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December 7, 2012


November 25th 2012, (I know it’s a fair while back for most NBA fans who like to keep up to date with the most current sporting information but, I wanted to leave sometime between the NBA game being shown and posting this blog. The premise was to allow me to monitor the NBA’s media reaction for something that I thought was pretty hysterical. (This for me ranks up there just like Ricky Gervais’s opening monologue at the 2011 Golden Globes).

(What am I talking about?)

The NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and the LA Clippers.

(I won’t post the results here in case you still want to catch the game, so here’s a link to the NBA box-score and the game time highlights.)

The reason why I thought this game was so interesting was that something happened when Blake Griffin took to shoot his free-throws line that the NBA doesn’t usually highlight or broadcast.

(What is that already?)

It was the hundreds of screaming Brooklyn fans that chanted “OVER-RATED” as, Blake Griffin took to the free throw line.

(Take a look for yourself at

(So who cares?)

The reason why I thought I’d bring this to the attention of the general reader is because this taunt is more than your usual booing or chant for MVP. This is direct public criticism of a player’s skillset or lack thereof.

(If Blake were suited up playing for Brooklyn, the Clippers would do the same right?)

Yes, but Griffin has a massive global image and it’s something that the NBA producers normally try to frantically protect. Hearing the fans of Brooklyn chant this, was funny to me because there is no way you can hide the fact that the guy is missing the key tools to be a global phenomenon. Let’s not forget that he bricked both free throws which I think is so awesome.

Griffin does have a larger than life image, mainly because he dunked over the car at the 2011-12 All-Star game.

(What do you expect from a 23 year old one dimensional player, right?)

I would normally agree with the (this kid is all hype and one dimensional) verbal basting but, the kid showed tremendous character and had it not been for my own close inspection of yesterday’s Mavericks Vs the Clippers game, where Blake obviously made some quick adjustments (possibly to be more aggressive than he is and to be a little more patient on the ball), I think he deserves a lot more credit than I initially gave him.

(How did he respond in the Game?)

Well, Griffin came out and scored 19 points (not that great and not the focal point of his game) but he did it with 8 – for – 13 from the field and as the guys from ‘Hangtime Southwest’ put it,

“He dunked, of course, multiple times and with both hands. He also drained a pair of long jumpers that he’s constantly working on and that his teammates are constantly encouraging him to take. As a bonus, he went 3 – for – 4 at the free throw line. He grabbed 13 rebounds, dished out five assists, had a couple of steals and a block, and was a plus -16 in 28 minutes.”

Those stats aren’t the cream of the crop in the NBA, but if he can repeat it regularly throughout the season he can definitely be in the conversation for one of the top three Power Forwards in the league. I can’t wait to see the Brooklyn, LA matchup next time. I bet the Clippers have something to say when Williams hits the free throw line.

So for the first time (in a while) I give props to a player for standing up for himself and coming out fighting, following the drubbing he copped from fans shows he’s demonstrated a lot of character that I didn’t think he had.

“Good job Blake”.

Let me know your thoughts also, do you know of any other games in the league where something like this has happened and the player has come out the game and stepped up?


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  1. Miamistarter permalink

    Griffin is frustrating one moment he dunks the next he cant even dribble the ball nice kid though but still dribble son learn how to dribble

    • The Kid has skills – but I think more that he’s a fantastic athlete first and a basketball player second reminds me a little of Westbrook. — But yeah, he needs to prac the fundamentals… good points though!… 🙂

    • Freethrow permalink

      hes not as good as other PF’s in the league and gets way more credit for a lot less.

  2. Yeah, that is why it’s funny to see the people in the clip screaming that out in his freethrows…

  3. dave permalink

    when you average 21pts and 11 rbsand 3.4 assists in your first 3 seasons in the nba. i think you’re doing pretty good.

    like him or not.

    stats dont lie

    and for a 23 year old forward i would struggle to find another who rivals him.

  4. dave permalink

    he has filled his role this year, hes on a far better team then last year, his shots are down, his minutes are down, but his assists are steady, his blocks are up so he is playing a far more team game, when a young player shows he is more about winning as a team rather then being a star and losing i would want him on my team any day of the week.

  5. Eh, I have issues when he has his back to the basket as to what he wants to do exactly… aside from that… eh he is young… he can learn some better moves then an inside step maybe add a fadeaway and a hi low ball fake…

  6. dave permalink

    definitely, but when u have a kid like him who is willing to learn, he knows he has to develop a game below the basket to truly dominate.

    but at 23 getting those numbers you have to be pretty happy about his future.

