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December 13, 2012


Who’s the hottest team in the league right now?

To examine this question properly, I’ve decided to take in a wide variety of statistical variables (thanks to Hoop-Metrics) and then I’ll compare these results with the best team effort that I’ve seen from watching 8 games played by each NBA team. I watched (4W & 4L) of each NBA team.

(As you can tell, I’ve seen a lot of games this season people – I LOVE IT!).

My findings are also based on the current total of games as of the 13th of December, 2012.

SO WHO IS SPORTS COACHES HOTTEST NBA TEAM? (I wish I could assign music here):-

Two teams have a 9-1 win record they are, the Spurs & the Thunder. I can’t wait to watch them play eachother, as long as coach Popovich doesn’t bench his starters 🙂 we should be set for a huge one on the 18/12/2012 at 12pm.

The Thunder have a current 8 game win streak. The Spurs are on a 7 game win streak. Both teams have found the chemistry that is needed to play extremely good offence at a high efficency rating.

The team that sits first in the league with Offensive Efficiency of 111.3 is the Thunder. Second on this list is the Knicks with 110.2. The league average on (OE) is 102.1. Cleveland is last with 97.3.

The team with the best Offensive Efficiency to Defensive Efficiency Differential (OE-DFD) is the Thunder with 11.0. and second is the Knicks with 9.1.

(This stat is an important one, as it displays how much teams are out scoring the opposition on average).

The Thunder, have been scoring more points on average than any other team of 106.0 PPG. The Spurs are second with 105.9. The Pacers are last with 90.8.

The team with the best eFG%,

What does Effective Field Goal Percentage – eFG% Mean?

(This is a metric used in NBA basketball that is similar to Field Goal Percentage, but adds an additional parameter. This parameter adjusts for the fact that 3-point field goals are worth 50 percent more than 2-point field goals.)

So the team with the best eFG% are the Heat with 55.08. The Thunder is second with 54.14. Last are the Bullets with 45.22 (They don’t have John Wall, I expect that to increase with Wall returning from injury in under a month apparently?).

The team with the lowest turnover rating are the Knicks with 10.51 and the 76ers are second with 11.65. The last team in the league are OKC with 15.30.

The team with best Defensive Efficiency Rating are the Bulls who are tied with the Grizzlies at 97.0. Last in the league are the Hornets with 107.8.

So people – that’s a lot of figures to take in (it had to be done though). Honestly, I could have gone into much further depth, but I thought I would keep the most important statistics for a massive indepth breakdown in the mid-season break. Expect this to happen around the All-Star break – I’ll do a complete breakdown of Offensive Vs Defensive teams and look at (10w – 10L) of each team if they have them.

Now I did promise the readers who I’ve spoken to recently, that I’d give an unbiased view of which team looks the hottest to me, (Note: – I have not included my fav Lakers at all).

(Not that the Lakers should be in any HOT category right now).

Sports Coaches best Offense team that I’ve seen from games watched are the Thunder, they are just too fast for nearly every team, especially on the break they do have turnover issues but you really don’t want to blink because this team will catch you sleeping.

I don’t see any team stopping all their offensive threats.
Durant’s Field Goal % is up there next to Lebron’s and it doesn’t matter who you put on Durant he will get a clean shot over the top of any SF or Guard that comes up on assignment and combine this with his stride which he uses to beat any big man off the dribble and you have a matchup nightmare, NIGHT IN & NIGHT OUT.

People if you do one thing this seaon YOU MUST WATCH this guy play at least one game, even if you dislike the Thunder as much as I do.

Sports Coaches best Defence unit that I’ve seen from the games watched are the Grizzlies, these boys are built really tough. They are also long and quick in all positions across the floor. I haven’t seen a team with as good help defence (aside from Miami in the Play-offs last year).

I can’t really pluck out one of the players defensive performance and say that he is the lynch-pin to the Grizzlies but, Gasol and Gay are definitely working extremely well together and times watching them play you feel they are just everywhere, I have to also say Randolph’s game is so fun to watch he can do it all.

Now, finally the team that I feel is the “Hottest” and this is putting together the best combination of Offense and Defence in the NBA (from what I’ve watched thus far),

has to be the L.A. Clippers!

They aren’t first in too many categories but they are up there in nearly all statistics, they are just really good at attacking the basket with Paul leading them down the court.

On the Defensive side they have players deep into the bench that can play D against most starting line-ups. I do see Vinny Del Negro as an inconsistent coach that bores players to sleep with his constant and unclear ranting (Watch NBA wired when Vinny Del Negro speaks in a huddle or when he tries to draw up a set – I’ve seen a Japanese train station map, make more sense).

I really think the Clippers could be doing a lot better with the team they have if a better coach was picked up (D’Antoni should have gone here but I guess the D would have suffered big time).

So that be SportsCoach101’s breakdown, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the hottest team in the league? (I especially love people that disagree with my views – you can hit me up here or on twitter @ Sportscoach101.


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  1. I didn’t put the Lakers in yet 🙂 they will have plenty of time soon enough to turn this ship around.

  2. Billy permalink

    Love my clippers its all because we have paul running the show the guy is the elite of the elite he runs the pg for the uS squad thats all i need to know.

    • YYeah valid point… He is the general of the Clippers he makes your whole team so much better but your bench is freakishly good in this season where 90% of benches are short…

  3. blackish permalink

    For show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Paul da man

  4. Opeytaylor permalink

    Paul is pure talent and can nullify an entire team with his control go the clips for the win 2012-2013

  5. Fade_away_JAY permalink

    Seriously OKC are #1 – you need to watch those games again.

  6. Adz permalink

    Must have something to do with Blake’s excellent FG % 😉 … But seriously, I know you wanted to put the spurs first 🙂 !!!

  7. You know nothing about basketball Adz, i will consider nothing from you as your comments are not based on any kind of facts 🙂

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