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November 27, 2012


Today my topic is one that I feel teams in the NBA should embrace.

It’s regarding teams that make and win the NBA championship. I believe and I think people can contend with this, is if a team wins the NBA championship they should have a different colour jersey printed and be worn for the rest of the following season.

The best example of what I’m talking about is after last year’s championship, I was thinking that the Heat could have a gold uniform for the 2012-2013 season.

I believe this would also help open the game to the wider audiences globally as it would remove the colour ties people associate with a team and increase the want to have that gold jersey.

I believe that it would increase jersey sales for the team that wins a championship and help push teams to want to achieve gold status.

Also, if a team wins a three-peat then they get immortals jersey made in gold thread? That they can wear whenever they want home or away for the entire season, it’s like a symbol of brilliance.

Admittedly I pinched the idea for this from cycling when a person wins a stage on the tour de France they get winners jersey.

I still believe there are a few little missing elements that teams don’t get enough esteem for winning the championship and during the season people quickly forget who the previous year’s title holders are or were?

Just my thoughts? – let me know what you think.


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  1. The G.O.A.T permalink

    Great idea

    • I’d even consider getting a Miami Wade one if it were gold! lol….
      I just think we all just wnat more jerseys. (AND WHY NOT!)

  2. dave permalink

    I Like the premise but in team sports espessially in the NBA where players and owners chop and change teams so much it would be difficult to achieve this. imagine the dallas mavericks team who won, half the team next year wouldnt have won that championship gold uniform as they gutted the team for the next season but all those new signings gets to parade like a champ?

    would tyson chandler get a gold badge on his uniform as tribute to his championship?

    does ray allen and rashard lewis get to wear a gold uniform even thou they did not win the champ with the heat?

    it works in the tour de france because its a individual sport with individual rewards.
    best sprinter gets a colour, best hill climber gets a colour and if u are winning the race at any one time u get the yellow.

    in the nba with people changing teams every year and loyalty a thing of the past starting and keeping this as a tradition would be very difficult to police.

    i believe the Nba championship trophy is enough of a incentive.

    i dont think wearing a gold uniform would make teams push harder for the title when the trophy and those champ rings is what truely drives these men.

    • Excellent points,

      I was going to say that it would be a great idea that if the team was gutted that the player gets to plant a badge on the jersey of the team they played with.

      Also, if you are lucky to get drafted or signed to an NBA team then you should be allowed to wear the gold that goes with it. You would find that people who want that gold jersey will stay. The reason why the Dallas team was gutted was due to poor management and the wishful salary capping.

      I don’t believe the trophy is a year long merit that is tangeable even the championship ring can’t be worn on the court on a nightly basis, that’s why wearing a gold uniform is a much better idea.

  3. dave permalink

    I think the NBA should take a leap out the Champions league football where every time a team wins they get a star above their team logo, maybe the NBA could adopt something like this where a small symbol meals a great deal, like the champions league winners star

    • Hey, the NBA does have that it’s stars on players backs already – it’s called the All-Star game, but see I’m semi against, the all-star game (Here I go) as it’s not the best talent it’s the best talent as viewed by the audience, meaning that the bulk of 3 billion chinese get to dictate the starting lineup.

      Also, dunk comp could be freakishly awesome if they forced the best talent in the NBA to participate.
      Who wants to see Mamimbi Kapibi from the Spurs in a dunk comp if he’s only played 2 or so games.

      We want the best and rewarding the best teams with gold jerseys is the way to do it.

  4. dave permalink

    the NBA rewards the club with the larry obrien trophy and the players with their championship rings.

    i dont know why you would want your team who has been your team and worn your team colours to wear a completely different uniform for a whole year.

    my team is black grey and white, they won championships in that colour and lost games in those colours. they belong in those colours.

    not a gold uniform cause they won.

    do you know how confused the global market would be when watching the nba from the outside looking in.
    every year a different team is gold.

    there is no conformity. a small badge on the winners like the larry obrien trophy badge on the jersey when no other team can have it i think is a gift enough.

  5. Well,

    You think it’s not confusing enough having Home, Away, Valentine’s Day, St Patricks Day and Xmas Day, MS Day, El Spanol Day and all the other make shift days to produce one off jerseys for the global market isn’t already confusing the 50/50 viewer already?

    Seriously – they have jerseys for everything why not have one that shows you are the elite of the NBA make it out of gold have them wear it when ever they want home or away, it’s just an added bonus. I’m not saying that have to rid the other colours for the year I’m just saying it’s up to them when they want to wear it. E.g. like a statement game against up and coming team that wants a run at the title.
    Nothing would make the game more driven then knowing the home side are also former champs and are wearing the championship outfit.

    Think it would be awesome.
    All you need to do is to check the NBA store .com and look at what they have going around already.

  6. dave permalink

    I think having your name on the back of the NBA team you suit up for makes you elite.

    i dont think the players would welcome this.

    I wouldnt want to be a marked man all season. having the other team constantly reminded that we are the champs, making other teams play 10 times harder/agressivly against me.

    sounds like a good way to rack up injuries and suspensions.

  7. See on the contrary, playing like a marked man each night – makes people want to beat you more and drives the competition up that in turn makes you a better player. That is actually a welcomed hit in the NBA for most players. Everyone wants to be the best and have the best competition each night… I would – ask Jordan, Magic or Kobe?

    Ask Kobe what means more, scoring 81 against Toronto or marking Jordan on the court for the first time?

    Everyone would give you the same answer.
    Competition and the want to succeed.

