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NBA World! (The 2014 Season)!

February 7, 2014

Hey yo,

To all my NBA reading fans!!!!!

I know it’s been a while between blog’s and I do sincerely apologise for not at least hitting back earlier but, I’ve been extremely busy with extracurricular NBA activities (such as my NBA Tipping comp – NBA Fantasy League – Watching Games – Watching Replays and Highlights & most importantly playing ball).

My activities have kept me away from being able to update my usual rants to this blog.

So as my act of good will to the all the readers of my finely tuned blog, I’m going to give you my quick-break-down on each team in the NBA over the next few weeks. I’ll start with the top four teams in the east and move down the ladder as we go along. (Yes, of course I’ll avoid doubling-up).

Pacers, (Currently on a 3 Game win streak), I feel like this team relies way too much on Lance S and PG to get things done – Step it up Hibbert! (Is it just me or does this giant fall over way too much?). How many games do I have to sit through and wait for the Pacers to start playing, it seems like every single game with exception to a few, they drop the first half. Stop it, its super painful, play from the first whistle till the end like your life depends on it, why not blow-out a team in the first half and then cruise home in the second?

I feel like picking up Andrew Bynum was a pure act of genius by Larry Bird – they effectively removed a key that other teams could have used to open the lock that the Pacers have on the league.

George Hill is a loose cannon to me and selfishly shoots when he should be giving the ball in deep – but his inconsistent plays are made economical as David West seems to steady everything. If David West remains healthy they will remain #1 team in the league. I am interested to see how the Pacers play without Lance for the next two weeks due to injury.

Miami, (Currently on a 3 game win streak), Watching this team apparently turn it on and turn it off or feel like playing or not, is irritating (yes, I know I’ve never been a heat fan) I see this team as burning out this year and I don’t give them a shot of 3-peating.

I often wonder if Wade is more prone to injury this season then Oden.

They didn’t miss much by not getting A.Bynum (as they have Oden anyway) I don’t feel either slot into the Miami offense well.

I do feel like Lebron isn’t able to turn up the Heat as high as he has in previous years (he has zero triple doubles this season) and his efficiency on the defensive side of the ball is actually stronger when battier is on the court??? (Thanks Hoops Data) he’s letting more opponents shoot in his face and in the key and it’s never really been that easy before.

Coach Spol has said that, he’s trying to limit minutes to keep the players healthy and hungry. I don’t believe they are hungry at all, I see them making huge mistakes on offense and terrible mistakes on defense.

You have to be consistent and power through teams to be a champion, I can’t see this Heat line-up beating the Pacers, Spurs or OKC when the finals come around.

Raptors, (They are currently on a 1 game losing streak), Terence Ross dropping 51 and the team being third in the east, who would have thought it?

Definitely not I!!!!

I can’t believe Amir Johnson is such an animal and moving Gay off to Sac would have proved to be such a positive outcome (I guess the Grizzlies did it and they flourished).

Derozen, is a slick player and the team as a whole plays with great chemistry. I hate to think though that one injury to Derozen or Johnson and this team might spiral down to the bottom in the East.

The Raptors frustrate me at times as they lose close winnable games and I feel they would be way more reliable if they could avoid playing Ross and Derozen at the same time. Johnson and Ross do make watching this team fun. I am sick of the commentators mentioning that Ross almost broke Carters record – I don’t think he’ll ever shoot like that again. Can they make the playoffs? (Most likely) will they win a playoff round? (Maybe only one series, but it will be fun to watch).

Hawks, (The Fourth team in the east), you broke my Heart – especially you Horford!

Horford was my go to guy with my fantasy team and I’m sure that Hawks fans were excited to have a powerfully legit east team this year.

I think Milsap is a scoring, post move, spinning dynamo and if you haven’t seen him play he’s really a blue print for how to get points in the low block. The team did have a great balance and they pushed some of the better West Sides to nail biting finishes and Overtime wins. I love how Teague is playing and I think when they moved Smith was without a doubt the smartest drop a team has made in a long time.

I can’t wait to review the Lakers in the upcoming weeks (Be prepared people).
Have a great all-star weekend.


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  1. NewYorkian permalink

    Pacers Got This in the bag.

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