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January 29, 2013


A short blog today, I just wanted to give a quick synopsis of what I’ve seen from the Lakers.

It’s a long way to go to the eighth spot in the Western Conference – but, did we all love watching the last two Laker games; #1 Vs. Utah and then #2 Vs. OKC???

(I don’t care if you’re not a Lakers fan those two games they played were awesome).

As a diehard Laker fan, I had tears swelling up in my eyes, I was so proud and so happy it’s like someone (coach, owner or fans) finally managed to get the message through to Kobe and the rest of the team. They realised that a change in team strategy needed to occur if the team was planning on being a winning unit and making any kind of run for the play-offs.

What’s changed in these last two games?

1) Kobe didn’t take a 3 in both games (his 3P% has slipped to 0.352).

2) Kobe had 14APG (his APG average is 5.1 for this season) – that’s the most he’s assisted since 2002 against Washington, where he got 15. So two games back to back with 14 each means he’s getting everyone involved and they are scoring when they move the ball.

3) Kobe was 7-10 & 8-12 from the field, meaning he was selective and extremely efficient when he decided to pull the trigger.

4) Kobe had 9RPG (his RPG average is 5.0) – that’s the best back to back night he’s had since very early this season.

There were also other factors like:-

5) Gasol playing off the bench with a +/- stat of +25. Before these games he was averaging -3. Starting off the bench gives Gasol a softer defence to play against it also allows him to be a little fresher even though he’s still getting the same minutes.

6) Nash, Metta and Clark contributing like starters should with increased scoring efficiency and rebounding, this turnaround in performance is fantastic.

7) The Lakers beat two teams who have above .500 in the win column and who are in the same conference. One of those teams is the number 1 team in the conference and in the NBA.

What I saw straight from the tip-off verse the Jazz was, “Kobe Bryant brought a different style of game strategy” ( it’s the best and only way to describe what happened on the court. Kobe changed his launch from anywhere jump shot game, to a ‘pass to an open player’ distributor game. He was one short of a triple-double and killed the defense with unexpected movement off and on the ball. The Thunder and Jazz were frequently calling timeouts having to consider new rotations and assignments on the fly. This was to deal with the fact that leaving Kobe open might be the best option? Confusing I know!

Let me know your thoughts.


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  1. chrispaulcrossova permalink

    If I was kobe i’d fleeeee from this ship and escape to the Clips

  2. Yeah, I know it’s you Nick… typical CLippers Fan – poach all the best from the rest of the League!

    • chrispaulcrossova permalink

      It’s so true though the Lakers play so much more effectively when Kobe distributes the ball he doesn’t need to shoot for them to win.

      • He needs to score still – for them to win buddy… He just needs the rest of the team to score when he gets the ball and they are open. Let’s work with this setup for now and worry about other teams later.

  3. dave permalink

    I think its a bit soon to be praising the “New” kobe.

    • This change needed to come – something had to go – I was dying for them to move Gas to the bench and I am happy as larry that Kobe is moving the ball the sooner the better praise him for wanting to change… I think he needs confidence that what he’s doing now is the best for the team.

      • chrispaulcrossova permalink

        ya hes def a better player reminds me more of a lebron style as opposed to anything else.

      • dave permalink

        Do we really honestly think that after his 17 seasons in the NBA Kobe will change everything about his game overnight?

        i know the laker fans are getting desperate and holding onto any glimmer of hope but i think anyone would need to see more then 2 games to think change has occured.

        2 games on a whole season isnt really the sample size you need to be making “Kobe has changed” claims.

        hes played good for 2 games. if he does it for the next 30 games then you can say change has occured.

  4. HollywoodG@ng$ta permalink

    I’m all Hollywood and love Kobe takin all the shots keep shootin forget those chumps they’ll be gone by the end of the year.

    • You are kidding right? –
      I hope people like you never get into coaching a game of real ball ever. I like the fact that you are a spectator.

      • HollywoodG@ng$ta permalink

        Man I’m the best baller coach and everytin yall seen westcoast mafia posse smurf.

  5. I’m sure your mother will restrict your internet usage soon enough!!!! – also, how about buying a basketball and rocking up to your local court and trying to shoot a ball. Must be hard to be picked last at everything…. 🙂

  6. HollywoodG@ng$ta permalink

    I’ve got a 50 inch vert bitch!!!

    • What 50″ vert — off a trampoline??? lol… pffft… when you fall of the roof in your superman outfit. Nice one. (Please no swearing).

  7. Rondo's ACL permalink

    Kobe should have done this years ago, he would have won 7 MVP’s!!!!

    • I think if he could he would have – it’s not natural for him to play this way. I don’t think so – he’s a born scorer first – I think this is what Dave’s comments are getting at … but yes I see your point.

