank Ginobli and Leonard for not attending free-throw training and missing two free throws either of which (if they hit) seals the championship for the Spurs. They missed them ok!!!!! Don’t celebrate the fact you got lucky – you didn’t win the other team lost.

So bounce forward to game 7 and the heat throw everything at the Spurs and the Spurs don’t budge, are you telling me you can’t smash a team or show championship form? The Heat hit about 14 threes shooting at 50% and you can’t seal it until the last minute of game 7 WTF! you are a championship team? All I see is a team that got lucky. The Spurs couldn’t throw a rock into the ocean that’s how bad the team was shooting! And yet they were still right next to the Heat going in to the last minute. Ok, so Ginobli missed “don’t pass the ball in traffic class” and had more turnovers than points in the last three games (or so it felt) – But, you can’t believe that you outplayed someone that was obviously not up to scratch to begin with.

So finally, I just don’t know how anyone can say this was a great TEAM performance when only three players for the heat did the bulk of the scoring, or when the Heat only just managed to squeeze out two game 7’s in the final two series.

The Heat were lucky to benefit from injuries to teams that would have created a completely different outcome to the final result and were a free throw only away from being considered the biggest failure in NBA history.

As always, you can leave your comments below? Also fill out the Poll.

Hi NBA World! (The Playoffs & 2013 Season)


I want to apologise for my serious lack of blogging over the last month and a half + but, I’ve been trying to keep a very low profile as the playoffs approached, I felt that every time I commented a Laker fell with another injury. I was losing cash with my bets on the Lakers and started to bet blogging with friends and colleagues but once Kobe fell I was completely distraught and found myself drowning my sorrows by watching old 2010 NBA playoff games of the Lakers thrashing everyone.

I know you’re interested so here are some of the bets I lost.

Lakers not getting season swept by the Clippers:
Lakers finishing 6th in the West:
Lakers winning the 1st round of the playoffs:
Lakers beating Spurs in 6 games:
Lakers playing OKC in the Conference finals:

What I did get right was that the Lakers would beat both Houston and the GSW in their final two games to get a spot in the Playoffs.

So after all this I have to also add, “Could Kobe’s injury have happened at a worse time?”

OKC, think they have it bad – lol, they lost a person that was preventing their best player from touching the ball which is a blessing if you think about it. Any victory by the Lakers in the post season would be a hollow victory as it meant we would have to face the Spurs or Thunder with the most important figure of our team on the injured roster.

Did I expect us to win the series without Kobe? No
Did I expect us to compete without Kobe? Maybe
Did I expect Gasol, Metta, Nash, Howard + the rest of the Lakers to step up and fill the void? Maybe
What I found was another swept series that hurt terribly and was even more annoying as I watched Spurs run a route on a team that just had no life.

What do I want?

Cut: D’Antoni, Nash, Howard, Metta, Goudelock, Morris, Duhon
Keep: Kobe, Blake & maybe Gasol (you won’t get much for him he’s just so expensive).

I feel like so much opportunity in the off season for the Lakers to improve but it all needs to start by cutting the loose ends quickly.

Now onto my playoff breakdown:-

Ok, on to the Celtics v Knicks, I think that the Knicks dropped their last game to get Smith back for game 1 of their second round battle as he is facing suspension. I think it’s an extremely clever manoeuvre lol, but comes at a price as it may light a fire under the Celtics who look just old and slow against the Knicks front court.

Indiana v Atlanta, I really like both teams and I can’t really pick here although I fell that the Pacers are so much stronger a unit then the Hawks and if they get there motor rolling they have a far higher ceiling then the Hawks. But to give Hawks credit they are making a series of it finally. I think the Hawks are one of the easiest teams to look down on but they do what they can without a lesser squad.

Miami v Bucks, it was a great prediction by Jennings for a sweep in Miami (dummy).
Brooklyn v Bulls I have feeling that if Brooklyn gets the next game that Bulls will find it hard to close this out but if they do, then I would fully expect Rose to come back for game 1 of the 2nd round verse the Heat. I think Brook Lopez and Jo Johnson firing early with Williams and Wallace both wanting to win it, I also feel that without a pg that can run it out like K.H or D.R there is a gap on the setup of plays. Boozer & Noah are playing huge ball and I think no one makes playoff highlights like Taj.