  7. adz permalink

    do you know the difference between correlation and causation? and how is he a one dimensional player? … you need to define the terms that you are using !!!

    • Let me guess you just looked up a dictionary to validate the meaning of those two yourself… I’d know, I sat next to you English!…

      You would’ve definately google searched it…

      Anyways, Griffin has only one way to score and that’s by dunking… this is confirmed in the scouting report straight out of college… Yeah he went to College in Oklahoma I looked up his stats some time ago… I’m sure you knew that though, cause you and your new friend google search would’ve helped you correct all the typos in your message.

      Yeah Griffin can dunk in a variety of ways… that doesn’t mean he has a variety of ways to score.. and that dunk on Gasol… I would have whistled it as an offensiv foul ….. Typical Portland fan, Typical Adam comment… Causation… pffft.. How about I hit you next time with a bullet pass and we see what the effect is?

      Adz you always defend your opinion to the bitter end even when you are completely and utterly wrong. 🙂

      Oh I was lying we never sat next to each other in English, you were in Intermediate I was in Advanced 🙂

  8. adz permalink

    Well let me add some “fact” to this little blog, I didnt bother looking up Griffin’s college stats, cause, you know, he plays in the nba now … here is some knowledge for ya

    At Rim
    Made Attempted %
    2010-11 5 7 67
    2011-12 5 7 73
    2012-13 3 5 67

    3-9 Feet
    Made Attempted %
    2010-11 1.8 4 43
    2011-12 1.5 3 44
    2012-13 1.6 3 50

    10-15 Feet
    Made Attempted %
    2010-11 .5 1.5 33
    2011-12 .2 .7 27
    2012-13 .2 .4 43

    16-23 Feet
    Made Attempted %
    2010-11 1 3 33
    2011-12 1.5 4 37
    2012-13 2 5 43

    So to sum this up, Blake is taking 14 shots per game, and averaging 5 at the rim (ie dunks, etc) and another 9 shots outside of that, not to mention shooting at a decent clip of
    45.3 % outside of 3 feet, not bad for a big man who is one dimensional.

    (Adz the moderator has chosen to remove your vulgar language and insolent thoughts).
    We have left the statistics and thank you for your content.

  9. Adz,

    I can’t clearly make out your information.

    Obviously the stats don’t show the type of shots he’s taken, how deep into the shot count he is or even his position to the basket (most of the time on the free throw you see defenses leave him wide open.)

    How about you get a shot chart together on your next google adventure and demo down exactly where all this took place.

    I think you’ll find that most of his jumpshots out side of 3ft aren’t a contested shot, not like other power forwards in the NBA. Most defenses want Blake to shoot and deliberately leave him open to do so.

    Regardless of what the statistic says, some people like Miller and Barkley have stated a fact that Griffen can’t chuck a rock into the ocean. Well that is funny… But I dont take it as gospel, I study the game and the way he plays and he isn’t a threat from outside. So your argument is not valid.

    Just because you control Blake on NBA 2k12 or whatever and you make a turn around jumpshot in Lebrons face doesn’t mean you understand what goes on in the real game.

    Reminds me of a grandfinal about 10 years ago when a person created contact got the foul and then you chose to step and take the free throws when it was me that should be shooting them. That person bricked both that day. Just one was needed to tie the game.

    • adz permalink

      You say that Miller and Barkley have stated a “fact”, what is that exactly?? Sounds more like anecdotal evidence to me.

      You also state that I havent provided any evidence about the type of shots that he takes, well neither have you, in fact you tried to back up your claim about Blake’s shot selection by saying you looked at his college stats from over 3 years ago.

      I have given you “fact” about the areas he takes shots from and effectiveness (giving you an indication of the type of shot) and you choose to ignore it, but rather you go off on a tangent and say that you study the way he plays, and say that because of this it invalidates the argument. Sounds more like your studying chinese when were all talking english mate.

      Furthermore, the point here was to prove, that contrary to what you claimed, that the only way he scored was by dunking, but in fact he averages more points from outside of that range at an excellent rate.

      Now you can shift the goal posts and try and argue about his “threat”, but you cant hide the fact that you are wrong about the way he scores points. Now that is a “fact”.

      • adz permalink

        Here is a shortened version of the previous posts stats

        2012-2013 Shot Location

        ATT MADE %

        3 5 67 at rim
        2 3 50 3-9 feet
        .2 .4 50 10-15 feet
        2 5 43 16-23 feet

      • This is referring to the Blake Griffin quote,

        “He averages more points of that range at an excellent rate…”
        Comment by Adz.

