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Hi NBA World! (THE 2013 MVP)

March 20, 2013


The hottest topic I have found myself debating in recent weeks is, “who will be the MVP for 2013?”.

Today, all the readers are going to find out my own MVP top 10 list, NOTE:- this is based on the current season played and current rosters.

I will do my best to be impartial and yes, that means that Kobe isn’t a lock for the overall honour.

(How do I work out what an MVP is?) In my opinion the Most Valuable Player, is the one person that if removed from the line-up the team will cease to function (and by function I mean WIN).

So here we go: –

Pick Number – 10 – Marc Gasol (I describe to people that Marc is the Memphis Grizzlies with him in the line-up and healthy the Grizz seem to keep most teams to season lows, every time I watch him he moves so well off the ball that it’s everything he does that makes him my #10).

Pick Number – 9 – Carmelo Anthony (I see him as the most elite scorer in the NBA on par with Kobe and Durant. I just wish he had a better defensive team around him in Denver when he was younger to assist him to develop more crucial skills especially his perimeter defence !!! but still he is unstoppable offensively and one of the best in the East and has carried that Knicks team to one of the best starts they’ve had in years. Injuries and the losing stints that come with it have made me move him down the list).

Pick Number – 8 – Steph Curry (I rate him a touch better than the previous few names because his team is so young and he’s a born leader that dominates the attention of the defence, when he is out with injury Golden State has no hope, I do have issues with his shot selection and not getting the max out of his team mates considering he’s playing a PG/SG role, but you’ve got to love his 54 point game at MSG).

Pick Number – 7 – Paul Pierce (I hate Pierce and his Boston team but there is no denying what he brings each and every game to the Celtics with his spot up jay and his movement off the ball. I would have inserted Rondo higher in the list but due to injury it’s been Pierce that has picked up the slack and the way he leads Bradley, Green, Garnett and Terry has been really impressive).

Pick Number – 6 – Ty Lawson (Watch a nuggets game if you don’t why this guy is my #6 – this kid is an animal on the break and he gets that whole Nuggets team moving for the entire time he’s out on the floor. The Nuggets are not even close to the same team when he’s not there but they still can survive hence, why I didn’t move Ty higher than the 6th spot also).

Pick Number – 5 – Kevin Durant (If Kevin Durant doesn’t suit up then OKC can only beat Detroit, Charlotte and Phoenix on a consistent basis – yes I know, that’s a really big statement but they rely so much on him and this kid delivers every night on the floor. I do have one issue with OKC and Durant, I feel that Westbrook is gradually taking more of the reigns from KD and in doing so the team isn’t as productive as when he controls the ball and gets good touches).

Pick Number – 4 – Kobe Bryant ( I would have put Kobe at #1 if the guys team would win more, the only reason the games are even close or watchable at times (YEAH I SAID IT) is because he puts more effort into competing then the entire Lakers team).

Pick Number – 3 – Lebron James (The guy is good not great just good – he couldn’t do it without Wade or Bosh). Hence, this is why he isn’t #1 on this list and a 23 game winning streak means nothing when it only gets you tied with Spurs for the overall best record in the NBA. Excuse the pun but they are heating up.

Pick Number – 2 – Tony Parker (If the Spurs didn’t dominate a few games recently with Parker out due to injury, then I would have kept Parker at the #1 spot. I guess I have to give credit to Popovich’s for his coaching and keeping the spurs ahead of everyone. NOTE: – I found out that Popovich’s of Serbian background.
And my pick for the 2013 MVP – and the overall #1 spot in the NBA is, Chris Paul.

When Chris Paul is on the court the Clippers are the fastest and most elite team in the NBA. This season when he got injured the slump that ensued was impossible to watch. I can’t accept anyone saying that Lebron deserves #1 as Miami and the rest of the heat are able to still function and possibly win even without Lebron in uniform but the Clips have seriously no hope. You can’t replace what he does and you can’t teach it to someone else.

