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NBA World! (The West Top 4)!

February 11, 2014

Hey yo,

To all my NBA loving fans!!!!! As I promised before, here comes my West-Coast NBA breakdown.

Lets start with the Oklahoma City Thunder, they’re #1 in the West with a 1 game win streak.

The Thunder are playing the best team ball in the league, in this recent stretch without Westbrook they’ve won against some tough teams and they surprisingly lost to some easy ones. OKC are 8-2 over the last 10 games and that recent loss to the Magic – Well, I feel, that game should be considered a one off, a minor bleep in their current torpedo like approach towards destroying the league.

In recent times I’ve definitely second guessed the OKC, especially when Westbrook fell out of the line-up. In an unexpected turn for the better the Thunder actually look smoother offensively without Westbrook and appear to have bonded together as a unit, the ball doesn’t stop at the top of the key (like it does with W-brook on the floor) the ball appears to reach Durant’s hands in safer positions for him to exploit the defense. (Durant’s offensive TO’s are down and his assists are up – thanks to Hoops Metric for stats).

In previous years, I completely doubted Durant’s defense (anyone can get a rebound like he does, was my thinking) but this season he is actually trying to shut down the offense by moving his body to the spot early and not just trying to wrap his arms around the attacker.

All that said, Durant is still way to thin for my liking on D, I believe a good physical defender should be built more like a truck, but it appears that what he lacks in size he’s gains in getting the team more involved defensively (again a huge surprise) and there is no question that with all this new-team chemistry, D and his explosive offense all combine to make him the front runner for MVP this 2014 season.

Note: – I do see a potential problem that Durant could have and that’s when Westbrook returns to the line-up, just after the All-Star game, Durant might start deferring to Westbrook again, if he doesn’t!!! well then, we should get to see the OKC slay some good teams especially the Heat (again) before the end of the season. (Yay)

On to the San Antonio Spurs who have the second best record in the West.

The Spurs in my opinion are not just a team that is battle scar ridden but they appear nightly of late as being physically old.

The age factor does not mean they can’t ball because they obviously can, I just feel at times that coach Pop expects too much from his bench. I can see how he’s tried to create mirror images of the big three with Mills, Belleneli and Splitter but these new boys just don’t have the talent. (Sorry it has to be said)

The Spurs are 5-5 in the last 10 and I honestly believe that they are one injury away from sliding into 6th, 7th or 8th spot in the west.

I usually bet on the Spurs to win against most but this week and with the injuries they have I’ll be second guessing every single game. Note, I was considering tipping the Hawks against Spurs, but luckily I grabbed a glance on twitter that Duncan and Parker were back in the line-up. (Phew)

Here we are, at the mystery that is the Portland Trail Blazers, who at present have the third best record in the West.

The Blazers are a one gun show, they have a brilliant starting line-up that plays extremely well together, but I feel teams have started to work out that you need to push up on Aldridge and in addition they have targetted a Lillard who is slumping of late and this combo will cause the Blazers to lose a tonne of games.

The Blazers are 5-5 like the Spurs over the last 10 and yet they haven’t got the excuse of having major injury setbacks.

In my opinion this team is like one of those cool Domino exhibits but once knocked over your left with a big mess of pieces all over the place. I didn’t tip them against the Wizards or Pacers, but I did against the Timberwolves (with Pek injured) and the Knicks.

I don’t feel they can beat a team that is fully healthy and prepared inside the top eight when the playoffs come around. They are a feel good team if that and I wish them well.

On to the exciting L.A. Clippers who have the fourth best record in the West.

Wow, without Paul and OMG with Paul back!!!

They were up by 50 points at half time over the 76ers (it’s the 76ers not the Pacers or Heat but who cares!!! 50pts) they look like a team that has bonded together so well whilst Paul was out. It’s completely unexpected as I (like most) used to feel that Griffin needed to be piggy-backed in games by a great point guard, so I’ll reserve my judgement on him (Yes, that’s as close to an apology as I will ever give).

This chemistry will go on show as they compile a massive run after the all-star break, my prediction a great new record 20-0???

I did see Griffin limping around the first quarter near the locker room which was a concern, but he ate some concrete pills and came back out tough as hell.

Boys n girls, this team will be extremely hard to beat when Paul gets back to 100% and if you add Coach Rivers experience, you can only see them getting better as the playoffs get closer.

Note: – I love the crowd cheering when Vujacic hit the court; they definitely were behind the ex-laker – respect L.A.


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  1. Flash02942255 permalink

    Blazers are going down hill like the Warriors.
    They are on the same bus!

    • Yeah, it does appear that way… i do feel that the Warriors are a superior team to the Blazers but hey, they might keep pulling out upsets all the way into the playoffs.

  2. Clippertitle2015 permalink

    Spurs will need to rethink the structure of the franchise after this year
    Griffin was a huge surprise for all of us Clippers.

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