        Who are you talking about? Are you saying Blake Griffin is an excellent outside scorer (ARE YOU SERIOUS) (He’s only Excellent if he jumps from the free-throw and dunks maybe!).

        I didn’t ignore your stats that you so gleefully copy and pasted, I just asked you to show, demonstrate or provide us proof as to where does Blake Griffin takes his shots from (demo this factual information of yours), or at least formulate some kind of idea on your own about what you’re talking about).

        Anyone can make a point that he is an Excellent overall scorer but, I’m saying that he lacks the outside game and that is another part of why he was getting the chants from the Brooklyn fans.

        I can see that you are struggling to write your opinion to sound smart, but you provide nothing that clearly brings validation to your points, ‘aside from googled information – with no link to a source’.

        How about to convince “Us the reader”:-

        (1) – You detail a game, a date and a specific time where Blake demonstrates a clear “Excellent” outside scoring show.
        (2) – Find anyone in the NBA Coach or Commentator that backs up your point.
        (3) – Read about what defences and opposing coaches think about Blake taking open 3-10 ft jump shots.
        (4) – Motivate yourself to get out onto the court with a friend (if you have one) and look at what the difference is between taking an open jump shot and taking a contested one.
        (5) – Be clear as to Who you’re trying to convince with these facts, (is this for me, the reader or your bruised ego?)

        Adz, he isn’t a good outside scorer (he’s not even in the top 50% of NBA players in scoring from the field).
        The reason that he has any makes is that he’s wide open and defences leave him to take it and focus on Paul or Jordan.

        So you don’t believe he’s a one dimensional scorer? is that your only point of contention?

  10. adz permalink

    Well here is your link to the data that I posted earlier.
    And all the data I use is from hoopdata, from the 2012-13 season.

    Now let’s break down another attempt by you to hide the fact that you are wrong.

    I didn’t say that he is an excellent outside scorer, I said that he is shooting at an excellent rate. Now he is shooting 2pt FG at 51%, taking 9 shots outside of 3 feet and hitting those at 45%. The league average for 2pt FG is 45%, while the league average for shots between 3 and 23 feet is 38%.

    Now let’s assume that it is harder for guards to hit these 2pt FG, and compare him to other “stretch 4’s” who find themselves in similar situations to Blake when taking these types of shots.
    Chris Bosh is shooting at 55% for 2pt FG, and is taking 7 shots outside of 3 feet and hitting those at 36%.
    David West is shooting at 49% for 2pt FG, and is taking 10 shots outside of 3 feet and hitting those at 43%.
    LaMarcus Aldridge is shooting at 46% for 2pt FG, and is taking 13 shouts outside of 3 feet and hitting those at 46%.
    Now let’s compare this to Josh Smith who loves to shoot from the outside, but is ineffective from this range, 3-23 feet. His 2pt FG % is 44%. He is taking 9 shots per game outside of 3 feet and hitting only 25% of those shots.

    So what can we take from this? Well compared to his peers and the NBA as a whole Blake is shooting the outside shot at an excellent rate of 45%.

    Now your other comment was that I need to show to where he takes his shots from. I guess you need pretty pictures to help you understand, but what I posted was the areas, broken down by distance, showing approximately where he shoots from. Now you can infer from this, the type of shots he is taking, cause he aint taking 20 foot layups mate.

    In your next comment you are saying that the Brooklyn fans were chanting at him cause of his outside game, or lack thereof. Now do you have any proof of this particular motivation? Or is this more anecdotal evidence?

    Now I’m not trying to “sound smart”, on the other hand, you make me look smart with your confounded, inconsistent and illogical arguments.
    Furthermore, you go on to ask me to provide more evidence, which again you yourself have not shown. The only evidence you have shown, is that of some bloke on tv said something (but haven’t linked it to any source), and “I looked at his college stats” (which doesn’t really apply cause he hasn’t played in college for 4 years now).

    Then you go on to say he isnt even in the top 50% of players scoring from the field (what does that even mean? Ppg, shooting percentage??? What are you saying here???) and provide no evidence, evidence that you make a point of me providing.

    Now to go to the beginning I wasn’t providing any opinion on Blake’s scoring ability, but was asking you to define the terms you were using and back them up. So you then went on to say that he is one dimensional scorer and that this was achieved only through dunks. Well I have clearly shown, that no, he does not score only through dunks, and in this current season he is shooting at an above average rate from 3-23 feet.

