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December 12, 2012


If ya’ll managed to catch the L.A. Lakers versus Cleveland Cavs game today, (I did and I had to hide my head, as the Cavs fans around work gave me heaps) then you would have seen an awesome game for the Cavs.

I was literally in shock, they had 3 players in 20pts and it was an assist party, they got their whole team involved.

Every play the ball was finding its way to an open man, whether the player was breaking or it was in a setup play (also thank the Lakers turnovers once again made it very easy on the Cavs offense) but, I’m going to take nothing away from the Cavs as it was truly a great game to watch.

Anyways, the purpose of today’s post is to give you the update on what I thought was one of the fattest fake out moves that led to a mammoth facial dunk by Anderson Varejao.

You kidding right, AV got up and smacked it home?

People, I haven’t seen something like that in sometime and I don’t recall a centre pulling off any move like this in some time.
You have to check it out go to the link and select the clip “Rim Rattler” @:- (You can check the game stats here also).

I actually jumped out of my seat, I was thinking, “Dammmmmmnnnnnn Howard got punked!” but then the huge facial on Jordan Hill “Ouuuuuucccchhh!” and this was all in the same play.

Dave, if you read this today, I commend you on pointing out that Varejao has improved dramatically and is worthy of the East starting centre nod over Lopez and Noah. I didn’t give the kid enough credit at all.

Who would have thought he would be so aggressive, I loved it.
Howard and the Lakers need to rethink their interior defence and since when does Howard bite so hard on a ball fake? Hill even caught up on the play and managed to catch Varejao at the rack but sheesh he was never going to stop this dunk. (That’s all I’m saying about the Lakers today)

Fat dunk people!!! You need to see this game if you missed it the highlights don’t do it enough justice.

Let me know your thoughts?


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  1. Flocktoyou permalink


    • I just can’t remember Howard ever biting so hard and then just stepped around like he wasn’t even there… Awesome!!!!

  2. Billy permalink

    Awesome game GO IRVING
    Dwight looked slow and out of it.

    • I’ve watched the replay like 10 times at least. I can’t get over his move – I just didn’t put him as having that type of game… BLINDSIDED>.. !!!!

  3. B_RAXIl_L permalink


  4. dave permalink

    Varejao is a beast. clearly the best C in the east at the moment.

    im sure if lopez had played a full season without injury he would get the nod but you cant go past Varejao’s stella play, playing hard on every possesion

  5. I think you’ll see that his efficiency is good but he’s fading off as the season moves along.

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