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December 10, 2012


– Just a quick one for today as I’ve spent a lot of my research time responding to comments from older posts. –

I’m one of these NBA fans that pay really close attention to every little detail of the NBA players comments and reactions during the key moments of an NBA basketball game.

My point with todays ‘Post’ is that I have noticed a characteristic of a certain centre in the NBA that drives me absolutely ‘Insane with rage’.

What drives you ‘Insane with rage’ Sports Coach?

The whole Dwight Howard smiling, jovialness and chuckling when he bricks both of his free throws at a key moment late in a Laker game. He especially likes to do it when the Lakers are within 1pt of levelling the match and he over compensates by sending the ball off the back iron.

Seriously, the amount of times I’ve seen him do this after a missed free throw, I feel like I want to launch a brick at his head or watch Kobe pull out a shovel and smack his face, not that it would have any effect because he’s a big guy. But why does he do it? Why? WHYYYYYYY?????? You can’t smile or chuckle or be happy if you have just pulled off an air ball.

The only reason that I can imagine, is he does this to play it off to the fans that the miss doesn’t have any effect on him. But, every time I see him do it I know as a fact that the miss has got to him.

You can’t shoot 104 from 218 in the 2012 season, the lowest percentage in the entire league (A lot of those are in the 3rd and 4th quarter) and be content with yourself enough to be smiling about a miss).

I had to vent about this, if you’ve noticed other traits from players that make you laugh or drive you insane please comment below.

Personally, I’d love it if Dwight was fined by the Lakers team for every smile that he does post brick – when it’s at a negative cost to the Lakers team.

Another quirk of the players is Kobe’s jersey chewing or his waving when he tries to sell a foul. Lebron’s tipping over when he is obviously flopping when a kid half his size steps at him. Ahhh the NBA has changed.
It promotes softness…. Be tougher people.


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  1. He furstrates me so bad that I had to leave a comment to myself here.

  2. dave permalink

    He smiles because its a defense mechanism, i dont think he does it cause he thinks its funny, he does it cause he doesnt know what else to do. he realises every missed free throw is another hour of media questions and speculation. he knows every time he misses and they lose it will be his fault. nothing that happens in LA goes without attention. even when he was in Orlando he was crap at the line, obviously better then he is now, but they were winning games and he was the reason he was so it was being overlooked. but now he is in LA and the reason they win games at the moment is KOBE and the reason they lose is his free throws he hides behind the thing which made people like him in the first place when he first joined the league, his smile and personality, but last season with his trade demands he lost all leverage with using his “good boy image” to take away from his obvious flaws. The media in LA dont give his the benefit that the Media in Orlando did. He has lost the fans and the media.

  3. paul permalink

    he would def not be smiling if p-jax got the coachin job

  4. I am Dwights Muscle Memory permalink

    Dwight’s free throws are terrible, but this wouldn’t be such a bad thing if he made it up in other areas.
    Defence aside Shaq historically had poor free throws but made up for it on the offensive end by being an unstoppable force on the low block. Dwight on the low block frequently turns over the ball or does a sweeping hooks which have no consistency.
    I wouldn’t be smiling if I was in Dwight’s shoes…

  5. Tully1 permalink

    Wen da kid stepz ta da line he looks lik a junkie who smokos on crystal meth. Hiz body lokz all spaz 1 luv 4 the post.
    I’m at the game LIVE tonight.

    • Thanks Tully1 I am super jealous, yeah his body does look funny when he tries to shoot it. Go LA… If he laughs after a brick boo him please… 🙂

  6. Miamistarter permalink

    Love that ya spotted that
    he does do it all the time classic pickup
    I’ll boo him from lounge.

  7. I’d liek to watch the game live and where a tshirt that says “Booo, if your not Kobe”…..

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