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November 30, 2012


Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in the entire NBA world who can’t stop bagging out on the Spurs. Once a week I find myself compelled to watch a game of theirs (usually to see how the opponents are lulled to sleep by the Spurs and their boring offense).

Five minutes into the start of the game and I’m completely bored to death, I just need to see something exciting happen, for the Spurs to break out of this fundamental funk and move the ball with a bit of flare.

Jump forward to five minutes and one second later, I am usually asleep thanks to Parker and Duncan’s version of pick n pop, (YEAH I SAID IT).

The only person worth watching is Ginobli but he’s a 6th man, and that guy only ever makes it out onto the court at about the ten minute mark, so I rarely ever see the guy play cause I’m quickly switching back to watch lawn bowls or something with any kind of action.

So today is a joyous day for me, as I am completely warranted and have the fullest of rights to smack talk about coach Popovich’s decisions (well only one decision), and that is with his benching of his old faithful superstars. Today they were set to face the current NBA Champs, the Miami Heat and boy did they disappoint.

Now to be fair the Spurs are my second least favourite team in the NBA, they currently sit behind the Mav’s who have an offer out to get Derek Fish for a Point Guard role (that’s my only Mav’s inside scoop, as I normally don’t care about Dallas and there 7” three-point shooting Power Forward ). However, if the Mav’s do sign D.Fish I’ll happily relegate the Spurs to the bottom of my list again.

So I’ve been checking and several other internet sources and it appears that the entire NBA is ‘anti Pop’ for not bringing out those really old horses to Miami. Now, I can completely understand the big three being ‘NWT’ but why did he rest Green?

(Expect Stern to make some kind of rule about this not being allowed).

Seriously, if I was a fan of the Spurs or Miami and I got a chance to fly to Miami and catch my only game ever and they were playing the 7th through to 10th players in the roster I’d be furious.

That’s why you gotta love the Lakers people and especially the effort of Kobe Bryant!

Kobe, doesn’t care if he’s played 20 games back to back and it’s the night before the playoffs the guy still goes out against the medical advice and pushes the game through tough times just for the fans.

Now back to the Spurs, who are annoying and try to play the game with there own rules but they themselves end up getting played (turns out to the tune of 250k, so I wasn’t far off).

Let me know if you agree with Stern?


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  1. dave permalink

    Was this a story about the spurs or just a excuse to put in some #^%, kobe dribble.

    If you’re going to write a peice about the spurs then write it about the spurs, if u are looking for excuses to write about kobe then just write about Kobe,

  2. We all know that I am unbiased in my hatred of coach Popovich’s choices and I think he should have thought more about the fan’s and actually brought these players to the game then have them listed as “NWT”.
    His game time decisions never include what the fans wanted and that was an epic battle in Miami that people really wanted to see as the Championship game last year. Again we are denied th chance. It almost feels like Popovich has no value in bringing his best to play Miami. I hate that logic, I can’t see the league letting him get away with that again.
    It ruins it for the fans.

  3. dave permalink

    You really think the spurs give a flying FK about what league does or say? they have a very small window left with this group and they will do everything to help that cause, not make sure the fans in miami who care very very very little about basketball are happy.

    get off your high horse, just cause youve read some angry articles about it doesnt mean they or you are right.

    its about whats best for the spurs. and their team. pop didnt do this to hurt the league, he did it to save his players. its that simple. fresher legs for a division rival rather then a eatern conf game that means jack. the spurs are not like most teams that feel they have to prove shit all the time. their record and championships is all the talking they have ever needed to do. they dont see losing to the heat as anything else then resting their big players for a more important game.

    the more you look at is from a step back and not being a bandwagon jumper the more clear u will see it.

    reporters blow up at this kind of stuff cause it takes away from their product. the big spurs v heat would have been a great game to write about. but since pop took that away reporters jump on the next thing “pop hurts poor fans”.

    seriously think about it.

    i bet if those reporters wrote “pop makes good decision to rest players for big game” no one would read the article and you would agree with the. FACT

    • paul permalink

      > pop makes good decision to rest players for big game

      The irony is that that would not be the most boring article ive read.

  4. Well can someone put something in Dave’s mouth cause my fly is stuck….
    Read it and weep..>

    I do think the Spurs care… and the whole NBA community cares. Just another reason to jump on the “I HATE SPURS” bandwagon. They are so dodge 🙂

  5. Ok David, you have read the entire David Stern article? I’ll admit that the penalty was a little bit heavy. I think they could have been a little less harsh on the Spurs and possibly a little heavier on Garnett and Rondo for that fight against Brooklyn.

    It was exactly as I said, Popovich gave no warning to the NBA, Miami or the News. Therefore, the fans didn’t have a chance to prepare. I think the Spurs can afford the fine. I don’t like copying and pasting I just didn’t have all the time to write the response so I thought it could be seen in the Article. The only people that are against the fine are Spurs fans. I would have been pissed if it was D’antoni benching Kobe, Dwight and Gasol vs Miami or Thunder doing it with Durant and Westbrook. If you can’t play 4 games in 5 days, how about taking a pay cut going somewhere else where you get more of a holiday?

    The game of basketball is all about it’s fans and protecting the fans first the players second. Without fans the NBA is shutdown.

  6. dave permalink

    obviously the NBA is a machine where players v fans v sponsors drive the league. without one of those componants the league dies. but the league is not just about the fans. like ALOT of writers have said. fans in miami dont care about tim duncan tony parker or manu, “IF” they go its cause of the Miami big 3.
    national audience dont watch spurs games for the same reason u dont like the spurs. they play a methodical game, not much flair but a very good and proven game.

    this is just david stern beating his chest trying to let everyone know he is still around.

    its a embarrasment mate.

    $250,000 fine?

    another stain on his “legacy”,

    teams get fined ALOT less for alot more.

    • David Stern does seem to have an issue with Pop… I think it’s cause Popovich always cuts him off in press interviews 🙂

  7. dave permalink

    Yeah stern is a massive controll freak. pop doesnt buy into the big agenda of stern, pop has always gone in the best interest of his players and owners. Stern hates that.

    stern has always tried to take credit for everything the league is.

    stern is such a clown. he tries and takes credit for the NBA becoming such a hit in china, not that Yao ming and wang zhi zhi or even yi jianaianianianaliing or however u spell his name being chinese national heros had anything to do with it.

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