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December 11, 2012


After watching the Lakers last night go down to Utah, I couldn’t fathom exactly how many times I saw the Lakers turnover the ball in key possessions.

I decided to look back over the game and examine where they had the most problems and it was mind boggling to me, that every single time the Lakers made a nice run to get back into the game or to make some kind of attempt to control the game, they somehow managed to force themselves into a silly turnover with really poor execution on entry passes that should never have been attempted.

So I decided to check into some stats on, because I was certain that the Lakers had the worst turnover rate in the NBA if not, it had to be Washington.

Guess again people It’s neither (Washington are 13th) the highest turnover rate in the NBA belongs to the Houston Rockets.

1st Houston (19 Games) 16.63 TO
2nd LA Lakers (21 Games) 16.33 TO
3rd Denver (21 Games) 16.14 TO
4th Oklahoma (21 Games) 16.10 TO

Houston shouldn’t have really been much of a surprise as they have Lin & Harden that combo would be a guaranteed turnover factory. Harden is the NBA’s leading individual player with turnovers this season (My man Kobe’s in the top 5 also).

Which team has the least turnovers, I hear you ask?

30th spot on the list is New York (20 Games) 10.90 TO – Great choice in getting rid of Lin.
Funnily, there are some pretty successful teams that turn over the ball, but still manage to get the W’s like OKC, Golden State, Chicago and San Antonio who are all in the top half of turnovers per game.

(See for yourself @

Ok, we can all see that Lakers are the 2nd worst team but why? What is it that makes them lose the ball so often?

I truly believe this teams turnovers are attributed to a lack of chemistry and trust. The Lakers at the moment are all about individual efforts and have nothing to do with the championship winning mentality of basketball from years gone by.

Frustratingly, this team relies on solo glimpses of brilliance and it’s so disappointing to watch, they need to step away from Kobe taking 25+ shots a game at less than 40% success, Dwight shooting less than 50% from the free throw and averaging 8 attempts, they need Nash running the floor with Blake backing up, Metta confidently moving the ball around on offense and being a nuisance on defence, Gasol being aggressive and moving off the ball into the low block or helping free up Dwight with picks and nice passes and finally the overall defence of the team working as a unit and rotating in out of defensive assignments quickly and assertively.

All of this will combine to a lower rate of turnovers and get this team back on track, can it happen who knows.

I need to mention this as it’s been bothering me also, when Nash returns he may assist in reducing that total of turnovers by getting the Lakers better distribution, but he won’t attribute anything defensively, so I cannot say what will and won’t work until I see a full starting roster running at full speed.
This means the line up is: –

Coach D’antoni
PG Nash
SG Kobe
SF World Peace
PF Gasol
C Howard

Therefore, I am backing off from Lakers commentary until I see the complete unit hopefully in action soon.


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  1. Miamistarter permalink

    Lakers TO’s are killing me toooooooo!!!!

  2. hustleha permalink

    Lakers have terrible interior passing not kobe but Duhon likes to pass through the key dummy

  3. Opeytaylor permalink

    Duhon don’t get me started the bro has no shot selection skills he throughs interior passes at shadows. I watched him yesterday get mad at the ref when he passed it straight out of bounds.

    • Duhon is a pain in everyones hip… I think he’s a tactical decoy sent into destroy the Lakers from within and was sent there prolly by the Spurs or Mavs. 🙂

  4. Miamistarter permalink

    Duhon is game killer for LA we need to bounce him asap. Move to a open set in the block and hit the post quick high in the clock count the rest will run itself from there you can’t coach size. Lakers have it in bunches keep the ball high and they will win.

  5. Opeytaylor permalink

    So true bigups!! to SOuthLA

  6. hustleha permalink

    Coach, let me know when you write up about Cleveland it would be good to read. Yeah you got a flav about your writtens with LA you know your stuff.

  7. Thanks Hust…. I’ll take a look at Cleveland whose games i’ve watched they are going well with Varej but they will win not a game more until Kyr gets back. He is like Wall with better vision not as much speed and can hit a three. Cleve are a bit of suprise that they aren’t doing a little better. I’ll deep dive them next week.

  8. hustleha permalink

    Thanks Coach!

  9. Opeytaylor permalink


    • None of that… they ain’t a bad team they got a quality big and speed + they got a great PG soon they’ll be up n up. They do need a bench however and someone that can drop a 3 without being .305% slack but true.

  10. Ckaer permalink

    Lakers have no d and no bench depth… nothing.

  11. They have depth now that Gasol has been moved to the bench. It only took D’antoni half the season to realise what worked and what doesnt!!!

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