Paul’s nickname should be “Control King” he runs every set so perfectly and his attention to detail is impeccable his vision is Johnson-esk and his speed and movement is up there with Rose, Wall, Rondo and Westbrook. He has the clutch shooting down of Kobe and I believe that he will be at a new level come to the playoffs.

I do hope that the LA V LA thing doesn’t happen in the first round of the playoffs but in one of the later rounds because Kobe just has a habit of finding that next level so easy also and watching them go head to head would incredible.

As always drop me your top 10 or what you believe I got wrong in the comments… Love to hear from you.


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  1. RocketShawn permalink

    Houston Harden you forgot him.

  2. You are right he is forgettable!!!!! – Harden MVP – of what ?? best lowest 3% percentage of all NBA leading scorers!!! Best ability to single handedly fall asleep on defense!!! Best ability to keep the 7th spot locked up in the West. The Rockets can manage without him in the lineup. I think he might make it in next time only if the Rockets def lock in that spot for the playoffs.

  3. Tim permalink

    Yeah the rockets Inidana Hill
    Wade Bosh? Irvin? Westbrook?

  4. Not overlooked just not as key as the other people that I have selected.

  5. Flip permalink

    Weza all dis rocket fans wen d game is on?
    dey cant even get a full fan bass

    • Gold – good to see you bothered to spell check your stuff Flip.
      Your not named after Bernie Mac’s role in Above the rim, are you?

  6. Bryant24 permalink

    KB is the only one who has moved into an elite place in the NBA.
    When he isn’t playing the entire NBA deflates.
    It will be a huge gap when he’s gone.

  7. Stuart permalink

    Rondo, Rose, Westbrook & Harden need to be mentioned!

    • Buddy two of those are injured for the remainder of the season (1) is the most selfish player in history and the last hasn’t proved anything??? what has Harden done??? name it…

  8. Sharkes permalink

    Coach you kill me each time hahahahaha love it.

  9. dave permalink

    I cant get my hear around the lebron “(The guy is good not great just good – he couldn’t do it without Wade or Bosh). ” do you not remember 04/05 when kobe lost shaq and his team went 34-48 and missed playoffs then got bounced first round by suns next 2 years and it wasnt untill they got Pau gasol till they made their way up the ladder?

    i think every player needs a solid supporting cast.

    jordan had pippen rodman
    shaq had kobe
    kobe had pau
    duncan had parker ginobli
    billups had hamilton prince.
    lebron had wade and bosh.
    nowitzki had chandler and kidd

    i think its a rubbish statement to say he couldnt do it without his supporting cast when NO player can do it without his supporting cast.

    kobe have proven it more then anyone that u need a strong supporting cast.

    least lebron has taken his team to the NBA finals when he was the only star player on his roster. cant say the same for kobe.

  10. You can’t compare apples and oranges and I never said that Kobe was an MVP for those years. But take Lebron away from the lineup and Miami will still win games. Take Kobe out of the Lakers lineup and they will sink. The supporting cast is a common argument but follow the point here.

  11. dave permalink

    i am following on of the points you made, and i would think you would make valid arguments to back it up.

    your statement was not that the heat would continue to win without lebron.

    your statement was lebron couldnt do it on his own.

    two completely different points

    i state points about lebron being able to do it on his own, his past has shown it.

    show me a unbiased laker fan who accepts lebron amazing ability and what he does and i will show you a gold unicorn.

  12. No it’s all in reference to the topic. There is no detraction and the point stays that Lebron couldn’t do it on his own and he needs Wade. Without Wade there is no Lebron championship. Also Lebron had Verajao and William who were both elite at the time.

  13. dave permalink

    without Shaq, gasol, bynumm, fisher, MWP kobe has no championships

    when lebron made it to the NBA finals he did not have Mo williams

    and Verjao averaged 6.8 points and 6.7 rebounds per game for the season. far from elite.

    he best side kick was a over the hill larry huges who avered just over 14pts a game?

