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December 2, 2012


I often get asked, which NBA team do you think has the greatest chance this season of beating Miami?

I’ve decided to write this response with the same flashy arrogance and cockiness that you’d expect to get if you spoke to me face to face.

First of all, the Lakers are my #1 pick. (Let this comment fester a little with all the NBA readers and Bloggers out there).

Let it be known that if anyone answers this question with any other NBA team name than the LA Lakers they are just outright lying. The Lakers are clearly out in front of all other teams in the greatest potential bracket.

I am the first to admit however, the Lakers have been less than impressive and have in no way been playing to their potential.

Now, if you sat through the Lakers performance against Indiana like I did and watched Kobe warm up by lying on his back with the towels over his face and that horrible offensive exhibition by the rest of his team, you’d never of thought that it was Kobe with the flu but more like the rest team was suffering from some kind of illness. That game still ended really close and if pay particular attention to that final second layup by Hill, as he danced around Gasol’s left hand and floated that finger roll up and over that outstretched Howard (yes, that ball went high!) you’d think to give these guys any kind of praise against Miami that I’d be completely off my rocker.

This my readers is why I’ve reserved my comments for this article until after I got a chance to watch the Denver game (and just a little bit before Orlando).

The game against Denver as I had explained to my friends, was going to be classified as, “The Rebound Game” and I was for the first time this season confident that the Lakers were going to make a statement from this outing.

From the get go I was more than impressed with the Lakers movement off the ball (they again still didn’t have Nash at the PG) but this team came out with their eye on winning and showed the untapped potential for getting everyone involved, dropping a huge number of points and for playing consistent defence. The strongest commitment came from the unexpected sources off the bench, and it was impressive to see Jamison and Meeks get a combined 50+ points.

They made it rain from the 3!

The game was capped off by Howard dropping a three, something that Brown would have publically humiliated Bynum over in the previous season, but in dropping that shot it showed that this team can work together towards its huge potential and still have that flare and panache that people who love watching LA pay to see.

We all know that this type of result isn’t going to happen all the time (especially with the following night loss to Orlando) but, if the Lakers manage to push the ball and find the open man sitting on three like they did, and then work the ball in from a pick n roll to either big they will have a very easy time beating the teams they have to and getting up to a good spot in the Western Conference.

Readers, I must be fair and give you my ‘what-if’ scenario. ‘If’ James Harden had stayed in the Thunder line-up and the Lakers had remained under coach Browns offence, I would have said that the Thunder would have the tools necessary to be the #1 team in the NBA and would easily belt Miami possibly even (SWEEPING) through the West this season.

However, when I’ve sat through all the Thunder games this season (they are impressive) I just feel like they are missing something (even with 6 straight W’s)and when they get tested when it counts the bench won’t have the ammo to deal with big name rivals.

Let me know what you think?


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  1. dave permalink

    I dont think u can say lakers have potential, i think u can say they have expectations.

    kyrie irving has potential, kobe bryant has expectations.

    when u are in the top 4 teams every year and u gain 2 more all starts to join your team you dont have potential, you have expectations.

    if u can see where i am coming from.

  2. I wasn’t breaking the team up individually, I was putting it down as a team. I do agree Kyrie Irving has potential. But I think we both know that with Howard, Nash, Metta, Gasol and Kobe in the lineup it comes down to expectation. Same as your Spurs.

  3. dave permalink

    yes exactly.
    ive always said potential is such a dangerous word. i think all the big teams like heat, clips, ock, lakers, spurs, boston ect have expectations.

    unproven teams like memphis, portland, golden state, ect have potential. but alot of teams/players never realise their full potential.

    all lakers have to do is play how they know, and everything will fall into place.

  4. King Ding A Ling permalink

    David you are clueless the NBA is all about potential and Coaches are there to get the teams ready to mature and bring this potential forward. I think what Sportscoach is saying is that teams dont have the ceiling that the Lakers do and the other teams have to play catch up. To matchup the lakers with Miami would be awesome and I think on the interior they kill miami no other team can stretch Miami as much as the Lakers can and if they shoot like Coach said against Denver this will be a very short season for everyone.

  5. Look David isn’t clueless he is just protecting the ideology that all teams don’t have the same oppurtunity to win just because a previous proven winner is in the horse race. I think that it’s a wise approach. I agree about your thoughts on Miami though.

  6. King Ding A Ling permalink

    Maybe not clueless but he seems to want to always contradict you and it doesn’t seem like he is as factual as what you’ve said.

