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March 11, 2013


What a tremendously entertaining run by my beloved LA Lakers team to get back into the eighth seed in the Western Conference!!!!

The NBA fans from around the world have seen the latest resurgence of form by the LA Lakers, as they hunt for an eighth seed or better position for the Western Conference NBA playoffs.

This resurgence of form I believe all started with a twenty five point comeback victory over the New Orleans Hornets, who will soon be rebranded to the new name of the ‘New Orleans Pelicans’, (what an absolutely terrible name) but losing a twenty five point lead I’d change my name also.

Next, we witnessed one of the most entertaining games of the season when the Lakers had another comeback win, this time in ‘overtime’ against the Toronto Raptors. (Raptors fans must seriously hate the Lakers especially since that night in 2006 when Kobe made it rain eighty one times) so mean, so very mean.

Tonight the ‘Rose-less’ Chicago Bulls was hit by a nine point haymaker as the Lakers led by Howard (who grabbed 26 rebounds) provided a domination on both ends of the floor that gave the Lakers a +3 game swing and the eighth spot in the west.

What does this all mean?

The Lakers have a chance at the Playoffs baby and they can potentially eye that 6th spot for a chance to face Memphis in the first round!!!!

As always let me know your thoughts people.


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  1. Pelican’s pfffffttt… lol

  2. BallerzParadise permalink

    Kill me Coach ya str8t up kill me

  3. Mickey permalink

    oh yeah
    we getting the 6th seed oy
    come play on Thursday in Cronulla.
    We need a small f.

    • Hey Mick, I would come out to Cronulla but whilst I’m taking my shot someones stealing my wheels. 🙂 Remember Tim’s Evo on Yellow Pages 🙂 ahhahahahahahahhaha Golden moments.
      Lakers will get 7th but i don’t think they want the Thunder in the first round.

      • Mickey permalink

        OMG completely forgot
        You should come train with us though
        I heard about Steve let him know congrats on getting the contract bro
        Yeah Thunder is terrible

  4. Mickey permalink

    “Kobe made it rain for 81” LOL

  5. Mickey permalink

    no problems with ankles so can jam still
    my yngr bro is heading to Uconn next year.

    • I heard about it – what’s he doing at Uconn? they need a Janitor??? they could hire someone from Mexico??? lol

      • Mickey permalink

        Backup point
        he’s got skillz no joke
        comn thurz youll see
        hell i bet he gets you to 11

  6. Interesting…. I’ll have to catchup soon …
    Go the Monetengrin triangle offence 🙂

  7. Tom Finch permalink

    Thunder will beat the Heat in Game 6!
    No one can beat the Thunder in 7, no 1.

  8. RIckleshnadles permalink

    the same as no1stops Kobe
    Laker love all day
    from east to west of the bay

  9. Snowman permalink

    Kobe has the pure and1 power!

  10. fantoms_logic permalink

    You can’t be serious that there is anyone in the NBA that has any kind of skillset that is even close to Lebrons. I think that if you are to watch the Miami Heat play any game then you know that they will be the perfect machine for winning back to back championships. Not one single team in the East is strong enough to beat them in 7 not one team in the west is prepared enough to play them and can match up well. The Thunder are about 6 steps behind. I see it constantly when they play, the Thunder should never have lost Harden he was the even flow on that team that could get them to a title. He is worth 6 Kevin Martins.
    Thunder are so dumb.

    • Ok,
      I see we have Miami love in the house – lets breakdown a simple stat – the Indiana Pacers … with exception of the most recent loss in Miami (yesterday). The Pacers were able to handle the Heat twice with a 12 point differential in both games. David West cannot be marked in the paint by Lebron or Bosh and the height of Hibbert is difficult for the Heat to compete with. Note: – the Pacers with exception of yesterdays game where they came out flatfooted were actually leading the NBA in Defence % and rebounds. This stat initself means nothing but against the Heat it means second chance points. Which the Pacers didn’t get too many of. I think this will be an awesome battle deep in the finals especially if Granger Hill and George are firing with West in the block next to Hibbert. Good luck to Miami if they can beat em.

  11. sIm0n permalink

    Everything will be easier for the Lakers once the rotation is setup to push the offence and back track better on defense. You can’t win games even with some of those misses and lapses in defense.

    • SIm,
      You win a star couldn’t agree more. Except for the fact that they have been winning with the lapses in Defense – I can’t explain it but they seem to get better as the game goes along. But they run themselves to the bone in doing so. It reminds me of that Playoffs against dallas a few years back when they just looked spent on everything it’s cause they worked so hard to catchup that they had nothing left. They weren’t and still aren’t prepared for the youth the NBA has to offer. If the game was slowed down the Lakers would be repeated champions of the world. LoL & If.

      • sIm0n permalink

        LOL!!!! yo we see the same point….

  12. Talent_Scout93 permalink

    Kobe’s playing better than his career average it appears that he’s reinvented himself to be an allrounder. SOmething we all didn’t think that he had. Aweosome work by mamba24.

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