    But I’m sure you will try to go on a tangent about how he is open when taking shots. Well isnt that the point of the game, to take uncontested shots. Isnt that the whole plan of offensive schemes, to get an open shot. So he isnt taking contested long 2’s, well to me that sounds like sound shot selection and the mark of a smart player.

    • Simple Adz,

      Watch the LA Clippers next game or two, if you can (just to demonstrate my point). Pay very close attention to the defensive assignments the team plays against the Clippers and in particular watch the defender who is supposed to pick up Blake at the elbow (corner of the free-throw), Blake ends up at this spot a lot, and is often left there alone. The defender will not run out to Blake when he receives the ball there, some call this spot the high post, the defender is INTENTIONALLY leaving him open, the defender is trying to encourage Blake to shoot from the spot up shot.

      A shooter that hits at a high rate will not be left open to shoot ever. EVER!!!

      Blake, in my opinion from all the games of the Clippers I’ve watched this season and I’ve seen them all is not an accurate outside, high post off the elbow shooter, the statistics don’t show where and how he takes his shots (one of my original points). Blake, is often left open and it’s not because he has an amazing pass delivered, its the defence realising that they want him to take that spot up, as opposed to him getting inside where he is a definite physical mismatch for most players.

      Now, my original points for this article (if you actually read it) has all the supported information attached to it, you say “I am unsupported”. Go back and read it, there are links to accurately account for the chanting and there is the highlight reel for the game and a link to the box score + shot chart.

      This article that you have kindly written several essays about was originally intended to show how I picked up on the crowds shanking of Blake’s character and then his response to that verbal antagonism in the following game, which has promoted him in my eyes to a having a stronger character, something I didn’t give him any props for in the beginning.

      So, let me know when you see the next game and what you think about the defensive assignment, you’ll see what I’m getting at and that I am right. It’s happened every game so far this season.

      I’ll finish with a Sports Coach Quote:-

      Statistics are good for a skeleton summary, watch the game to add meat to the bones and finally, play the game so you can have a life in that body. All together you’ll understand the game.

      December 07th 2012.

      Sports Coach 101.

  11. adz permalink

    Now let me paraphrase from one of your favourite sources, espn commentary. The game between the Lakers and OKC, Jeff Van Gundy was commenting about Russel Westbrook and quoting D’Antoni saying that “you cant take away everything” when defending some one.

    In this case the preferred option for defenses is to give Blake the J, opposed to giving him a look inside. But this does not PROVE he is a poor shooter but shows that they are taking a strength of his away, and dealing with the lesser of two evils. Now I have provided data showing, that he is, in fact, shooting at an above average rate.

    Now you say that the stats dont show where he is taking his shots from. Well let me help you out here. From the baseline to the free throw line, it is approximately 18 feet. Now the stat that I provided has zone designated for that, 16-23 feet. So this covers the elbow, the high post and pinch post areas of the court. Now, Blake is third in field goal % from this range for all power forwards who play 30 min or more (Slight edit, I removed Ryan Anderson from the stat cause it appeared to be an outlier, he had taken less than 20 shots from this range and hitting at about 52%). He is shooting approx 43% from this area alone, and the league average from this area is about 38%. Now I know you have mentioned that you have watched all his games, but did you keep a record of his shots, or is just your impression. Because the stat I just provided is for all 17 of his games this season. (Hoopdata)

    Now as you said the original purpose of this article was to show how he improved after being heckled. Now as you might recall my first comment was about correlation v causation. Do you have any evidence that shows, that this single event, was used as a motivational factor, to prove, that he is not overrated.

    But fear not, I decided to indulge you in this matter, and this is what I found:

    Before the Brooklyn game Blake was averaging 17.8 ppg, 9.3 reb, 3.5 apg and field goal % of 53%.
    Since the Brooklyn game Blake is averaging 17.7 ppg, 9.1 reb, 3.1 apg and shooting at 51%. The only difference here is in the negative, but the difference is negligible. There is NO correlation let alone any causation from this event that would indicate to have had any effect on Blake’s performance.

    But please enlighten us all.

    • Adz,

      I do love listening to all the commentary, it’s the reason that in some games I prefer the live streaming to watching a game on league pass (As I’ve mentioned numerous times).
      See let me educate you now – you’ve chosen to quote a former coach of the NBA, “Not a bad person to use” and the brother of the former Orlando Magic coach Jeff Van Gundy.
      This person has a lot of NBA tactics and strategy under his belt, ESPN loves having former coaches commentate as it gives the commentary a form of legitimacy. As opposed to having you commentate the games with your Copy and Paste behind the computer screen logic and documentation.

