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Hi NBA World! (Lakers will just miss the 8th Spot).

April 2, 2013


(If you are a Lakers fan I don’t know if you can read this blog today without tears potentially swelling up in your eyes).

I’ve completed a quick statistical breakdown of the Lakers Vs Utah, Dallas and the Rockets for the 7th & 8th spots in the west and I’ve come to the conclusion that if the Lakers don’t beat the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow, then the window and hopes of the Lakers making it to the playoffs is virtually closed.

Western Conference Standings as of the 2nd of April, 2013:-

W’s – L’s (percentage)
Houston 41 – 33 0.554
Utah 39 – 36 0.514 (they just beat Portland)
L.A. Lakers 38 – 36 0.514
Dallas 36 – 37 0.493

Lakers have lost the season series (2-1) with Utah and with how the tiebreaker system is designed in the NBA it would mean that if the two teams were to finish on an identical win/loss record the Jazz would get the go-ahead for the playoffs. So this means the Lakers need to win and maintain a one win gap over the Utah Jazz (which I just can’t see them doing if they don’t pull out a much needed win against Dallas tomorrow).

I have broken down the remaining schedule and I feel with exception of playing most of their games at home (which is the only place the Lakers have done well – L.A. has the toughest final 8 games remaining of any of the teams vying for 7th and 8th spot).

Game 1) – (H) L.A. Vs Dallas (2-1 game split in favour of L.A.)
Game 2) – (H) L.A. Vs Memphis (0-2 game split in favour of Memphis)
Game 3) – (A) L.A. Vs Clippers (0-3 game split in favour of Clippers)
Game 4) – (H) L.A. Vs Hornets (3-0 game split in favour of L.A.)
Game 5) – (A) L.A. Vs Portland (2-1 game split in favour of L.A.)
Game 6) – (H) L.A. Vs Warriors (2-1 game split in favour of L.A.)
Game 7) – (H) L.A. Vs Spurs (2-0 game split in favour of Spurs)
Game 8) – (H) L.A. Vs Rockets (2-1 game split in favour of Houston)

Dallas has won the last 6 out of 10 games and is 14-22 on the road, I feel if there was a team ready to shut out the Lakers or trying to make a statement for their own playoff push it would be the Mav’s. They would enjoy nothing more than knowing they could end the Lakers hopes for 2013 playoffs.

If the Laker’s lose, that means Dallas would tie them for 9th with LA in front on differential and Utah would move to a +2 game differential and that means the Lakers would need to win 3 of its remaining 7 just to jump in front of Utah – so you see how the noose looks like tightening around the necks of the Lakers if they fail to deliver.

The Lakers should compete in this game like it is there championship and make sure they put everything into getting this (W). I know it’s going to be tough with Nash potential out for the game as well as MWP and Hill. But they still have more than enough fire power to prevail.

Let me know your thoughts and vote on the poll to I want to see how many people out there have faith in LA??? πŸ™‚


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  1. dave permalink

    So when do i get my $40?

    • Not yet.. anyone can tip the fav’s to win … it take a real man to tip the under dog and to stick with it!!!

      • Felix Brown permalink

        Lakers can do it and get that 8th spot I really want them to.

  2. dave permalink

    ummm you bet me $20 a game

    i accepted your bet.

    r u honestly saying u had your lakers as underdogs this year? hahaha i doubt it

  3. ALLOfCALi permalink

    Lock Lakers to win over the Mavs and take the 8th spot!

  4. Dwaneis permalink

    No doubt that coach bet on the Lakers. I bet on the Lakers also and they cost me my old ladies rock.

  5. Listor permalink

    I got love for LA but Dall is dangerous boy id love to be at this game!

  6. Nicholas_78 permalink

    if you didn’t tell me i would have missed this for sure i thought the lakers were in for the 8th i didn’t even check the standings until now. WE HAVE TO WIN AT ALL COSTS.

    “Tupac One Love

    • Alex-Rollz permalink

      Nick I’m big in the DTexa and we know that the Lakers choke just like Kobe’s 3 air balls and like that sweep 2 years ago in the playoffs we got this.
      (#(* Yas…!!

      • Dallas is out in the boonies and the worst team in the NBA with the worst owner in the nBA. I’d rather the franchise went bust and we went back to 29 teams. I hate Dallas Lakers have to win…am I considered biased?

      • TFB permalink

        Crystal Meth Kills no brain cells out in Dallas.

  7. LoL, biggest game of the Lakers year – especially with the comments by Kobe to Mark Cuban. Also just a note people i’ve read that Rose is back for the Bulls tomorrow… excited much???

  8. dime@dozen permalink

    Rose is back, thank god is it to late for him to go for MVP?

  9. Peter permalink

    Can Dallas shut down the Lakers in LA when they don’t have Metta and Nash? I think you’d be stupid to be against the Mavericks I think it will be the toughest battle but Dirk Notwitzki is a better clutch shooter than Kobe Bryant and this battle will be epic. We are all going to Jack in the Box for dinner then off to bar Adair’s Saloon for drinks and watching the game. Go Mavericks I’m growing my beard just like Nowitzki.

    • Tough life you have … this game is what it is… Wish I was anywhere in the US to watch it right now. WOuld be the best thing ever.

      • Perrick permalink

        Agreed I would give anything to be in the US right now for the Sweet 16 and Dal v Lal Go LAKERS

  10. EleginKnightJay permalink

    If I see Carter do the handlebars after a dunk or 3pointer Ima stabbing that trick.

  11. He has been doing a million times better, I hate that handlebars crud. I prefer the 3point goggles or holstering the 3point shooter πŸ™‚

  12. Bill permalink

    Unless Utah tank they got the 8th sec’d.
    You see even if the Lakers win they have the Spurs Clippers and all that crappy team chemistry that just doesn’t work that’s been killin em this season and without Nash they are no hope.

    • It all comes down to Kobe’s want to win people that’s it. If he wants it and pushes to make himself the distributor 10 + assists they’ve got this game.

      • phillie permalink

        Man spurs gotz to get in dere for all us heat haters. They gotta check the heat hard Ginobli is a huge handful. Problem is the heat have so many 3 points shooters that its gonna b impossible to gets around on defense. I dink dat Memphis is tough to play against and play heaps golden d.
        but i am worried that players injuries.

  13. Cris=Griz permalink

    hey coach
    beensometime but griz got this for sure
    We all heat hatez.
    Everyone wants lebrow to fail

  14. Sejam permalink

    Grizzlies d-fence

  15. Sejam permalink


  16. Nino permalink

    No time for that lets watch the bUlls get handled by Brooklyn Jayz style!

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