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February 5, 2013


I’ve been emailed a lot about which NBA teams did I think are currently playing the best? and also, what are the positives and negatives of these leading teams? So, to be fair, I’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible… (Yes people, that means no Lakers talk for this post).

(Spurs) (38W-11L) (10-0)

(Plus): The Spurs when they move the ball quickly looking for that extra pass and play off Parker through Duncan they have shown that they are virtually unstoppable.

(Minus): Everyone from the Spurs management, Popvich and the players has commented that the health of the team is there only real concern. There biggest test will come having to play the next 9 games on a shortened timetable with little rest for the All-Star Weekend in between.

Nuggets (30W-18L) (8-2)

(Plus): The Nuggets speed and bench have been nothing short of awesome and at this moment in time, I feel they are the only team that could compete with the Spurs in a seven game series (I wouldn’t say they could win it, but they’d definitely compete). Andre Miller is the key to the bench being so productive and Gallinari has been making really tough shots scoring at 20+ppg.

(Minus): Commentators and opposing coaches have stated that the lack of a go-to superstar will prevent this team from succeeding in these playoffs. I feel it’s the fact that when they aren’t pushing the ball on offense they look a little lost. They are successful at home (in altitude) but how will they play on the road? The next 10 games will let us see.

Heat (30W-14L) (7-3)

(Plus): They have James, Wade & Bosh who generally seem to work so well together you forget other players are even on this team. The benches depth with Lewis, Allen & Miller (who are all proven scorers and playing up to expectations) have been critical for the Heat escaping some narrow losses. They have no fear in playing small against big line-ups and are a match up nightmare for most teams. They are the second best scoring unit in the NBA with an Offensive rating of 109.1.

(Minus): The Heat is now 0-5 vs the Knicks, Pacers & Bulls this season and these teams are scoring on them with ease (they are eleventh in the NBA in defence) and I don’t think Anderson is bringing the same passion he had in Denver to block-up the middle. I would like to see how they play the next ten of their away games, as they are 5-5 of the last ten on the road.

Knicks (30W-15L) (7-3)

(Plus): They have a very healthy Mello, Stoudamire and Chandler, the fact that Stoud is playing so well with glimpses of his athleticism and dominance in the paint is such a blessing for this unit. There second unit is efficient and play with enthusiasm this is especially the case when you watch Smith who should be a finalist for the sixth man of the year.

(Minus): This team has some woeful perimeter defence and at times you feel like they aren’t a good matchup for a younger more athletic team, the best examples of this were the two Houston beat downs they copped.

Thunder (35W-12L) (6-4)

(Plus): Durant is the most efficient he’s ever been and the team works so well offensively, you just can’t wait to see what they come up with next when they run the floor. The team’s interior defence has improved and they are getting more rebounds at a better rate.

(Minus): Westbrook is slumping offensively and has shown to be extremely inefficient, this was evident when he was cooked in that unbelievable game vs Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving. The Thunder showed what happens when you get tired on defence and fail to close down on your defensive assignments. It’s not often the Thunder don’t have the best PG on the floor and it was amazing to see Westbrook out paced.

Warrirors (30W-17L) (7-3)

(Plus): This team is invincible when they move the ball quickly to a set for shooting Thompson or Curry (They are both two of the most efficient scorers in the league). Their movement and passing to both wings on any given set gives them an advantage as they spread the court so well and have so many offensive options. Getting Bogut back from Injury and Lee being a double-double machine means this team is playing with some of the best confidence in the league. I am really curious to see how they’d go against a fully fit Spurs or Heat unit.

(Minus): When the key scorers aren’t producing at a high rate this team looks like they get overwhelmed and decision making becomes a problem, this then leads to the Warriors collapsing defensively (it’s odd but true have a look at there FG% when when it’s under .400 vs points allowed. I have seen several games where it was apparent that the Warrior’s just live too much behind jump shots and have no intent on attacking the basket. I really hope Bogut can help them change this as they are really exciting to watch when in full flight.

Bulls (29W-18L) (7-3)

(Plus): This team’s ability to win on the road (7-3) and it’s being done without Rose????

It’s just mind boggling to think how good they could be if Rose was back and healthy. It’s a testament to their defence, which is one of the best in the NBA. They should also thank Robinson who has been a leader from the PG/SG position and playing efficient basketball. He’s been doing so well, that the league recognised his efforts and granted him player of the week honours, for his output over the last three games.

(Minus): Rose still not being back and the Bulls next five games are against the Celtics, Jazz, Nuggets, Pacers and Spurs. Four of those games are on the road and not many teams have a good history playing .500+ teams on the road back to back.

Let me know your thoughts?


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  1. Glayton permalink

    Go gangster go the Bulls, I can’t wait for Drose to get back and rip on all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I can’t wait for that either. I still can’t believe how good they play without him. It’s such a shame.

  2. NicksKnicks permalink

    Just a rumour but I hear Knicks are going after Iverson.

  3. FelstonChucks permalink

    Iverson, he would kills the starting unit. not bad as a backup tho.

  4. Branislav permalink

    Iverson couldnt play in Europe let alone NBA, he is done. It all comes down to the playoffs. Who can perform under pressure. I personally believe that we will watch Indiana Miami in the East (also like New York). Oklahoma vs. Clipers in the West . If Clippers could somehow get Garnett we could be watchin Clippers Miami finals. That would be awesome:) Lates

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