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January 22, 2013


With most teams completing thirty eight games this 2012-2013 season, I thought I would do something obscure and go for my current NBA first team based off the current NBA season games played.

This is surely going to spark a heated debate in the Comments field but, I feel like it’s the right time to get a heated argument going.

I always like selecting the Point Guard position first, because it’s my favourite place to play on the court and it allows me to build my team around the floor general.

So with my #1 selection of all PG’s playing in 2012-2013 season of the NBA I would have to pick Chris Paul.

Paul’s control and his vision is second to none, running the floor at any speed he controls the tempo and his awareness of where all his team mates are is the best I’ve seen since watching Magic Johnson as a kid.

A hefty mention needs to go out to Rondo whose is averaging 11.1 Assists per game this season. I do feel at times Rondo single handed carries the Celtics out of large ruts and for long stretches is there only reliable player on the floor, this is what I believe makes him standout more then other PG’s on my short list.

Other notables are Russell Westbrook, Jrue Holiday, Tony Parker, Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving.

The reason why I am not completely sold on Rondo, is mainly due to his willingness to give up a wide open shot just so he can get the assist, that alone is so extremely frustrating to watch.

Moving along, in the #1 Shooting Guard spot – I select Kobe Bryant (no surprises there) he gets the nod as he brings the scoring leader label with him at 29.6 Points per game.

He only narrowly surpasses Harden for me and thats because Harden is having a little bit of a shooting slump of late.

Personally, I need my Shooting Guard to be able to drop that contested three at will especially low in the shot clock and nobody does that better than Kobe.

Other notables for SG are D-Wade and Jo Johnson.

Now on to the Small Forward position, it was a one sided battle and I had to give it to Lebron James.

At 250 pounds or 113.4kg’s, the guy is a machine at anything he does. He’s scoring 27.6 PPG, with 0.8 BPG, 1.7 SPG, 7.0 APG, 8.1 RPG and FG% of 0.550.

He is crushing the league with his athleticism and dominance and you can’t really go past the current MVP’s ability to dunk on one end and then back track quick enough to block the opposing centre or PG on the other.

Other notables are Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony who is playing sharp of late and Paul Pierce.

For the #1 Power Forward spot I had to give it to Zach Randolph. Every game I’ve watched him play this season, I am just amazed at how easily he gets his shots to go with his back to the basket. He can’t be stopped and due to his strength, he is a match up nightmare for most teams.

I did like Duncan’s efforts this season and I probably would have gone with K-Love if he wasn’t injured, but I am only selecting from currently players available on the floor.

Oh, I almost forgot about Lee who is playing so reliably it would be a shame not to mention what he’s doing for Golden state, he’s one of those guys that gets 20 Pts and 10 Rebounds and you forget he’s even on the court.

The #1 centre in the NBA for me right now is Dwight Howard but, it’s only due to a lack of a better option. Brook Lopez looks all right – Noah, Verajao (injured) and Gasol are ok.

I guess I’m waiting to see how Andrew Bynum’s return to the 76ers will effect there results. I believe he is the missing link to getting the 76ers deeper into the playoffs then they’ve seen in the past 20 years.

So my ALL FIRST TEAM for the 2012-2013 are:-

PG Chris Paul (Clippers)
SG Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
SF Lebron James (Heat)
PF Zach Randolph (Knicks)
C Dwight Howard (Lakers)

My sixth man is split between Jamal Crawford and JR Smith as both are playing so efficiently and are keeping their respective teams together when the stars hit the bench.

Your thoughts – remember keep it to current players and no injuries…. Holler.


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  1. ThunderLover permalink


    • Ok so you like Durant (lol). Saying it 1000 times won’t make it real? – he’s also matched up against one of the greatest SMALL FORWARDS TO EVER PLAY THE GAME. So Durant unfortunately is 2nd. LOL…. LEBRON LEBRON LEBRON (lol)

  2. ThunderLover permalink

    If you forgot DURANT………………..DURANT

  3. ThunderLover permalink


  4. HAHAHA isn’t a player I’ve heard of before? – anyways (lol). And I bet you can tell who voted for Kobe as MVP 🙂

  5. martinlSK permalink

    all should be #1
    the whole spurs lineup they are the best.

    • I can tell you only watch one team play, that’s ok I’m the same with the lakers.

      • Thunderlover permalink

        Only need to watch one team thats the ThunderBOOOOM DURANT DURANT DURANT >>>>>>>> DURANT <<<<<<<<<

  6. Eeeehhh ok… lol… How about you get some facts and come back aside from typing his name 1000 times???? What an Idea!!!!

