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Hi NBA World! (The Playoffs & 2013 Season)

May 1, 2013


I want to apologise for my serious lack of blogging over the last month and a half + but, I’ve been trying to keep a very low profile as the playoffs approached, I felt that every time I commented a Laker fell with another injury. I was losing cash with my bets on the Lakers and started to bet blogging with friends and colleagues but once Kobe fell I was completely distraught and found myself drowning my sorrows by watching old 2010 NBA playoff games of the Lakers thrashing everyone.

I know you’re interested so here are some of the bets I lost.

Lakers not getting season swept by the Clippers:
Lakers finishing 6th in the West:
Lakers winning the 1st round of the playoffs:
Lakers beating Spurs in 6 games:
Lakers playing OKC in the Conference finals:

What I did get right was that the Lakers would beat both Houston and the GSW in their final two games to get a spot in the Playoffs.

So after all this I have to also add, “Could Kobe’s injury have happened at a worse time?”

OKC, think they have it bad – lol, they lost a person that was preventing their best player from touching the ball which is a blessing if you think about it. Any victory by the Lakers in the post season would be a hollow victory as it meant we would have to face the Spurs or Thunder with the most important figure of our team on the injured roster.

Did I expect us to win the series without Kobe? No
Did I expect us to compete without Kobe? Maybe
Did I expect Gasol, Metta, Nash, Howard + the rest of the Lakers to step up and fill the void? Maybe
What I found was another swept series that hurt terribly and was even more annoying as I watched Spurs run a route on a team that just had no life.

What do I want?

Cut: D’Antoni, Nash, Howard, Metta, Goudelock, Morris, Duhon
Keep: Kobe, Blake & maybe Gasol (you won’t get much for him he’s just so expensive).

I feel like so much opportunity in the off season for the Lakers to improve but it all needs to start by cutting the loose ends quickly.

Now onto my playoff breakdown:-

Ok, on to the Celtics v Knicks, I think that the Knicks dropped their last game to get Smith back for game 1 of their second round battle as he is facing suspension. I think it’s an extremely clever manoeuvre lol, but comes at a price as it may light a fire under the Celtics who look just old and slow against the Knicks front court.

Indiana v Atlanta, I really like both teams and I can’t really pick here although I fell that the Pacers are so much stronger a unit then the Hawks and if they get there motor rolling they have a far higher ceiling then the Hawks. But to give Hawks credit they are making a series of it finally. I think the Hawks are one of the easiest teams to look down on but they do what they can without a lesser squad.

Miami v Bucks, it was a great prediction by Jennings for a sweep in Miami (dummy).
Brooklyn v Bulls I have feeling that if Brooklyn gets the next game that Bulls will find it hard to close this out but if they do, then I would fully expect Rose to come back for game 1 of the 2nd round verse the Heat. I think Brook Lopez and Jo Johnson firing early with Williams and Wallace both wanting to win it, I also feel that without a pg that can run it out like K.H or D.R there is a gap on the setup of plays. Boozer & Noah are playing huge ball and I think no one makes playoff highlights like Taj.

OKC v Houston, I think Okc will have just enough to get past Houston but it won’t surprise me at all if the OKC franchise collapses without Westbrook. However, if they get through this will be what Durant needs to lay claim to the best player in the League.

GSW v Denver, I never thought that Denver would struggle so much but they seem to have worked it out in the last game by pressuring Curry to shoot only 1-7 from the 3pt line. A feet, that hasn’t happened since early October in the NBA regular season. If that continues then Denver could even this up and push a game 7. Lawson is playing incredible and is so fast and good with ball making the right play repeatedly. Miller deserves a lot of credit he has slotted in to the playoffs with not much pressure on his shoulders but hit a game winner and it a matchup nightmare for the GSW guards. Bogut is playing big man ball and has a few good facials on the Denver bigs but I think that he will become injured again maybe concussed from trying to do a cross over or something.

Clips v Grizz, I thought the Grizzlies would handle the Clippers but now I see that it’s a lot tougher with Paul flying around the court they lost today but I don’t think that Memphis can score 100+ in the next game to get this one out. I think Clippers will fire back, although they will need Griffin who went out injured maybe he might sit the bench???

I will not mention the other matchup but let’s just say we will see how the Spurs go in the next round.

Let me know your thoughts as always and I hope to chat with you all soon.



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  1. BLedPurpleNGold permalink

    Jesus Homey what happened to our Lakers and Kobe

  2. Lk4Lf permalink

    You should hav
    said we needed a fix
    it hurts, my wife cried.

  3. timmy permalink

    ahahahhaha OKC lost westbroiok ahahahahahahah
    Houston will get them!

    • A man after my own heart. I don’t wish injuries upon anyone … well except for Nowitzki but Westbrook could have got hurt last year when the Lakers could have used it… pfttt stupid injuries never happen when you want them!!!!> .. lol

  4. timmy permalink

    Yeah it was tough not seeing your usual one sided rants post playoff games
    i had to read lol the boredom

    • i am so sorry… how dirty – shower now… yuck.. the NBA smut that must be going through your head… ewwwwwwwwwwwww

      • timmy permalink

        ahahahhahaha you are the only person that understands!

  5. Simonth permalink

    We going for Knicks now>?< heat to lose in 5.

    • 100% same wave length – great minds bud… good to see you back in town… lets catch up at ball.

      • Simonth permalink

        Yep for sure come down south and play thursday night we need a SF for semi’s see you at 8pm. Also you still attract crazys to this site cause some donut picked the Bulls to win the title in your poll!!

  6. Ill see if i can make it… go Knicks… lol Bulls have a shot if Rose gets back – maybe?? lol unsure… they have heat next if they get past brooky anythings possible… maybe lebron = torn meniscus… lol

  7. I am Dwights Muscle Memory permalink

    The question is who will beat the Heat in the finals….?

    • The only team that can stack up well against them is the Spurs.

      • Nino permalink

        Heat will get cooked by Grizzlies d! lets watch the bulls and enjoy people.
        Lebron cannot be stopped

  8. Rayb permalink

    na shuvle that Heat team they getting slow down by Spurs for sure count your cash on dat one.
    Spurs too deep to experiencd and no how to move the ball they play good and are golden on the break.
    Heat can’t stop the size of duncan and the speed of parker. Spurs better match for Heat then OKC ever will b.

  9. pauld permalink

    Na heat got this i promise it.
    Catch ya coach at comp next week.

  10. Joshua Freeman permalink

    Clippers going down so will bulls and then Mayb GSW if Denver gets this out today.
    Any of those teams especially the knicks can take the Heat!

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