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November 23, 2012


I’m just a Lakers fan and I’m venting after the first 10 games of the NBA 2012-2013 season (that I’ve watched).

Ok, we all know that Kobe’s old! (you hear Reggie Miller and other commentators keep saying it), they reminds us at the start and end of each and every game.

They keep saying he’s 34 and injured blah, blah blah blah… seriously, start talking about something else. We’ve all seen Kobe jack up more than his fair share of contested jumpers and dribble into traffic, straight into traps and then get completely stuck for the turn over, but cut the guy some slack, the guy is the best one on one scorer in the league STILL – (forget OKC, forget Lebron) he can shoot and score on anyone STILL – and he’s shooting at his best levels that we haven’t seen for a number of years now. So Lakers coaches, why not focus the offense on him (for one more finals run?) Why not go to him and let him do what he does? Why get the rest of the team involved when absolutely no one else can score?

I’ll tell you why, Because they all (coaches and owners) think that Howard is going to bail the Lakers out from the post. Howard is not a Shaq, he’s great in the post, but you can’t focus the entire games attack on him.

Everyone keeps saying, ‘pass the ball to D12’ that’s a great idea, but the guy gets fouled and misses free throws like he’s never practised a shot before in his life. (Lakers management hire some more free-throw coaches (not just one) teach this big man how to shoot?)

Ok, my beef with the other Lakers – let me start with Gasol, the guy is a good passer but you want the guy to score in the middle and get there for rebounds on the offensive, not take fade-away jump-shots and disappear for 70% of his minutes, he literally does nothing and has no interest in getting a contested rebound, seriously it looks to me like he’s afraid of getting hurt.

I don’t like him jacking 3’s (a quality I hate Nowtizki for) I would love to see him get a black eye for punching up with another big or at least stand his ground. Gasol needs to do something that gets him a good tough rep, (something like have a punch-up with Kendrick Perkins or carry a gat to the court like Arenas.

Do something that gets this softness out of his system, it’s ugly to watch and even worse if you are playing teams that have no PF and we still lose to them on rebounds and blocks. If I played the Lakers I would target all my offense into getting him isolated he doesn’t jump (at all) I mean you could squeeze a 50 cent piece beneath his vertical.

I am just fed up watching him foul then pull his hands together and complain every single time that he never got the guy (He got that from watching the Spanish Primera Football).

Lakers point guard Nash, who this season looks like he gets a concussion from opening an envelope (yes, I think Nash is super soft also) – yes, he’s a two time MVP but where is his 10 assists a night going to come also how are we going to get those bonus points when the Lakers have a centre that can’t hit free-throws.

Lakers will live and die at the free throw this year and the only two who can bail them out are Kobe and Nash. Coach Brown had to go but this team is completely off balance, for the time being. We need to see how they go with Blake and Nash back and the offence flowing under D’antoni.

Blake, well the guy is good enough as a 7th or 8th man but, he should by now realise his limitations, he doesn’t know how to hit an open jump shot or how to pull up and take a player in transition. I’ve never seen the guy steal the ball of another point guard (ever), yeah he gets steals but from the oppositions small forward or shooting guard strip. I need to see the guy press the opposing guard at the half court and not give up at the first cross over.

Just watch him is frustrating enough, he makes Dfish look like a superstar, at least Fish moved his feet and tried to catch up, when he was beat.

Metta, he is to me the only bright spark on defence aside from Howard, he is the only guy in the NBA who can play Lebron at Small Forward and give back the physicality where he holds his own, he is up to 2 steals a game and is shooting a hell of a lot better, he apparently lost a bit of weight over the break and is able to run out the entire game.

His problem is that when he gets the ball back in a set that breaks down he does this spin move where he goes out of control (travel or turnover is imminent), can someone please tell the guy not charge into the key, he looks like a disabled Barkley when he does it. If you all watched Barkley do it, he had zero finesse and looked more like a rugby forward then a basket baller but at least he knew how to finish and get contact, I get scared watching Metta that he’s going to trip over his own feet.

Coach D’antoni said in an interview after the Brooklyn game that he would want Metta to get 20pts a night – well that will burn him out on the offensive end and he will be exhausted getting back on defence that is what I see with that plan.
Bright spark number two is Hill, this guy is great for the Lakers he hustles rebounds and puts his body on the line a complete opposite of Gasol.

His only problem is that like Howard the guy has no idea how to shoot a free-throws, even though he got a few the other night he will never get a full run cause in the crunch you need a guy that can shoot at least 65% from the free-throws. Teams will foul him expecting to get the ball back with only a 1 from 2 in each exchange.

Imagine if he was a great shot he would be a complete player.

Meeks had an ok game against Sac but he has literally been pathetic against everyone else, he was ok against Houston, I only just saw that he could drop a 3 cleanly and apparently he got some record in college with a 50 point game, reminds me of Eddie House without the control. If you ever watch NBA play by play every time Meeks name comes up there is a (TO) that appears next to it. He really is super frustrating to watch.

Morris well he’s a better fit for a starting guard in my opinion but he can’t finish a layup, he can shoot though and I’d prefer him to be back-up starting guard because he has a little fire to him and will hustle the guard dribbling up the court.

That is what Lakers need – they need to hustle and contest shots and make smart offensive strong physical moves. Be a man about the court have some swagger at the moment they think they have swagger but it’s Kobe’s swagger that is keeping them together.

On the whole from what I’ve seen Lakers will get to 50 wins but just.
Teams they won’t have a shot against unless they start scoring 110-120 a game are New York, Memphis and San Antonio. Miami will give me hell and so will Okc.
The west is super strong this year, I have a lot more to say but I’ll hold it for now.