  8. Also, I read a stat that points to any team that has a crappy start to a season with the same stats as the Lakers that actually makes it into the 8th seed in the Playoffs – 100% of these teams actually get knocked out in the first round. Not sure about 7th or 6th spot – this was just for 8th.

    • NBL-TOm permalink

      You find everything, show me where?

      (As moderator I have removed swear words from your comments – this is your final warning).

  9. NBL-TOm permalink

    Where do you find out this stuff?

  10. 187er permalink

    As a die hard Laker fan I don’t see Kobe changing he is a hug and has always been. Give me 10 to 15 more games and will see if Kobe has changed

  11. spitz permalink

    NO WAY!!!!

  12. Branislav permalink

    First of all, teams will not double him (kobe) anymore and let him score one on one. Therefore, his assist number will come back to the original 5. Defensively, is where lakers have a problem, primarly with Steve Nash being 50 years old and not being able to defend a high school kid let alone chris paul, westbrook, rose etc.

    Another thing is the outside shooting (clutch outside shooting) is what has been lacking and will be a problem in the long haul. Bulls had Steve kerr, Miami last year had Battier…. that’s how games are won. You cant hope to win something, and rely on Earl Clark to make threes.

    Come on! Your blog needs some more depth and insight. Your opinions are all superficial, its like you have no basketball experience whatsoever.

    I am out like rondooooo.

    • This is my fav type of comment to respond to:-

      Branislav, (“I am out like rondoooo” funny comment to go with it must be a Bosnian black comedy thing:) )

      Cool, so your comment means, that you associate best with a gimp who has a torn ACL and has single handidly cost his Boston team to miss the playoffs due to injury.

      (I am not 100% sure that I got your point clearly, … but here we go)

      Every NBA team that currently is not the L.A. Lakers will double team Kobe when he penetrates the key. (EVERY TEAM).
      Now, it’s solely at Kobe’s discresion if he wants to:-

      (A) Shoot
      (B) Pass
      (C) Have a cup of coffee and discuss how poorly written your response was that I needed to re-write it to try and make sense of it all.

      So Kobe has realised (and it’s not for the first time in his career) that when he penetrates and shoots, if he’s shooting in the mid (.300) he is not being as effective as younger Kobe might be so of late a wide open Clark, Nash, Metta, Gasol, Morris, Meek, Duhon sheesh prolly even you would actually be a better choice.

      The problem with this mentality before is when Kobe dishes to open shooters, they weren’t hitting there shots…. When they miss:-

      (A) He has to carry more of the offense
      (B) He gets tired quicker
      (C) It makes him not trust his team mates
      (D) It makes the key players angry that they don’t see the ball
      (E) It Makes the coach frustrated that the ball isn’t going in the net

      Basically, makes the entire NBA universe look at you and think WTF is going on!!!

      What Kobe Bryant is doing differently (in the last three games that has never happened before) is that players around him have an understanding that he isn’t going to shoot every possession, so they aren’t looking up at the ring when he shoots. They are moving to an open position waiting for defense to bite and then he has a wide variety of highly capable open jump shooters who are expecting a pass, they get to catch and shoot in rythm.

      Kobe, will buy into this pass first mentality as long as it doesn’t mean the Lakers miss the Playoffs – if you don’t believe so, then I think you don’t understand how competitive he really is. If he wanted to get 30-40pts a night he would (will), it’s that simple, but it doesn’t mean his team wins (which is the whole problem they’ve been having). Kobe will be averaging 9+ assists a night going forward and only on nights where his team shoots at .300 from the field will he step up and take on the whole offense himself. That is what this team is about now and it’s why D’Antoni has benched Gasol (something I predicted would happen two months before, if you read back on my blog’s).

      When you say Clutch outside shooting what statistic are you basing this on? This is your observation right??? What game has the clutch outside shooting brought the demise of the team and not the team playing to it’s potential earlier in the game – give me a date and i’ll watch it???? (You have no idea what basketball is about or what the Lakers have been doing right???) – I bet you got your first taste of the NBA when you pointed your satelite towards Kosovo and now think you are an expert – Clutch shooters — who is better at shooting in the Clutch then Nash? Kobe?

      Superficial means lacking substance – thus, the only thing superficial is your comment.

  13. LAkersCliq permalink

    ahhahaha Coach ya a killer
    bet ya Bran never seen or played a live game of anything except for toss the landmine.

  14. #1pik permalink

    School’d him coach

  15. I feel like if I don’t bring the heat who will. Branislav is a typical fan watching 1 or 2 and some of the playoffs (makes him an expert). I bet he thinks that purely watching will give him all the knowledge he needs. You need to get up and actually play, you need to understand what it’s like to be in a shooting slump or going from a winning career to a losing one. Sometimes the stuff on here really makes me laugh 🙂

    I like people who bring every dimension to the table….