OKC v Houston, I think Okc will have just enough to get past Houston but it won’t surprise me at all if the OKC franchise collapses without Westbrook. However, if they get through this will be what Durant needs to lay claim to the best player in the League.

GSW v Denver, I never thought that Denver would struggle so much but they seem to have worked it out in the last game by pressuring Curry to shoot only 1-7 from the 3pt line. A feet, that hasn’t happened since early October in the NBA regular season. If that continues then Denver could even this up and push a game 7. Lawson is playing incredible and is so fast and good with ball making the right play repeatedly. Miller deserves a lot of credit he has slotted in to the playoffs with not much pressure on his shoulders but hit a game winner and it a matchup nightmare for the GSW guards. Bogut is playing big man ball and has a few good facials on the Denver bigs but I think that he will become injured again maybe concussed from trying to do a cross over or something.

Clips v Grizz, I thought the Grizzlies would handle the Clippers but now I see that it’s a lot tougher with Paul flying around the court they lost today but I don’t think that Memphis can score 100+ in the next game to get this one out. I think Clippers will fire back, although they will need Griffin who went out injured maybe he might sit the bench???

I will not mention the other matchup but let’s just say we will see how the Spurs go in the next round.

Let me know your thoughts as always and I hope to chat with you all soon.


Hi NBA World! (Lakers will just miss the 8th Spot).


(If you are a Lakers fan I don’t know if you can read this blog today without tears potentially swelling up in your eyes).

I’ve completed a quick statistical breakdown of the Lakers Vs Utah, Dallas and the Rockets for the 7th & 8th spots in the west and I’ve come to the conclusion that if the Lakers don’t beat the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow, then the window and hopes of the Lakers making it to the playoffs is virtually closed.

Western Conference Standings as of the 2nd of April, 2013:-

W’s – L’s (percentage)
Houston 41 – 33 0.554
Utah 39 – 36 0.514 (they just beat Portland)
L.A. Lakers 38 – 36 0.514
Dallas 36 – 37 0.493

Lakers have lost the season series (2-1) with Utah and with how the tiebreaker system is designed in the NBA it would mean that if the two teams were to finish on an identical win/loss record the Jazz would get the go-ahead for the playoffs. So this means the Lakers need to win and maintain a one win gap over the Utah Jazz (which I just can’t see them doing if they don’t pull out a much needed win against Dallas tomorrow).

I have broken down the remaining schedule and I feel with exception of playing most of their games at home (which is the only place the Lakers have done well – L.A. has the toughest final 8 games remaining of any of the teams vying for 7th and 8th spot).

Game 1) – (H) L.A. Vs Dallas (2-1 game split in favour of L.A.)
Game 2) – (H) L.A. Vs Memphis (0-2 game split in favour of Memphis)
Game 3) – (A) L.A. Vs Clippers (0-3 game split in favour of Clippers)
Game 4) – (H) L.A. Vs Hornets (3-0 game split in favour of L.A.)
Game 5) – (A) L.A. Vs Portland (2-1 game split in favour of L.A.)
Game 6) – (H) L.A. Vs Warriors (2-1 game split in favour of L.A.)
Game 7) – (H) L.A. Vs Spurs (2-0 game split in favour of Spurs)
Game 8) – (H) L.A. Vs Rockets (2-1 game split in favour of Houston)

Dallas has won the last 6 out of 10 games and is 14-22 on the road, I feel if there was a team ready to shut out the Lakers or trying to make a statement for their own playoff push it would be the Mav’s. They would enjoy nothing more than knowing they could end the Lakers hopes for 2013 playoffs.

If the Laker’s lose, that means Dallas would tie them for 9th with LA in front on differential and Utah would move to a +2 game differential and that means the Lakers would need to win 3 of its remaining 7 just to jump in front of Utah – so you see how the noose looks like tightening around the necks of the Lakers if they fail to deliver.

The Lakers should compete in this game like it is there championship and make sure they put everything into getting this (W). I know it’s going to be tough with Nash potential out for the game as well as MWP and Hill. But they still have more than enough fire power to prevail.

Let me know your thoughts and vote on the poll to I want to see how many people out there have faith in LA??? :)

Hi NBA World! (THE 2013 MVP)


The hottest topic I have found myself debating in recent weeks is, “who will be the MVP for 2013?”.