  7. I like this kid 🙂

  8. dave permalink

    whats the point of a blog if not to be challenged on the ideas?

    if so there would not be a comment section, sportscoach and myself have heated but very good debates on all things NBA, i think he far rather more enjoys the debate.

    you are saying one good game of shooting against denver VS every other game where they have shot poorly is why they will beat miami? offense will never be a issue for this team. defense is where they will always fall short.

    they need to outscore teams cause they cant stop them defensivly.

    name me a team who has ever won a championship out of the blue?

    a team who at the start of the season wasnt a team people considered a contender?

    every team that has won has hefty expectations, not a team with potential.

    okc had potential at the start of the seaon but got belted by a team with greater expectations.

  9. dave permalink

    Sounds like ding a ling has a man crush on u coach as he doesnt like you being contradicted 😦

    • Come now.. keep it above the belt 🙂 lol…
      Anways, I don’t think people understand how much time I spend watching these games and then re-watching them – then I read as much as I can from the NBA and ESPN so even though I appear biased as hell there are some facts in there.
      A team that has one the championship out of the blue… Dallas Mavericks… 🙂 oh I got you there.
      Dallas mavericks again.
      OKC is def not the same unit that they had last year, I will be fascinated to see how they go moving towards the finals with backup pg and sg meshing properly.

  10. dave permalink

    You dont think a team with a MVP, future hall of famers, 1st 2nd defensive team players isnt expected to content?

  11. dave permalink

    Have you seen dallas win percentage for games in the last 8-10 years?

  12. dave permalink

    04- 52-30
    05- 58-24
    06- 60-22
    07- 67-15
    08- 51-31
    09- 50-32
    10- 55-37
    11- 57-25

    I Think with a record like that you can expect to be up there come finals time.

    is that enough fact for you ding a ling you giant clown?

  13. adz permalink

    maybe you should of waited to write this up after the magic game !!! lol

    • Oh Adz, charming from a Portland Trail Blazers fan….
      Yeah, they had a collapse – but it’s the same reason as I mentioned before.
      Dave, the season of 50+ wins by Dallas meant nothing, they were knocked out two years in a row in the first round.
      Once by Golden State and then by New Orleans so to say they were lucky is an understatement.
      It was perfect timing as opposed to perfect team play.
      They could hit 3’s when no one else could. That is the bottom line.

      • adz permalink

        isnt that called “being better” ????
        playing at your peak isnt luck … saving a ball from going out of bounds and having it deflect from the ref and going in for a 3 and it being the game winning shot is luck

      • Maybe how you play, but if you went down by 20 games in you should win easily and then all of a sudden manage to produce a high percentage of scoring that you are not able to replicate at all – that = LUCK.

      • adz permalink

        hence its called playing at your peak … it is above your baseline or your average … however in most nba games, teams go through streaks, so going down by 20 doesnt instantly mean that the result is decided … i fail to see the logic of your argument, or any logic at all 😉

      • You would fail to see logic 🙂 – I know that cause I’ve seen you fail to understand a simple pick n roll play for years. Let’s make it simple for you … Just cause Mav’s beat Lakers in one series and shoot at the highest percentage they have all year long doesn’t mean they are the better team. I call that a number of factors that came together and proved the Mav’s lucky to catch the Lakers off guard.

      • adz permalink

        Well actually it does, that’s why they have playoffs so they can decide, who is, the better team !!! Otherwise what is the point, you might as well say that the Lakers are the NBA champions because you perceive they are better and not bother actually playing any games. Also, if the Lakers were caught “off guard”, that in it self implies that they were not very good, how many times were Michael Jordan’s bulls caught “off guard” in NBA finals …. 0 …. and I guess every other team that the Mavs beat in the finals were also caught “off guard”, or was it only the Lakers …

  14. dave permalink

    how on earth as a person who has played the game and watches the game as much as you do say that winning 4 – 7 game series to win the NBA finals is luck. these guys train their whole lives to make the NBA then try and win the title and to say it was Luck is not just a insult to the game but on you’re own basketball IQ.

    you say they won because they hit 3’s when no one else could? thats cause they were skilled enough to make those shots.

    so kobe is lucky? or is kobe skilled?

    i know you’re the most biased person on earth and no matter what anyone say “lakers should have won it every year cause they are just so awesome, ohh kobe ohhhhhhhhhhhhh kobe”

    but you’re alot smarter then that to dismiss Dallas NBA championship as luck.

  15. dave permalink

    Maybe you’re just saying that cause Dallas swept LA 4-0 those playoffs?