  14. Talent_Scout93 permalink

    Lebron is nothing in comparison to Kobe
    Actually he is only one fifth of Kobe
    this season they are pretty close as Kobe has shown more to his game and lead the lakers more so then Lebron with Wade.
    So I get your argument
    People love putting Kobe down but he is on par with the best this season he is playing out of his skin so is lebron but lebron is maxxing his skills Kobe is old and keeping up with him

  15. Kobe has changed his game to make his team better – his team relies on him more then the Heat rely on Lebron. Easy fact to see and watch. Lebron can sit and the game is still a blowout. Lakers haven’t had a blowout with Kobe sitting at any time.

    Kobe was more of an MVP the season then Nash… but, Nash was worth more to his team then Kobe was. That’s the point of this. Kobe is worth more then Lebron but they value Lebron more so they’ll give him the award.

  16. dave permalink

    im not saying kobe doesnt deserve any awards or praise that he has received and i def think he should be in top 4 in MVP votes. that was never in question.

    once again you are going back to the heat can without Lebron when that was not your original argument. i understand if u want to change that argument cause i agree on that front.

    but in saying Lebron cant do it on his own and that takes away from his MVP consideration is moronic.

    he has proved many times he can carry a weak team.

    when wade was out last year they were winning more games then when wade was healthy early in the year.

    i would rather a star who averages 27 8 and 8 on a great team that wins then a star that averages 27 8 and 8 on a shit team that loses.

    and thats what lebron is doing.

    clear cut favorite for MVP.

    no one will come close. and thats because the people who vote know exactly what he brings.

    in your argument about nash i agree.

  17. I agree and disagree with what you’re saying, I see your point but I’m not backing off.
    I think the Heat survive without Lebron. They won’t streak but they make the playoffs for sure.
    That’s because the East is a lame conference. I think the wins they’ve got are off teams that are playing sub-par at present especially today against the Bobcats they are commenting that Lebron is a god and a great athlete but the Heat would still crush the Bobcats even without Lebron – so what is an MVP then?

    Someone who is a god like or someone who is unreplacable to a lineup.

  18. dave permalink

    do you not think if Kobe was injured for a period of time and nash got to play his true style and gasol and howarde got to play their games without kobe hogging the ball that the lakers wouldnt win? of course they would.

    Lebron has the second highest PER of all time this season. Behing only JORDAN and he is doing it on a stacked team.

    thats why he is a MVP. His play proves it, his states prove it, and his teams record proves it.

    he has won East player of the month award every month this season.

    and once again you original argument wasnt that the heat survive without lebron.

    your argument was lebron couldnt do it on his own.

    this whole time i have been argumenting YOUR point in the blog that Lebron can and has done it on his own. and u have been argumenting something else, something i said i agree to. but NOT your original argument in your article.

    to many teams make the playoffs anyway.
    having half the teams in the leage make the playoffs is a money grab.

    more playoff games more revenue.

    IMO 6 team from east and west should make playoffs.

    would make for a more competitive season and playoffs

  19. dave permalink

    And wade didnt play today.

    so lebron had 32 pts 8rbs 10asst 3blk 3stl in 34 mins while shooting only 14 shots.

    break that down and tell me why he isnt the top MVP candidate

    • Take Lebron out of the line up…
      They can still succeed without him. That is the only focal point required here.

  20. dave permalink

    Yes they win enough reg season games to get in into playoffs, do they win NBA champ without lebron?? no.

    you need to widen your gaze.

    Do heat beat OKC in NBA finals without lebron last year? no.

    every year kobe fails to win a championship but make the playoffs do u think he sees it as a success. he would see that as a complete failure.

    i think you have a very warped view of success.