Today, all the readers are going to find out my own MVP top 10 list, NOTE:- this is based on the current season played and current rosters.

I will do my best to be impartial and yes, that means that Kobe isn’t a lock for the overall honour.

(How do I work out what an MVP is?) In my opinion the Most Valuable Player, is the one person that if removed from the line-up the team will cease to function (and by function I mean WIN).

So here we go: –

Pick Number – 10 – Marc Gasol (I describe to people that Marc is the Memphis Grizzlies with him in the line-up and healthy the Grizz seem to keep most teams to season lows, every time I watch him he moves so well off the ball that it’s everything he does that makes him my #10).

Pick Number – 9 – Carmelo Anthony (I see him as the most elite scorer in the NBA on par with Kobe and Durant. I just wish he had a better defensive team around him in Denver when he was younger to assist him to develop more crucial skills especially his perimeter defence !!! but still he is unstoppable offensively and one of the best in the East and has carried that Knicks team to one of the best starts they’ve had in years. Injuries and the losing stints that come with it have made me move him down the list).

Pick Number – 8 – Steph Curry (I rate him a touch better than the previous few names because his team is so young and he’s a born leader that dominates the attention of the defence, when he is out with injury Golden State has no hope, I do have issues with his shot selection and not getting the max out of his team mates considering he’s playing a PG/SG role, but you’ve got to love his 54 point game at MSG).

Pick Number – 7 – Paul Pierce (I hate Pierce and his Boston team but there is no denying what he brings each and every game to the Celtics with his spot up jay and his movement off the ball. I would have inserted Rondo higher in the list but due to injury it’s been Pierce that has picked up the slack and the way he leads Bradley, Green, Garnett and Terry has been really impressive).

Pick Number – 6 – Ty Lawson (Watch a nuggets game if you don’t why this guy is my #6 – this kid is an animal on the break and he gets that whole Nuggets team moving for the entire time he’s out on the floor. The Nuggets are not even close to the same team when he’s not there but they still can survive hence, why I didn’t move Ty higher than the 6th spot also).

Pick Number – 5 – Kevin Durant (If Kevin Durant doesn’t suit up then OKC can only beat Detroit, Charlotte and Phoenix on a consistent basis – yes I know, that’s a really big statement but they rely so much on him and this kid delivers every night on the floor. I do have one issue with OKC and Durant, I feel that Westbrook is gradually taking more of the reigns from KD and in doing so the team isn’t as productive as when he controls the ball and gets good touches).

Pick Number – 4 – Kobe Bryant ( I would have put Kobe at #1 if the guys team would win more, the only reason the games are even close or watchable at times (YEAH I SAID IT) is because he puts more effort into competing then the entire Lakers team).

Pick Number – 3 – Lebron James (The guy is good not great just good – he couldn’t do it without Wade or Bosh). Hence, this is why he isn’t #1 on this list and a 23 game winning streak means nothing when it only gets you tied with Spurs for the overall best record in the NBA. Excuse the pun but they are heating up.

Pick Number – 2 – Tony Parker (If the Spurs didn’t dominate a few games recently with Parker out due to injury, then I would have kept Parker at the #1 spot. I guess I have to give credit to Popovich’s for his coaching and keeping the spurs ahead of everyone. NOTE: – I found out that Popovich’s of Serbian background.
And my pick for the 2013 MVP – and the overall #1 spot in the NBA is, Chris Paul.

When Chris Paul is on the court the Clippers are the fastest and most elite team in the NBA. This season when he got injured the slump that ensued was impossible to watch. I can’t accept anyone saying that Lebron deserves #1 as Miami and the rest of the heat are able to still function and possibly win even without Lebron in uniform but the Clips have seriously no hope. You can’t replace what he does and you can’t teach it to someone else.

Paul’s nickname should be “Control King” he runs every set so perfectly and his attention to detail is impeccable his vision is Johnson-esk and his speed and movement is up there with Rose, Wall, Rondo and Westbrook. He has the clutch shooting down of Kobe and I believe that he will be at a new level come to the playoffs.

I do hope that the LA V LA thing doesn’t happen in the first round of the playoffs but in one of the later rounds because Kobe just has a habit of finding that next level so easy also and watching them go head to head would incredible.

As always drop me your top 10 or what you believe I got wrong in the comments… Love to hear from you.


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