  7. dave permalink

    dwight doesnt deserve to be on that list let alone in the all star game

  8. dave permalink

    Duncan he plays more C then PF these days anyway.

    i dont mind zac being in there cause he is good and the reason why Griz are playing great. but dwight doesnt deserve any accolades this year.
    he has no heart, he gives up on his teams and his clubs. he might have decent stats but hes a major reason why his team is failing. and that doesnt deserve NBA 1st team status.

    hell i would rather have tyson chandler over dwight at the moment.

    at least you know chandler will play hard from whistle to whistle.

    • Eh, I picked Howard for Lack of a better choice – yeah … Chandlers OKKKKkkkkkk I guess… but I still feel he doesn’t have all the components. Lets see how Bynum comes along, hey???

  9. dave permalink

    you make no mention of cousins?

    i dont think bynum will make any noise this season.

    he’ll be average at best.

    it took his half a season for him to get game ready when he wasnt injured.

    but seriously dwight deserves no praise this season.

    he doesnt fit on the lakers and the quicker lakers fan join the rest of reality and realise that hes already giving up on the season the better.

    i would take lopez pekovic and monroe and cousins over dwight this season.

  10. Ok,
    I can tell by your thoughts that you ain’t been following very closely this season.

    Cousins is a child that the entire NBA and most of Sacramento hate with a passion and don’t want to have anything to deal with. On the court he doesn’t listen and some coaches call him untrainable. No one will nominate this guy for anything.

    Dwight is the only centre getting any digits in there.

    Lopez I give a thumbs up to but he’s slowly losing his touch and even though Brooklyn’s been winning recently Lopez isn’t producing like he was early.

    Pekovic went out injured last game when he took a tumble on a collision with Griffin I think it was. So i’m not sure about when he will come back. Monroe yeah he’s ok but he’s not getting any good numbers and also he’s playing for Detroit. If he were at Chicago or some bigger team and doing the same yeah ahhh maybe…. that’s why I was thinking Dwight is #1.

    He just played terribly against Chicago… i swear the Lakers don’t know how to score with the big men… they should all be fired. I would rip that team apart like portland…. Heads will be rolling after today. This can’t go on… they have no chemistry.

  11. 187er permalink

    I like your team Coach but you can’t go past KD son. he is the man if you have to piss Kobe off to have him in the team then i would and i am a Laker baby. ”YOU KNOW THIS MAN” as chris tucker says

  12. dave permalink

    lakers dont know how to score with one dimensional big men,

    Gasol did pretty well for them last couple years. and when he is play C and dwight is on the bench they look 10x better. ball movement is better.

    you cant say this is anyones fault but dwights.

    hes horrible.

    • Actually Gasol played very much to a below average and has been a little tougher of late, I think he’s only doing that to avoid get chopped. But it’s going to be too late shortly.

  13. dave permalink

    you talk about getting nominated?

    you really think dwight has been the golden boy?

    endeared himself to the Media?

    you are blind.

    • I don’t like what Dwight is doing this season I just don’t see anyone taking him out of the big man in the key spot. I just think most of the other big men in the league are under-performing I think that Duncan can plead a case and so could Perkins… Hibbert maybe??? but they are soft and don’t have his speed.

  14. dave permalink

    i see what you are saying with dwights stats.

    but stats start to be meaningless thou when they contribute nothing to wins. he could average 20 and 15 but if those stats add nothing to victories then they are hollow stats. when he has a game where he mentally checks out which is happening alot more recently.

    similar to K-love, puts up monster numbers but for what? a very one sided losing record. sure he puts up MVP type numbers but those stats do not resut in wins.

    there is alot more to a NBA super star then stats.

    setting that screen, running the lane with purpose, crashing the boards, boxing out, things which dont show up on a stats sheet that i think helps a team win games. (imo) so players like chandler, varajeo, bring more value then dwight.

    dwight is a princess. a premadona. he think he is entitled to be the man without earning it.

    you think he will stay happy on 9/10 shot attemps a game for rest of season if they keep losing?

    • I agree with what your saying but a 50% Howard with 9 to 10 touches still contributes alot more then any other big guy seriously… Most of the centres in the NBA are rubbish compared to the power that they once had… Olaj, Robinson, Ewing and Shaq. We have nothing like that quality. We have a 6 foot 11 softy that smiles when he bricks freethrows. I like the guys who are up and coming but at the moment we have really slim pickings.

  15. dave permalink

    The C is a dying position.

    the league plays small ball.

    • Agreed, I think the art of being a big man is fading in respect to a player that can cover multiple positions, hit his free throws and do the big man moves.

  16. dave permalink

    The league goes in phases, the C will return when small ball cant contain a new generation of dominate big men.

    its like a rollercoaster, at the moment the league is about strong versitile 2/3/4 men.

    i remember with kobe t-mac kobe vince iverson reggie miller, jerry stackhouse, ray allen, micheal finley, spreewell, even jason terry in atlanta, were dominating the league when it was all about scoring gaurds.

    now the 2 man posistion is probably second weakest behind the C posistion.

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