    • Yeah but see this is where you are mistaken – This is why the MVP, is only counted for the regular season and they have a separate award for the finals. I am classifying this season the Heat would easily make playoffs without Lebron – the Clippers would not if Paul was missing. The only thing Lebron has truley had an effect on is the streak. But sheesh all those wins in a row and they are only 2 games up on San Antonio… Like I said before Popovich should be the MVP. Go the serb… 🙂

  21. dave permalink

    POP is the best coach in the leauge. had been under rated for too long.
    he runs the tighest ship, no player comes before the team. even when star players sit with injury or “rest” they still compete at the highest level with the best teams.

    you honestly dont think with billups butler griffen jordan bledsloe odom barnes and everyone else they wouldnt make the top 8? if they didnt it wouldnt be the players fault but the worst coach in the NBA vinny. he is horrible.

    if what u are saying is best player of reg season wins award then lebron with his second highest PER of all time would win. if we are going only of reg season. kobe would never get it this year as his team has a horrible record.

    if u transfered 5-6 of kobes shots a game to dwight the lakers would dominate.

    the only 4 people that should be spoken about is Lebron, cp3 KD TP.

    no one else should even be in the conversation.

  22. dave permalink

    heat has top league record.
    lebron has top PER in league.

    he dominates offensive and end and defensive end.

    there is no player in the league or any other sport with his combination of size speed strength and athletics.

    there is no way he isnt the best player in the NBA.

    there is nothing you or anyone can say that will take away from lebron winning and DESERVING another MVP award this year.

    • Heat have:
      – Bosh & Wade (All-star starters).
      – The best 3pt shooter in the history of the NBA.
      – Lewis former All-Star + 3pt Shooting expert Include Battier and Chalmers.
      – They have Haslem and Anderson and the team has a great coach + Pat Riley overseeing all of the teams interests. COME ON … you are kidding.

      Clippers have:
      – Griffin (no where near Bosh on scoring). (All-star).
      – Jamal Crawford, Barnes, Hill, Billups, Odom, You telling me that Paul doesn’t make all these guys a million times more successful?

      (you are missing the whole point of what the MVP is – it’s how they describe a players value to the team).

      You take Lebron out Heat keep winning. You take Paul out (Clippers will not make top 8 in the west no shot). Hence why I say and will keep saying that Paul is the best player in the league this year. He showed his form at the all-star break. West is winning .583% vs the east meaning that the west is a tougher division and the clippers are prooving successful because of Paul.

      Now, your other comment about Kobe. – You are just re-itterating what I wrote.
      I said that if the Lakers win or had won more games that I would have ranked him higher.
      I checked the stats and Kobe is having a great year but it counts for nothing if your team doesn’t win even when you are in the lineup. OKC shot themselves in the foot losing Harden for Kevin Martin.

      Tony Parker yes, he is the go to guy and he is the man in San Antonio but I think it’s more of a balanced outfit hence why they succeed when they lose key players. Ginobli slumping they move the ball to Leonard and so forth. Hence there is no MVP for the team it’s MVP for the coach and that coach is definately Pop this year. Parker is top 5 for sure, but I have to give Kobe a bump above as he carries more of the load then parker does in the spurs.

      I think you might start to understand what I’m getting at.

      Also, the effect of Lebron on the rebound and offense is because the Heat are tailored to having him play in that position with his size. He has to do that, it’s how that team with it’s salary cap and payroll has to play as no one aside from Bosh and Haslem can get boards and then Chalmers has to break. Get the whole picture think of it impartially and you’ll see the difference.

  23. dave permalink


    your whole argument has been impartial.

    you talk about the heat roster like they are all in their prime?

    like rashard lewis who was a allstar YEARS ago and who has been irrelivent for YEARS matters.
    like a Ray allen who is 37 years old who is having a below average season is a savior,

    chris anderson who is old as shit.

    chalmers has often been voted worst stating point gaurd in league.

    shane battier who is 34 and lost more then a step in speed.

    udonis haslem who is averaging 4pts MAYBE and MAYBE 5 rebounds?

    chris bosh only started all star game cause rondo was injured.

    look if all those guys were 5 years younger then your argument makes sense,

    you “glorify” your points to make them sound solid. but anyone who actually knows team rosters and players CURRENT abilities this season would see that assessment as laughable.

    if lebon was anyone else u would be all over him but since he has taken away (be it years ago already) the crown of NBAs best player from kobe laker Fans cant handle it, cant get past the fact the lakers underperform, cant get past the fact kobe cant defend a lamp post, cant get past the horrible coaching choices, cant get past or see any of their clear failings as a team.

    you are ignoring key performance indicators.


    which lebron leads by a clear margin.

    you can have any “opinion” you want as this is your blog, but what this blog seriously needs is a clear imparital stand point. what does matter is the FACTS. and the FACTS state lebron is the best player in the league today.

