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NBA World! (The 2013 Season)

June 24, 2013


The NBA finals breakdown this has to be said,

I’ve listened to a whole bunch crapola via Podcasts, NBA Blogs and the website about how great the Miami Heat are and how great this season was and how we should all celebrate Lebron James etc… but let’s just put this all in perspective people.

The Miami Heat were the number 1 ranked team in the entire NBA and had a 27 game win streak and dominated everyone for a huge part of the season. They went heads up against the Spurs who at best were the second best team in the West and possibly the third or fourth best team overall.

How did the San Antonio Spurs get there? Well, they smashed the under-strengthened Lakers, they just got past the Golden State Warriors (that was a great series) and they killed Memphis. Let’s not forget that Memphis got through on the fortunes of an injury to Russell Westbrook and the Thunder.
Anyways, so the Spurs meet the Heat in the finals how did the Heat get there?

The Heat smashed the Bucks (WOW) – (No surprise they were a sub .500 win team). They get into a tussle with an injury plagued Bulls (missing Rose the former MVP) good on you bulls, who squeaked out a nice game one win. They then meet the Pacers who also have an injury to their star Danny Granger and then only just manage to win in a Game 7. Yeah right, the Heat looked really superior… Pffftt!!!! They had not a single listed injury to any player, except the 24 hour crushing & debilitating knee injury that mysteriously plagued Wade (intermittently of course) which only flared up whenever Wade missed a jump shot.

What a great series – for who exactly? The Spurs!!!! The Heat was the number one team – they were expected to win in 5 or 6 (Vegas, Sports Bet and pretty much the entire world had them as an odds on fav’s) this said, they should be disgusted that it was even close.

The finals as a whole – four of the seven games were a blowout – game 1 was close and Parkers final shot was just the nail in the coffin as the Spurs were in front when the shot went in – it didn’t decide the outcome it was just nice to have a highlight.

Games 2 through to game 5, meant absolutely nothing, but game 6 was the best game in the entire series. I loved how the faithful fans of the Heat with two minutes to go started piling up to leave the stadium yeah great support.

Miami should thank Ginobli and Leonard for not attending free-throw training and missing two free throws either of which (if they hit) seals the championship for the Spurs. They missed them ok!!!!! Don’t celebrate the fact you got lucky – you didn’t win the other team lost.

So bounce forward to game 7 and the heat throw everything at the Spurs and the Spurs don’t budge, are you telling me you can’t smash a team or show championship form? The Heat hit about 14 threes shooting at 50% and you can’t seal it until the last minute of game 7 WTF! you are a championship team? All I see is a team that got lucky. The Spurs couldn’t throw a rock into the ocean that’s how bad the team was shooting! And yet they were still right next to the Heat going in to the last minute. Ok, so Ginobli missed “don’t pass the ball in traffic class” and had more turnovers than points in the last three games (or so it felt) – But, you can’t believe that you outplayed someone that was obviously not up to scratch to begin with.

So finally, I just don’t know how anyone can say this was a great TEAM performance when only three players for the heat did the bulk of the scoring, or when the Heat only just managed to squeeze out two game 7’s in the final two series.

The Heat were lucky to benefit from injuries to teams that would have created a completely different outcome to the final result and were a free throw only away from being considered the biggest failure in NBA history.

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  1. Miamikid permalink


    • Fludiy permalink

      Miami are the luckiest team in the NBA and they will never win another title. Not unless the team gets younger.

  2. The heat had three players in great form on any given night this will not suffice going forward they are not a team… they are threaded together with very cheap thread that is just about to fall apart.

  3. StevenMicks permalink

    Spurs were so unlucky Leonard is the finals MVP and then Green that’s it Heat will never win again

    • I just feel that everything benefitted the Heat everything – every call every missed freethrow every foul every injury just made it easier for them. Getting the Spurs in the final was a dream for them.

  4. Floridian permalink

    Lebron played great and only just got them infront he kept the Heat in every way possible and when needed he put the wins together.

    • Actually, he didn’t – Bosh, Wade, Battier and Allen did the work in key Games. Lebrons big scoring just kept the Heat infront in game 7 but the crushing blows were always when the others contributed. Thanks for not paying attention to the point of the blog.

  5. Monty permalink


  6. Donald Swithe permalink

    The worst feeling was seeing Leonard miss that free throw! He gets paid to make those. Gonna watch Leonard evolve into the greatest player in the NBA. Spurs 2014!!!

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