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January 21, 2013


I’ve been really patient and I’ve be extremely tolerant but today’s abysmal performance against the Toronto Raptors by my LA Lakers is yet another example of how the Lakers who are now (17W – 23L) are sliding into a deeper rut than I’ve seen them in about a decade.

It’s brutal having to watch a team that you know should not just be winning but dominating the league. The Lakers have dropped the last eight from ten and it’s the fifth loss in a row on the road.

Now, if you actually watched this game it was really exciting as the Raptors had a 19 point lead going into the fourth quarter, which slowly but surely the Lakers managed to deflate. Kobe’s air-ball late in the fourth was a game killer for the Lakers but it wasn’t all his fault as good old Dwight Howard decided to have himself ejected near the end of the first half, which put a huge strain on the Lakers and by the time they got all pistons working it was way too late.

What has to happen moving forward?

Lakers have to stop talking about it and start making some “Trades” and if I were in Laker management I would do this sooner rather than later.

Who am I offering from the Lakers?

Everyone – sheesh I’ll include the Coach and Towel boys, no person associated with this current Lakers outfit would be a lock to stay with this team.

Let me start with what I see are the biggest problems:-

Metta World Peace – he has been playing better than expected. He’s been the most consistent defender in a Lakers Uniform this year and at times he’s also been the most consistent offense player. That is a huge problem to me in itself when your most reliable player is the most unstable you have to think WOW there is a huge team chemistry problem here.

The main issues I have with Metta is that he’s old, slow and watching him dribble left makes me feel queasy in my stomach. He appears to get confused as to which foot should go in front of the other when he gets tightly defended and then he decides to knock smaller defenders over with his flailing arms.

If the Lakers don’t end up trading Metta, I would seriously look to the coaches to bench him and make him run out at as 6th, 7th or even 8th man. Limit his minutes considerably.

This would be the best time to trade Metta as I do believe his trade value has picked up in comparison to previous years, his numbers show 13.6 PPG at a 0.424 FG% are the best he’s produced since he was a Rocket (in Houston). Rebounds are also up and this stat is the best since he was a King (in Sacramento).

What frustrates me with Metta is his taking of up to six to ten three-pointers a game and converting only 0.358%. He needs to work more on distributing the ball and maybe getting the ball more in the low post, basically having him work off his back where he can use his strength to get teams in foul trouble.

At times his decision making is school yard with his choice to take a three so early in the shot clock or attempt to dribble the ball across the halfway into a trap, then you see him widen his shoulders out and try to tackle dribble the ball to the cup (knocking people down as he goes along) – this usually results in a turnover. His TO’s, Minutes and Personal Fouls are up also.

Now to my least favourite Laker Pau Gasol – This kid does my head in more so than any other Laker, his nickname should be “Medic”, as I’ve never seen one guy on the court look so weak and soft, a person I compare him to is Samuel L Jackson in the movie Unbreakable.

Pau is having a horrible year and his trade value is down, this is due to his less than stellar production. I thought that when Dwight went out with that shoulder injury that Pau might try to step up and play the big man on campus role, but I was wrong.

It seems that this concussion magnet was content with his cherry picking, elbow jumpers then having to strap on a helmet and going to war every night.

Pau has to go people! the sooner the better and I believe that a bundle package with MWP may land some player of quality in return.

Pau’s stats are the worst of his career and his decision making, lack of speed and horrible timing makes him ready for the chopping board he appears lost on the court and the only positive aspect of his game at the moment are in his bigman to bigman passes.

Trades, I would look at everyone available at this point.

I would look at every team and every scouting report, but as I mentioned in previous blog’s and from what I’ve heard and read, there appears to be some kind of four team deal with Houston, Memphis and Phoenix in the works.

Where the Lakers might pick up Gay and this would see Gasol go to Phoenix and Artest end up at Memphis. It is common knowledge that Lakers management hate trading to other teams within the same conference, but I’d be looking at getting a younger and more dynamic team assembled as quickly as possible.

As always people let me know your thoughts?


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  1. dave permalink

    i think pau should be traded not because hes under performing but because the new coach doesnt know his ass from his elbow.

  2. Pau has to go – you can’t run Dwight and Pau together – Make Pau come off the bench with Metta – Maybe??? but we need young athletic scorers who have length and can play D on the perim.

  3. Frenchy permalink

    Hey Coach yesterday was a public holiday in the States so I only now got a chance to see your post. Why do you hate Pau so much?
    I think Pau and Met will be traded I heard of Memphis wanting to chop Gay and others but not sure when.

    • The guy looks f&#king incompetent in this system and as David mentions above he doesn’t fit with this new system. If you could some how cut his pay and keep him on the bench that would be awesome but he’s old and slow. (I’m just going to repeat myself again here).
      I think people need to not get there hearts in the way of there minds with him – yeah he gave us two championships but the only thing he gives us going forward is a heart attack.

  4. 187er permalink

    Unfortunately all the Laker fans forget 2 quick what he did for us and the kid can play look at the way he played for Spain. But I agree he does not fit in this clowns sorry I meant coaches system. Also the only problem that I got with GAY is I will not be able to Rock his jersey and its sad cause I got lots of Laker jerseys. How about you coach do you want me to hook you up with his jersey?

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