  16. Ha…. The reason why Dallas won the Championship that year was luck. They were lucky the Lakers were exhausted… They had played the equivalent of an enitre season just in the playoffs of the previous 3 years. Then when they ran into Dallas they thought they would smack them just like they did in the pre-season. If you remember that last game before the play-offs when Dallas sent out there best squad and they hit 42% from the field. That mean they were shooting at fairly normal average they got blown out that game by the Lakers and Bynum in particular – Lakers were set to win. So by all means if you think Dallas was a fav that year – then you don’t know what a favourite truely means. Now lets flip to those finals. Dallas rocked up fresh and were able to hit 3’s at 55% terry was 8 from 8 in one game and Peja hit 5 from 6. What planet are you on if you don’t think a team shooting that well from the 3 isn’t going to win a bulk of there games. They shot they way the entire series, yeah they trained to get on fire??? pffft i don’t think so I think they were the freshest team to rock up on that day and the Lakers were just flat and out of it. One game the stuffed up was game one when they blew that huge lead and they should have taken game 3 but as always when the whole team (Gasol) decides to have one of his most poor production playoff series ever it’s always going to cost you.

    Also, having Kidd run your point with a proven success rate vs Fish who had a really nice year until he was made to show his age when he had to pick up on Barrea it’s like I always say – you watch the games closely you see things that other people don’t pay attention to.

    So in summary. Dallas were fresh, Lakers were tired, Dallas shot at a really high rate, Lakers Bench was rubbish and Gasols first stint as the weakness in the starting lineup. He was exhausted from the year long bombardment of being called soft and being Kobes puppet.

    I’m a great believer that if Lakers could somehow make a play for Gerald Wallace to come in for Gasol that would be the Defender and explosive player they need.

    Ways that the Lakers can get better is a new PF…. and younger more youthful PG (Who doesn’t have a higher rate of turnovers then assists.) Morris Duhon Blake all second stringers at best. Kobe, can still run it… but the guy needs help. Take a look at where Gasol is giving the ball back to and how deep into the count it is when he finally establishes position. He’s tired and the latest comments I read is he’s really badly injured in his left knee.

  17. King Ding A Ling permalink

    I completely agree and I also really hate the Lakers as Im a clips fan bro.
    Dallas came out that preseason and looked fantastic but they sucked when they played the Lakers. Everyone expected Lakers to blow out that finals but Dallas just seemed to click when it counted and caught the lakers off guard.
    You know your stuff Sportscoach.
    Dave dont be mad.

  18. King Ding A Ling permalink

    Remember they played dreadful in that first round also, they were lucky to get the lakers.

  19. Yeah, you have a valid point thanks for knowing about that series that i’m talking about – remember that players burnout quick… Plus Kobe was in the peak of his injuries but he still played on.
    Yeah, so I am biased if you want a fair and unbiased view go look up Here is spit the truth from my perspective 🙂

  20. dave permalink

    i never said they were fav buddy, please read my comments properly, i said after winning 50+ games for the past 10 seasons they were expected to be up there come finals times,

    what you are saying really is your poor lakers were tired and were not fresh? the same agument you blased the spurs the other day for? saying if u cant play a 5 games in 6 days blah blah blah, be consistant in your arguments, if its not ok for the spurs to be tired and rest players then man up and play hard come finals time.

    played horrible in the first round?

    they won in 6

    G.1: Mavericks 89, Trail Blazers 81 – at Dallas
    G.2: Mavericks 101, Trail Blazers 89 – at Dallas
    G.3: Trail Blazers 97, Mavericks 92 – at Portland
    G.4: Trail Blazers 84, Mavericks 82 – at Portland
    G.5: Mavericks 93, Trail Blazers 82 – at Dallas
    G.6: Mavericks 103, Trail Blazers 96 – at Portland

    the lakers and dallas both won their first round playoffs in 6 games.

    so at that point in the season both teams had played 88 games? why are the lakers so much more tired then the Mavs?

    poor roster managment?

  21. Look faceies…. Count how many extra games the Lakers played in the combine last 3 years that pretty much = to an entire regular season worth of games.

    So my point is they never failed to turn up they were just exhausted. They didn’t dip games or tank to get a high draft pick they came out and played and were pretty much burned out. Maybe they should have tanked and taken a title. This will be my new topic for today I’ve decided.

  22. dave permalink

    Thats what the off season is for.

    all im saying as well mate is in the season 10/11 dallas and lakers played the same amount of games, Dallas played better and won. sure they shot alot better but thats from better conditioning and probably roster managment leading up to the playoffs. Having fresher legs isnt by luck

    you dont start the playoffs and only lose 5 games on the way to the title being lucky. you get there by playing better then the other team.

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