  16. Branislav permalink

    @sports coach… “D’Antoni has benched Gasol (something I predicted would happen two months before, if you read back on my blog’s). .” Bench Gasol? this is a guy that had 24 pts, 7asst, 8 rbs against the usa team at the olympics few months ago in the finals. The second best usa team of all time! Bench gasol? u must be on crack! If anyobody can kill a players confidence thats a wrong coach…a coach like you. a coach like mike d antoni. the onlz rreal problem lakers have is d antoni and nash , if u dont see this then i dont know what we talking aobut here. THHE COACH HAS SPOKEN .LMAO

  17. There is so much I want to write about in response to you: – (but what’s the point you don’t want to learn about the game you want to bark your view and criticize facts).

    I can tell you are one of those people that love’s to hear the sound of their own voice.

    So think about this and answer truthfully: –

    (I’m talking about winning being #1 and doing what needs to get done right now, you are reflecting on what happened in the past and glory of winning silver??? Lol, ok endearing but that has sweet FA to do with the NBA right now.
    Has Gasol produced 24pts, 7asts, 8 Rbs in the NBA this season if so (how many games this season)?
    What is his Shooting % this season?
    What is his efficiency rating %?
    Why is he unable to get the same rebounds he did?
    What are his stats like when Dwight is not on the floor?
    “Coach kills a player’s confidence…”

    He killed his own confidence when he shoots 2 from 14 and elects (CHOOSES TO SHOOT JUMPSHOTS FROM THE PERIMETER) rather than take the ball into the key. He was coached by Brown for four games how did he play in those four games when he had the chance to show himself in season openers?
    D’Antoni style of giving him starter’s minutes coming off the bench is exactly what needs to be done. He doesn’t play well alongside Howard, fact I would keep Howard over Gasol every day of the week if I had to choose or I would have him back up for Howard when he leaves the floor.

    Nash is a problem but the entire teams interior defence is a problem – but you are preaching to the choir on that one.
    If you don’t agree with me follow Steve Kerr’s input post game analysis or Bruce Bowen’s Podcast.
    Also read the analysts from ESPN and NBA writer Sekou Smith.

    25 years Basketball Experience (20 as a player 10 as a coach 5 as a analyst.

  18. branis permalink

    “He proved to the league he is one of the best,” Rubio said. “He can pass. He can shoot. He can rebound. He can do a lot of things. I think if you use him in the right way he is a top player in this league. If they don’t want him, we are more than welcome to get him….”It’s been the last two years that it seems like they don’t want him, but actually they need him,” Rubio said. “He’s a great player. He can do a lot of things and he had some issues with the knees, too. It’s been a lot of years without resting for him. But he’s a veteran. He knows how to play”….Little man Rubio explained everything just a few hours after my comments. (and i didnt tell him to say this:)))))A wrong coach (coaches) can kill your confidence..mess up your head and then your shooting percentage goes down, efficiency and everything else u mentioned. Put gasol on the right team with the right coach that will help him u got ur self one of the dominant centers in the league. And I dont know what the fuss about dwight is. It seems to me the players on lakers are given credit (and playing time )for their success in the past. Dwight is playing at 60%, nash is like a pylon on defense(Calderon had a career night against him) . Calderon! I dont need to follow steve kerr post game analysis and bring those comments to this blog here. I have thoughts of my own on this matter. and u r right on one thing. I dont follow the league as much as I used to. However watching a few games is just enough for me to get the picture and see what the problem is… I went on for too long. Solution: somehow limit Nash’s minutes and try and bring a more athletic point guard. Try and bring raja bell and kenyon martin to this team. and please somehow find a way to change D antoni. This is the man that coached the knicks last season and QUIT ON them in the middle of the season, talk about his character. This man doesnt know what he is doing. If they cant do it for me, then they have to do it for the game. They are killing it, killing everything the lakers have been about for the past 20 years.

    p.s. d antoni style? what is his style? i am trying to figure it out? I BET U IF U GOTHERED THESE LAKER PLAYERS BEFORE THE SEASON AND TOLD THEM “GUYS U HAVE 82 GAMES TO PLAY AND U WILL NOT HAVE A COACH FOR THIS SEASON” their record riight now would be 28/18 and not 20-26. Such a waste!

  19. Branis permalink

    (You have no idea what basketball is about or what the Lakers have been doing right???) – I bet you got your first taste of the NBA when you pointed your satelite towards Kosovo and now think you are an expert – Clutch shooters — who is better at shooting in the Clutch then Nash? Kobe?

    Superficial means lacking substance – thus, the only thing superficial is your the coach has spoken!:))))lmao keep on following steve kerrs comments coach, maybe you learn something. haha

    • Yeah, you mud farming chump.
      I’ll be writing a new Blog up today/tomorrow let’s see if you have any good information to respond with.
      You watch the Lakers win Saturday????

  20. Branislav permalink

    Lakers are nice, if only they could get rid of nash and dantoni they would be even nicer:))) i am waiting for the next blog,, hit me up;)

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