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November 29, 2012


Whenever I read the news about the NBA, all I seem to find are articles jammed in about injured players or players returning from injury. In some instances I find the same players being spoken about in both columns and what’s funnier yet, is its that same player talking with the same journalists about a brand new injury when the oldest one hasn’t even healed yet! (Hello Andrew Bynum).

Each day these same players attempt to convince the NBA and fans like us, that they’ll be back within the next week all re-energised and ready to play, when we all know that’s completely impossible. A bone break takes 4 weeks people? The best examples of this are Grant Hill, Amare Stoudamire, Greg Oden, Andrew Bynum, Steve Nash and in my view the king of this Andrew Bogut.

Lets focus today on the king of injuries Andrew Bogut, even though this guy is an Australian (by way of Croatia) I’m continuously angered as to how one guy can break so much doing so little?

The guy has broken his arm, ankle, toe, fingers and possibly a concussion from answering his emails and yet the teams he plays for seem to have no qualms at firing cash straight into this bench jockeys pocket.

I think just like Brandon Roy, if a player realises that the injury may lead to permanent damage then that player should be forced to retire. With regards to Bogut, if that player hasn’t played a full season for the last four years and a new season is about to start, that player should be moved to the D-League or somewhere that they can compete at a lesser level and are less likely to be injured.

I’m looking at Bogut’s stats right now, and the only full season he’s played was in 05-06 and aside from that, he’s spent more time on paid leave then any Australian construction worker ever has.

Ok, now on the flip side – when the guy is healthy he has shown some good value for money but I just think enough is enough. The guy can’t take a hit to his body and he doesn’t deserve the money he’s signed to at Golden State. Yeah they are banking on the fact that a healthy centre is worth the risk come playoff time. Personally, I just wouldn’t bother and I’d look at trying to invest in some 7” lurch from the Balkans or Euro league.

Ok, that was me bitching for now, I’ve got a lot left that I’ll save for next time. Bogut is still a kid and he is a former pick 1, but there comes a time in every career like all old war horses to either be put out to pasture or send them to the glue factory.

He needs to join Oden.

Take a look at his stats and let me know what you think?


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  1. dave permalink

    i think u can blame amare for the biggest injury he has sustained

  2. Hahhahah, yes Amare a.k.a. “Medic”… but you are agreed that if you haven’t played a full season in the last 3 you should be cut? or sent to the D-League.

  3. dave permalink


  4. Well if it has to be that way. Then so be it. But at least we get players playing….. Not players sitting the bench all season long. It’s so frustrating as a fan of the game and watching your fav players sit as they injure and re-injure bones. Oh i forgot to mention another person that should be added is Andrew Bynum the king of injuries.

  5. paul permalink

    nash was supposed to be out for 3 games initially… albeit they didnt find out it was a hairline fracture at first but totally agree – most of the current journos piss me off with their bs scoops and sources.

    the way rose is handling his return is admirable ie not giving a fk about publicity and just handling his own…

    i think prob with bogut is he is carrying too many pounds.. he needs to tone up like perkins did.

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