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December 6, 2012


One question I’m often asked is,

“Sportscoach101, where can I stream live NBA games for free, because I am too cheap, I mean I can’t afford to shell out the $250-$300 to get the NBA League Pass and I don’t have cable at home?

(I’m not targetting my homie 187er with that question – it’s just generally)

Well kiddies you’re in luck, I frequently post this through my Facebook for my friends, and I thought I would help out others in this world with this handy piece of viewing knowledge.

I believe this may be considered illegal and the sites that produce these streams do it for free so if you are ever asked for money just close your browser and realise you’ve been sent to a dud.

The best site I’ve been to and the one that always shows all the live games for the day, plus you have a choice of countless other sports is

Here are some tips when accessing this site:-

This site is inundated with popups, so I suggest that if you are running this through Internet Explorer that you go into Tools, then Internet Options and switch to the Privacy Tab. Once here I think it’s a wise choice to select the Checkbox of “Block Pop-Ups”.

Once you’ve done this, you won’t need to close a dreadful amount of pop-up windows that appear when you select the stream. Technically a minor setback considering this is free.

Next, once you have selected the link, I suggest you select the Basketball Icon, I usually check to see what time the games are showing on to get an idea of the games I want to watch.

You will be given a large variety of games to choose from, make sure that you select the Lakers game (cause we are all Lakers fans right?).

You will be given a variety of streams to choose from – some are better than others so try them out to see which one suit’s you best, I prefer anything with HD in the title because I like the best quality possible.

Now, after choosing the stream a new browser window will open with a bunch of page blockers that you will need to find the “x” to remove. Some are timed so you will need to wait up to 30 seconds for the “x” to appear, but be assured once it’s removed you won’t have to select to close it again.

Finally, the page is up and you want to maximise the window to full screen which is cool, but before you do that, I usually select to block the chat room window on the right of the page or close the chat window. This will stop unnecessary chat room noise filtering in through your sound, and if you don’t want to maximise to full screen then I suggest you hit the “switch of the lights icon on the right hand side this will close the prompts that appear around the banner/screen and will make the background appear black. This prevents the advertising from distracting your viewing of the game.

Now one reason why I like the stream over the NBA league pass (Yeah, I said it) is because in the NBA league pass you never see the commercials or interviews at the halftime show that you get when you are watching it from TNT, ESPN or where ever. I want to hear Barkley, Smith, Shaq and Miller talk smack.

So now you are up to date on how I always get to watch the NBA games live, if anyone knows of a better way to get access to live games for free please post into the comments. Otherwise, just shell out the bucks for the NBA league pass and come visit this site for the in game time commentary. 

Let me know your thoughts, did this work for you got a better site?


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  1. Guys, this is just so people can enjoy the NBA… from home for free if they can’t afford it.. and it’s public knowledge … 🙂

  2. featz permalink

    thankx …

  3. adz permalink

    Now i know why your opinions have very little in the way of substance, its cause you parrot charles, shaq, and reggie !!!! 😛

    • pfft… Parrot… I said I like to listen to them… they make the half time fun… I can so tell you’re a Portland fan 🙂 all mustard and no fire.

  4. Aleksandar permalink

    You also have this site where you can watch nba.Greetings from Serbia

    • Thanks heaps… I’ll check it out and I’ll let you know how it goes…
      Great to hear from my Serbian contingent.

      Zdravo kakosi???

  5. Aleksandar permalink

    Dobro sam,hvala na pitanju 😉 Kako si ti??? 😀

  6. Aleksandar permalink

    Takodje veliki pozdrav i sve najbolje.

  7. 187er permalink

    Coach WTF are you talking about i got the pass i don’t need no stinking STREAMING

    • I was just mentioning that you always asked me in the past. It was painful to hear… now you got the league pass… so it was just a shot out …
      Wait for LA to have a full line up with PG and PF before we sign them off. NO WAY THEY GET SWEPT!!!

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