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December 4, 2012


It’s a quick one today.

As a long time NBA fan and in particular a long time Laker fan I haven’t really ever had to pay that much close attention to a team who ‘Tanks’ a season for a high quality draft pick.

I’ve noticed that in some coin flip NBA matches (one in particular last year) between Toronto and Charlotte, the home side benched there entire starting line-up for 10mins of the 3rd quarter, the game was there’s to win and it was within two points, the other team noticed that they didn’t come out to compete so it benched its starters and the game then turned into one of those boxing matches where both guys are paid to take a dive so they both wait for the other to swing.

To me this has to be called match fixing (something all the Juventus soccer fans should know a lot about) and the NBA needs to regulate teams from underperforming or resting stars when it’s obvious that they have no interest in participating for the win.

If I was sitting there watching this game live and it was the only game I could afford to go to for the entire season, I would be livid that the game was underperformed or the result was pre-determined and I would want a full refund.

GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I’m frustrated just thinking about it.

Slight deviation:-

So it’s the mentalilty of not putting your best foot forward each and every night that provoked my anger towards the Spurs recently. This is why when I looked at the game bio for the Miami versus Spurs and in particular when I checked the starting rosters I noticed those famous NWT’s that Popovich is famous for. That game was one that fans of great competition were so looking forward to. Watching this battle could not be expressed in words (even if it was from my computer at home) and not live, when I saw that line-up I instantly became angry and thought how can Popovich do this and expect nothing to happen?

He gave no warning, he just handed up the roster to the people of Miami and that was that.

I’m sorry but you can’t do that in my opinion and expect to get away with it. It’s for this reason that I’m completely pro Stern’s dishing out the 250k fine to Popovich for not suiting up Duncan, Ginobli, Parker and Green. I wanted to see the players at least sitting the bench, sheesh bench them for 10mins call all the timeouts hire more trainers get them relaxed but don’t give them the night off.

Protecting your starting line-up is what Pop states he did. He denied the world a chance to watch two of the worlds best basketball teams fight out each other.

Look I get that they were tired but just like my comments previously a team needs to be conditioned to this type of schedule, you know that their bank accounts are conditioned to accepting cheques to perform each and every night so equally should there playability night to night.

These people play once every two days normally and then in a mad stretch 4 games in 5 days or 5 games in 6 days maximum – I would of thought to deserve a break they could take to playing twice a day? wow, how hard would that be?

Let me know what you think?


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  1. dave permalink

    I dont think the spurs tanked for a high draft pick. Another article that had merit for the first 10 lines then turns into a spurs bashing? getting old dude.

    sticking to the title topic like talking about how the nets last year went to toronto and didnt play their starting 5 the whole game because if they lost they moved closer to the number 1 pick is tanking.

    resting 4 players 18 games into the season when you are coming 3rd in the west isnt tanking. its resting your players since your on a long east coast trip.

  2. Seriously, how do you not see the faces of the fans when you say it’s ok to rest players (That aren’t injured)??? I don’t get it. Weren’t you looking forward to the game, weren’t you looking forward to seeing how San Antonio would approach the puzzle of playing the Smaller Heat? – How can a fan of the NBA and the Spurs not be completely annoyed that the team was not out in full.

    I just don’t get it. that’s why my article swung from tanking to a team that thinks it’s ok to not put players out. And Popovich has tanked more than his fair share of games. I don’t recall one game ever that the lakers didn’t push the entire way – even if they were humilated and blown out but at least they always go for it. Tell me one game where Kobe doesn’t put it all on the line.

    That’s why I love the Lakers and Kobe.

  3. dave permalink

    i think u can only accuse lottery teams of tanking.

    • King Ding A Ling permalink

      Spurs tank from the top and do it to get more rest so they come out stronger against the top teams or to prevent other top teams from knowing there game stratergy. Sneaky and smart but it’s unfair to other teams that push for the entire season.

  4. Phillopower permalink

    Spurs are dirty they alwayz playz to win at all costs regarles of rulz

  5. dave permalink

    of course i would want to see that battle. i appreciate it if it was a spurs lakers game or spurs anyone else, but anyone who knows about miami is that the fans in miami dont care about basketball 1/4 as much as the rest of the league or even 1/50th of a annoying laker fan. even last year with the big 3 they rarely sold out home games, stern didnt care about the fans in the areana, he was pissed for the tv audience and sponsors, he doesnt give one shit about venue attendance. cause he doesnt make any money off that. but the way i look at it i would rather see that battle in the finals then in november. and i think thats the way pop and the spurs see it also. the regular season is doing enough to make the 8. the spurs are doing just fine in that regard.

  6. dave permalink

    unfair to other teams? what are they best friends? holding hands on the way to the playoffs making sure everyone is up to date with other teams info so there is no unfair advantage? its a multi billion dollar league. Grow up.

    • Hey you have to leave the noob’s to have a chance to comment… I want to hear there thoughts also… 🙂
      Lakers do push to the end. Spurs a hot n cold.
      Yeah but enough is enough you either play the full season or you dont play at all you dont manipulate the season and rosters to take advantage of loop holes you play it all the way out or nothing. Thats why teams that tank should be removed from picking in the top 5.

  7. dave permalink

    but back to the actual topic of this blog, i agree that teams who purposly lose in increase lottery odds come draft time should face harsh fines, the league is over 82 games for a reason. a definitive ranking system from top to bottom. giving the worse teams a better chance to improve. teams that try and manipulate that and increase their lottery odds are going the rules. and should be punished by lost draft picks. fines dont mean jack to most of these teams, but losing draft picks is a harsh but fair fine.

    • I agree, valid argument. Im not sure about the bottom teams as they will still work out a way to get around it.

      • dave permalink

        i guarantee the wizards are thinking lottery already.

  8. dave permalink

    *”going against the the rules”

  9. dave permalink

    its way to hard to police thou,

    like wizards could be keeping wall out longer then he needs to to increase odds,

    its very easy for a play to “tweek” his ankle in training and miss crutial games.

    very easy for a flu to hit the team a few days before a big east coast swing.

    avoiding playing your strongest team is amazingly easy.

    and unfortunatly probably cannot be policed properly.

  10. dave permalink

    i guarantee the wizards are thinking lottery already

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