I needed to vent.

My Lunchtime Lakers Comments:-


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  1. I just want the NBA’s LA LAKERS to be #1 again at all costs. I wish someone would just feed Kobe the rock and let him go to work.

  2. The Lakers will only get back to Number1 If they balance this roster up. That is the first place to start – I also think Gasol really has to go. They need new life.

    • dave permalink

      i dont think lakers would get fair value for him.

      • Seriously the league is riddled with 6″10 PF, hopefulls – how about going into the D-league and plucking out someone that can take a hit. This way you’d scare the heck out of Gasol, this would force him to fire up and start playing some real ball.

      • dave permalink

        yes the league is ruddled with 6’10 PF but maybe 2 or 3 with the skill set of gasol. and those two or 3 players will not get moved for gasol.

        bringing in someone from the d-league and adding the their luxuary tax and i think the team is already at max roster doesnt make sense, I dont think gasol would be influenced one bit by a d-league player, no matter their level of toughness or intensity.

        i definitely agree that Gasol needs toughness and drive, and i dont think he will fufill that with the lakers any time soon but in trading Gasol at this point and time the lakers have no leverage to do so, hes under performing, unless they showcase him by limiting dwights touches no one will offer fair maket value. plus he is on the down swing of his career. hes only going to get softer from this point on. i think when nash returns and the new system goes into full effect gasol will become loved again by laker fans

      • Yeah and this is exactly my point I was getting at. Gasol is burnt out, they needed to move him last year? Kobe didn’t want it to happen, Kobe likes having someone on the court who is a big guppy and just lets him be his verbal punching bag. Gasol has skills but needs something to light that fire under his belly to get the best out of him.

        Something funny to think about! Rememeber a season or two ago when Bynum got posterized by Shaq, 20secs later Kobe fed Bynum, where Bynum did the shimmy with his back to the basket ditched Shaq on the fake stepped through and dunked. (THAT WAS A LITTLE BIT OF FIRE) then 10 seconds back down the court him rough and tumbled with Shaq and they both got a tech foul. Bynum showed fight he showed team spirit he showed a want to win. NOW>>>>
        What the hell did Gasol do when Griffin added him to wall of posters after that huge dunk (POSSIBLY THE BIGGEST FACIAL EVER) he trotted back down the court like a Horse on it’s way to the glue factory. (YOU DIG?).

        I have all the time in the world for a rebuild from the Lakers but what we have now is no balance and no fire. You get that fire when you have players wanting to prove themselves not once out of 100 but every time they step on the court.

      • dave permalink

        mate we are singing the same song, but what wont happen is value in a trade for gasol.

        wasnt it in the finals a few years ago when Gasol was playing tough i think against boston (could be wrong) that lakers fans were singing his praises? and how he is soft? seems like hes not just kobes punching bag but the whole laker fan base.

  3. dave permalink

    i am unsure why meeks was condidered to be a impact player off the bench anyway? hes backing up kobe therefor will see 10 mins a game and in that time might get a handful of shots, i think what he is averaging now is what to expect out of him for the rest of the season, like it took 27 mins a game for him in philly to average 10pts a game, all the hype about him being huge off the bench was rubbish and now he performing at his actual talent level he is considered to be underachieving. guess thats what happens when you sign in LA thou, unrealistic expectations.

    • You are 100% right – even though I think when you get a back-up for one of the greatest SG’s of all time look to get someone young that you can mould into a great player and teach them from the get go. Remember Kobe went pick 14th in the NBA draft when he went through – so Meeks ain’t all that different plus he had the college career that Kobe didn’t. I would think the best thing for him moving forward is getting in the gym early and training with Kobe (learning everything he can) then moving it to the court when he sees those minutes.

      • dave permalink

        Some people have the hunger to be the best in the world which kobe has had from day one, its pretty safe to say what you see is what you get from meeks, he couldnt improve on his playing time in philly after getting 27 mins a season, next season it dropped dramatically, so there must be something more, lack of desire, lack of explosive scoring ability, game smarts, could be anything, but if he couldnt get a good run in philly on a average team then i think the player he will is right now is who he will be in a few years time. philly saw it. thats why they let him walk. if he had the potential that the lakers seem to think he has wouldnt they have fought to retain him a bit harder.

        potential is such a dangerous word when paying millions to unproven athletes.

        kobe went 14th in first round at age of 17?

        meeks went 11th pick second round at age of 21/22?

        i think its day and night when comparing the two

    • Yes, I see your point and I don’t really recall too many players developing into huge offensive threats without showing a massive glimmer early on. I agree he’s been a huge disappointment from the get go but underperforming, that Sac game was the first time I’ve seen anything from him.

      • dave permalink

        yeah agree, just unfair expectations on a kid that probably didnt deserve the expectations.

        he might develop into a 8-10 pt a game guy eventually but not on the mins he will get behind kobe. and hes not skilled enough to play some releif point and to small to play some releif small forward.

      • Before you know it, this guy will be waived — it’s still a few years left till Kobe can’t take on three men and a trap so until then – this position will need to be filled by someone happy to get a free lakers outfit 🙂

      • dave permalink

        t kinda says alot about the person and their competitiveness, a young SG choose to back up for the next 3-4 years rather then try and make a impact on a team that needs his skills.

        i know the desire to win, but the desire to prove ones self and “earn” your millions comes second to alot of NBA players.

        like Jamal crawford, i have never got his desire to maintain his 6th man status for most of his career. someone with his skill set and overall ability to kill defenses chooses to be a 6th man?

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