  8. dave permalink

    i dont think you need a flamboyant ego trip gold jersey thou, if you’re the best then the NBA knows it anyway. u think teams dont really care about beating the lakers cause they didnt win last year or the spurs or Okc? no they want to beat them cause they know they are good they know they have amazing players. having a gold jersey will not just automatically make teams go “oh duh theys wons da champs last year, better play me hardest”
    people know who the champs are, people know who the all stars are. people know who the everyone is in the NBA, a gold jersey will change nothing except jersey sales for the NBA, as i think NBA players see very little if nothing for jersey sales, this would be a excerise of the NBA wanting more money from middle america then trying to build a better game.

  9. dave permalink

    its a ego trip idea for a league a majority of people around the world already thinks is full of primadonnas, the tour de france doesnt have a gold jersey cause they know its moronic and self indulgant

    • Tour De France was an example – you brought up Champions League – That is fullest of the full. It should be renamed Primadonna ball, I think it is already in Argentina (LoL). But, the point is, it sells Jerseys knowing that you are the best and you are playing for the best team means – you have the best in marketting this will automatically push for a wider audience in the long run. The reason why Soccer is an astronomical success is because the best are portrayed as the best and sponsored by the best and play for the best and are marketeed as the best. Why not add this same value to the NBA – they already wear there own brand of shoes? I’m just saying if you are #1 in the NBA they should have the option to wear a Championship jersey throughout the season.

  10. dave permalink

    soccer is succsessful because its so accessable. anyone can kick a ball, if the NBA wants to become just as big then they need to work with FIBA about building basketball as a sport from the ground up, not making gold jerseys to attract fans.

    its so fickle, a gold jersey would not attract fans, the NBA adopting a formatt like champonsleage where you could find the sydney kings V La clippers would make it a global sport. would make people interested, would showcase the NBA to the world. granted it would most likely be NBA teams V NBA teams come finals time in that competition but the build up and the prliminary competition would make people watch.

    i remember when was in the uk, a 4th division team played against arsenal in the FA cup, and it was a home game for the small club and arsenal offered to play the game in their home stadium but give all proceeds to the small club. it was a sell out, the small nothing club got over 1 million pound or something and they used that money to improve their club and build a better team for next year and that club was better known and better players signed with them, (not premier league caliber players) but better players and they now play in the 3rd div or the cocacola cup.

    if u want the game of basketball to grow globally, this is how to achieve it. if u want a higher level of play then this would achieve it. you say it would gather a greater world audience? i think the 99% of the world who knows nothing about the nba would still no nothing about the nba.

    some guy 10000km wearing a gold jersey would achieve nothing.

    • I beg to differ, it would achieve the increase in revenue sales, money is the driver of most things, if the sport makes more money they sell to more channels and therefore is viewable in more places. Your point about Clipps vs Syd Kings game – well that already exists it’s called the super-club challenge or something like that, it’s normally held in some unreadable place in China. I remember one NBA team going I think it was your Spurs or some boring team that would fit in with the asian style of play.

      Now back on point.

      Gold jerseys to a team that has just won a championship I think allows more attention to be shown on the champions. I think people remember all things gold. Yes, it’s a gimmick but if it means that in someway down here in Australia we get a 24 hour basketball channel like they have in the Phillippines then I’m all for it.

  11. dave permalink

    You are to focused on your lakers getting a gold jersey rather then growing the sport globally. the whole thing is clearly not based on showcasing the league to the world but rather a laker fan want more focus on the lakers. to add another championship symbol to your club. if u want to grow the league globally a gold jersery would clearly not be enough. establishing a more profound “super club” challenge would be a far better option.

    now would u think your team would rather have a gold jersey which means jack shit to the world. or clearly be named world champions. i think if kobe could have the option of having the lakers wear a gold singlet or win a legit club level world championships and be recognised as the best club in the world and u say he is as competitive as he is then even you know what he would choose.

    u think there is more money in some singlets or having a world wide club competition with major sponsors and tv rights? thats why soccer is so successful, they dont waste their time on rubbish. they invest in the global game. Basketball is bigger then america. but the way the NBA treats the game that it is why the globe (outside of china) have seriously never brought into the NBA on a legit global level.

    its to self obsesed.

  12. Valid points,
    Look, all sports that are run through the global media are self-obsessed money hungry vagrants, anything that has a TV station or commercial advertising only cares about money. Hence why the logo’s from big corporations in soccer and other sports are slapped right on the front of a team’s jerseys.
    Ok, not saying that a NIKE symbol discreetly placed above a players heart isn’t advertising but at least we don’t have to watch NBL uniforms where you can’t even make out the strip cause “Harvey Norman” is more important than the player’s number.
    My issue with pushing the game into foreign markets causes me to remember something that a family friend told me when I was very young. The comment he made was something along the lines of, “The more money that is invested the more corruption that comes with it”. Isn’t it sad that most sports we watch now days have contentions of match fixing or comments leaked about steroids.
    Anyways, it’s just another post for another day.
    Ok, my rant is over so back on point, I don’t want to change what the NBA has right now, I’m just trying to add something, that you see happen each year, when the champions from the previous year are forgotten in the following season. Often this is the case and often it’s just a little too quickly.
    My suggestion is that they do little things to remind us or encourage like have the game time commentary not be so biased and so quick as to label the past champions as too old. Yes, I think the jersey is a good idea and is a little far-fetched.
    But, it’s just food for thought.

    What do you think?

  13. dave permalink

    lets both not come under the illusion that the NBL is important. i think we can both agree on that.

  14. dave permalink

    i think making the teams logo gold or something could be used.
    cause its more about the team winning the comp more then the individuals if that makes sense.

    if the lakers were in a purple uniform but the lakers symbol itself was gold then i could appriciate and want that, teams keep their normal colours but the team logo itself changes to gold.

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