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February 18, 2013


I’m one of those NBA fans that each and every year the All-Star break comes around, I get excited and wait eagerly with anticipation to catch a glimpse of the next up an coming Jordan or Carter dunk or to see the next up and coming Bird or Peja three point winner. Even though Irving and Ross did well, the rest of the events and participants have been in my opinion boring and if anything completely disappointing and it’s made me think about how they could improve this event to at least make it more exciting for the fans to watch.

(Oh yeah, the coach has thought it through – now picture this!)

(*) To avoid watching people miss-dunk for 10mins and create a boring atmosphere full of disappointment, each team should supply one person to participate in the Slam-Dunk Comp and that person participating should provide a video of that one completed team winning dunk.

Each team‘s contestants should be announced exactly one month prior to the All Star weekend via online or via NBA Action – also at this time a live vote-line should be established.

The top two vote getters are announced at the All-Star game (Day 1) and on (Day 2) all the videos of the dunks that were submitted and some that failed are shown so people see what went into it, the effort and commitment by the players.

The two winners are pulled aside on (Day 2) and asked to complete one more dunk each that will be shown at the half time intermission on (Day 3). Also on (Day2) an open court Jam session is setup for all 29 contestants to just dunk in a relaxed competition free environment where we get to see people dunk and attempt dunks etc.

(Day 3) at the half time intermission to the main All-Star game we play the two winning dunks by video and the players from the All-Star game vote on this by show of hands or by those point charts as to the winning dunk.

(How cool would that be?)

We all love the notion of the best three-point shooter but, I think we should change that title to encompass just, ‘the best shooter in the NBA’ and here is my re-vamp for the three point comp.

(*) Again all teams hold an in-house shooting competition, where each player from each NBA team is asked to shoot from eight spots marked out on the floor. Five of the spots are the regular three-point comp shooting positions and the remaining three are from the free throw line and elbow positions.

The contestants are asked to take ten shots from each spot on the floor and the best result by an individual from each team is put forth by video to the website. On (Day 1) the best five contestants are shown at the intermission to the Rookie game and they will compete at a shootout on (Day 2).

(Day 2) has videos of some of the best and worst shooters displayed and funny moments prepared in a montage. The players from All-Star game have their videos shown and the best shooter from both East & West teams will get to donate money to their favourite charity.

A statistic breakdown of the team with the best shooting percentage will be announced and they too get to donate money to their favourite team’s charity.

The best two shooters from the five have a show down at the end of (Day 2) from the eight spots on the floor with the winner on the night crowned best shooter of the NBA. The two shooters will also have two magic spots on the court marked out – these could be at the halfway or it could be right under the ring (these positions could be voted on by the fans) the player that makes shots from this spot will receive additional bonus points.

I feel in having each player compete in this format will allow for the best shooter to reach the final and this will spark way more interest and allow for the public to get involved.

These are my suggestions for how the NBA could shake it up – What are your thoughts?


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  1. dave permalink

    i think the only way to make the actual NBA All-star game watchable is to adopt a similar approach to the Major League Baseball. Winner of the game then secures home court advantage going into the NBA final series. If playing hard and getting the win in the All star game means home court come finals time i think the game will actually have meaning and players wont just see it as a photo opp.

    can you imagine the competitiveness and intensity these players would show knowing they are actually playing for something that is very very very valuable.

    i also think going outside the box in regards to 3pt and dunk contest would mean teams and players would put best foot forward.

    something outrageouse as:
    winner of dunk contest gets additional first round pick at end of first round.
    same as 3pt contest.

    adding substantial prize money to dunk and 3pt contest.

    like 1 mil for first prize. i think that would draw out the big names once again.

    they need to do something.

    i read the attendance for shaq v barkley game was horrible. cause no one cares. the fans feel detached because games have become such a low level.

    i know my ideas are far fetched but something needs to be done to get the allstar weekend relevant again.

    • Valid points… I watched it all and had a yawn party… the rookie was alright but it was irritating seeing these guys play no defence… i want them to foul each other hard… Farid was the only guy pushing the pace.

  2. FlashMoney permalink

    Interesting, good to hear you again coach.
    dave you have a point but i think coach is on the money with getting all the teams involved once you have that and all the players pushing each other to compete you will get the big guns in!

    • Hey Flash been a while!!!!
      Heard you went to the Rookie game – Nice…
      I bet it was still cool… I haven’t heard to many people complain from actually seeing it live…
      I’ll catch you boys at ball on Thursday night… You back from US tomorrow, right?
      Yes, I have been injured…. should be a good run.

      • FlashMoney permalink

        For soor kid I got tha authentic Jo Johnson black n white
        I heard you got hurt neways good to hear you back
        see you soon

  3. bigger permalink

    I need more dunks and less misses in the warms up and actual dunk comp this is killing me get lebron to show down with Kobes and Dwad and Griffin at all of it the dunk comp 3 point and skills challenge then we see whose the best all rounder agreed?

    • bigger permalink

      Get the rooks to vs the legends that’d be better.

      • Yeah good idea – that’s a valid point…
        imagine people wanting to see barkley shaq jordan robinson and mugsy vs the rooks that would be sick… ahhahah i’d love it.

  4. Sammy permalink


  5. firestarter permalink

    I hate Lebron wearing sunnys by the court the guy can’t see to shoot freethrows during the day how can he wear sunnys at night the guy is a full retard hate watching him play with his fat old head. love hearing barkley say that he looks younger the longer hes been in the nba, i hate lebron go Kobe.

    • Ok stick to the point – you hate Lebron but what about the All-star game??? lol I bet you aren’t the best dresser on earth – i bet you are the best dressed at the basketball court/?? brooohahahah

      • firestarter permalink

        he fucks with my patience that 50 year old faced thinkin he’s all that
        i read your other blogs he does travel all the time he is so annoying
        I have an idea for what they can change how about bring in refs for the 2014 all star game that call travells? hahahah

  6. No swearing “Firestarter” yeah that would be funny calling travels in an All-Star game!

  7. paul permalink

    even the rooks got bored in the last 5 min.. they were just standing around waiting for game over so they could go sht faced at the local wild west titty bar…

    they only interesting part was the duel between uncle drew and knight ..

    maybe they should have a one on one challenge to see who has best handle.

  8. I would pay good money to watch them do that… A one on one Allstar smash n grab… or a game of horse.

  9. spitz permalink

    kobe shutdown on Lebron loved it
    all da gees from cali loved it
    smoked that florida puss

    • I think Kobe ended up taking it a little more seriously then Lebron… Kobe wasn’t looking to score but he did get two clean blocks on Lebron.

  10. I am Dwights Muscle Memory permalink

    I believe the NBA would be better suited to replace the Dunk Comp all together and insert those two fruity guys in spandex with their foot in a crotch summersault routine that was aired during the intermission.
    Much more entertaining than watching players I’ve never even heard of miss every dunk attempt …

  11. BallerzParadise permalink

    King Lebron ain’t shit Lebron
    big ups to cpt spandex

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