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November 23, 2012


I bought the Jordan Retro 5’s Basketball shoes after spending a week searching across the Web (looking high and low) and located my product on EBay. I had a crush on these bball shoes for more than 10 years and I wasn’t much of a fan of using the internet to take away that feeling you get of walking into a store and buying a pair of kicks. But I finally did it, mainly because Australia is near impossible for finding American sports products, unless you are into Cricket or AFL your choices are extremely limited. I spent days on end learning about what constitutes as a fake pair of Jordan’s and dodgey only shoes stockists.
Thanks to YouTube and my good friend Kato, I learnt the tell-tale signs of fake Jordo’s from dodgey stitching to the symbol being crooked or too close to the edge, I feel like an expert. I even measured up my foot so I knew the international standards for size and made sure my foot fit in them by comparing with similar shoes in Footlocker etc.

Now, you’ve just heard the history but here is what happened, I rock up to my regular street ball game where it’s usually a display festival of all things Nike, Jordo or Adidas and I am decked out with my new Jordan kicks, I step onto the court and start running around (I’m taped up ankles etc…) I break into a quick fast break down the court and this intense pain starts ripping through my feet, I look down after passing the ball off to my friend and my shoes are gleaming they are shiney and new and I’m the feature of several off the court topics. I call a quick sub and I move to the side, I walk it off slowly and I sit down pretending that I have a possible groin injury. It was here that this unrelenting pain shredding my feet began to grow, it’s coming from just underneath my toes on the top of my foot. I am in utter agony wtf??? My Jordo’s are killing me and I’ve only been playing for five minutes (not even).

Sad to say, that the Jordan’s have gone back into the box and will be worn as my going out to BBQ or friends house party shoe. Definitely, not making that mistake again, if you have a story of something equally as painfully drop it on here in comments, I just burnt $300 on something I can’t wear.


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