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November 27, 2012


The one thing I get asked more often than not, is why do I like the Lakers and why do I hate the Spurs, Mav’s, Utah and Heat.

The answer is pretty simple; I’m completely hooked on the style of basketball created in the Jordan-era that was carried over to the Bryant-era and in saying that, I love watching the Lakers play with all the flash and finesse that goes along with it.

The reason I hate the Mav’s is a little different to the others, mainly I can’t stand the Mav’s because they have Novitz a 7″ flat-footed kraut who thinks he’s the man because he jacks up 3’s like a shooting guard.

This guy needs to chew on some concrete tablets – harden the f#%k up! and get into the post and use his game. Not stand on the 3pt and jack up these ugly shots, he reminds me of a baby zebra finding its feet. I want him to just get smashed on, dunked on, blocked, stolen and or anything that puts him down.

The reason I hate Spurs well, they are bland annoying wearisome to watch, I don’t like Popovich’s antics I don’t like the way Parker runs with the ball into traffic thinking he’s Iverson. I don’t like Duncan’s Potato head looks and his Gumby reaction to questions. I hate all that, I want my team to be colourful score with flare and skill and also give us more entertainment for our dollar. The game is after all designed for the fans.

Anyone who doesn’t agree get back to me.

I’ll argue all these till I’m blue in the face.


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