    Lebron – 32.13.

    CP – 23.66

    TP – 22.10

    KD – 30.14

    KB – 24.04

    and unless you come up with a new system of ranking players which the NBA cares about then this is the true indicator of a players importance.

  24. dave permalink

    I would like to see a stat or ANYTHING that helps the argument that without lebron the heat still win consistantly.

    cause the heat have played 70 games so far this season.
    lebron has played 69.

    clippers have played 70 games
    CP3 has played 58 games.

    a further point to lebron Being the most valuable, cause he plays over 98% of the time.

  25. Pure fact of what the NBA judges use. It’s called the MVP ladder it’s on
    Read the section under selection criteria 3.1 – The player who when removed has the most significant effect on the team(s) current lineup.

    Ummmm yeah…

    The Heat’s team is geared and ready – the All-star is a fan based vote and if you make you have to have some skills but if you watch the Heat games (last 25 like i have) you will know what I mean that when Lebron is off the court the team isn’t as lost as when Paul is off the court (seen yesterday against the Mavs).

    facts – read em and weep.

    • Solaro permalink

      I checked the link thanks coach
      The truth be told I think the NBA should make that the rule with picking the MVP the guy whose team will not survive to make the playoffs without them.
      Example Derrick Rose last year Look at the heat this year they are so shakey but are still doing ok.
      Example Mavs without Nowitz.
      Example Thunder without Durant.

      Paul is way more required for the Clippers then Lebron for Heat to win.

      • Mickey permalink

        You always got the rabbit out of the hat
        hahaha I checked the link and coach is right

  26. Sheesh, they don’t get it’s my job – to not only research but to pull all the data I can to formulate my own opinions. I watch the games and read all the facts, as always the lesson is over. 🙂

  27. ShakenBake permalink

    great link to NBA.

  28. Arvi permalink

    Nice try Dave you were schooled like Lillard v Paul this season.
    All the hype and he got crossed up and left hanging for his breath on the baseline.
    Cweb said that Paul is one of the top 5 post players in the NBA yesterday.

  29. Arvi permalink

    Also how anyone can say that Lebron has it over Paul this season is ridiculous the only thing as coach said is the streak, that’s it and that streak has only just managed to get em to #1 over d spurs. Heat are Hype.

  30. dave permalink

    Lebron MVP… told you “coach”

  31. amateur chump — anyone can pick lebron …

  32. dave permalink


    its easy to pick the MVP but you didnt?

    so therefor you pic and analysis were wrong.

    try and jusify is as you may.

    but he was 1 vote of unanimous.

  33. dave permalink

    Player, Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total Points
    LeBron James, 120 1 – – – 1,207
    Kevin Durant, – 93 21 2 3 765
    Carmelo Anthony, 1 16 51 27 17 475
    Chris Paul 2 27 39 23 289
    Kobe Bryant, – 4 12 23 27 184
    Tony Parker, – 2 7 8 13 86
    Tim Duncan, – 2 1 12 10 65
    James Harden, – – – 7 12 33
    Russell Westb – – – 1 6 9
    Dwyane Wade, – – 1 – – 5
    Stephen Curry, – – – – 3 3
    Kevin Garnett, – – – – 1 1
    David Lee, – – – – 1 1
    Ty Lawson, – – – – 1 1
    Marc Gasol, – – – – 1 1
    Joakim Noah, – – – – 1 1

    pretty convincing.

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