      Now you paraphrased the following:-

      “You can’t take everything away”.

      Let us examine this and see how again, you have step outside the bounds of the argument. Obviously, your first mistake is that you have grouped a player like Russell Westbrook, who has in my opinion the complete arsenal of offensive moves (hence why he represented the US at the Olympics) with Blake Griffin (Yes, he too was chosen for the Olympics but was injured). Um ok, I see why you’ve done this, well not really. But lets follow your logic.

      You can’t take everything away from Russell Westbrook, if you agree with this statement and are basing your argument on this, then you seem to acknowledge the fact that defences at some point will leave him open to score, correct? Because they prefer him to take a type of shot that is statistically of a lower percentage. (Yes) – Why don’t we compare a bus and a sports car for an example next time?

      See I watched that same LA Vs OKC game and what you didn’t pick up on or add to your response, was that Van Gundy was referring to the 3pt shot off the dribble that Westbrook hit and is believed by many defensive co-ordinators as a very low % shot, coaches can live with him hitting that shot if he gets it as there is not much you can do – due to his elevation vs other shooting guards or his speed. This is opposed to letting him take a wide open 3 point shot.

      Now, can you tell me the difference in your statistics between the two? (You can’t seem to find that one can you) or will you tell me that they are the same shot because Hoops data puts them in the same bracket.

      Now enough comedy, back to the point Blake doesn’t hit a wide open Jump Shot at the ‘elbow’ at a high percentage. (WATCH THE GAME AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE). He still takes them and makes them at about 43% which you have repeated several times. I don’t believe his shooting is excellent at all. If it was he would never be open there, defences would switch at the top of the key for players to not let him be open. They would not encourage him to shoot it by backing off.

      I want you:-
      (1) To take ball down to the court and try and take an uncontested Jump shot from the free throw and then have someone run at you waving there arms I want you to see the difference.
      (2) Go watch the Clippers game and see how defences react to Blake being open in that (HIGH PERCENTAGE) jump shot space. If he was perceived to be a danger or a threat they wouldn’t leave him there.

      Now you once you’ve watched this and you understand what I’m saying I will respond. All further comments that you provide outside the realm of this argument will be unapproved. I would prefer to be watching the game then arguing about your copy and paste promotional work for the Hoops Data network.

      Thank you.
      Sports Coach 101.

  12. paul permalink

    comn in late onto this thread and dont have time to read all comments but bottom line bob – whats your point? did u agree with the brooklyn zombies ie griff IS overrated?

    I watched that game actually and was also suprised at the chanting.. for once it was louder and more animosity than what kb gets in every city outside of cali…

    agree – griff is 1 dimensional but than again so is d12, amare and to a degree dwade ..

    also interesting why they would think he was over rated… over rated compared to who? ie griff isnt exactly in the same ballpark as duncan, garnett or k-love, but i wud def pick him over beasley or even bosh in fba

    any ways good read – keep it up.

    • Yeah that’s what I was getting at. That I think Adz completely missed.
      If you saw the game you would see that Griffin was slumping hard. I love how they got on his back. But I love how the following night he came to play from the opening whistle and took it hard into the key. Eh? Some people eh…

  13. Tully1 permalink

    dos adz iz a spaz if we wants to have a reading all stats then we can look them up. have an opinion and follow throw you can tell he never playz ball.

  14. dave permalink

    To say Griff is one dimensional is moronic.

    If the only part of his game is his dunking ability then why dont players like hakim warrick and jeremy evans get max deals and average 22 and 11 in their careers.

    its hard to be overrated when you are top scorer, top rebounder and 2nd in assists on a team coming 4th in the west.

    i agree his tends to lean on his athletic ability and dunking more then he needs to, and he needs to develop a “stronger” below the rim game, but he has skills in that area already which makes him a threat. if he improves them and becomes a reliable 15-18ft jump shooter then he will be even MORE of a beast.

    you say that teams leave blake alone at the elbow ALOT. well if he keeps hitting those shots at the clip he has been then eventually they will have to pay attention to that.

    the kid has skills.

    no one can deny that.

    • Yeah, I’m watching him more and more as we go along… I’m fascinated as to his explosive first step (he moves pretty light on his feet for a big guy). He has an ugly shot though – it’s not a bad shot as we’ve discussed but the technique itself looks horrible… yuck… sheesh lol…

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