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NBA World! (2014 All-Star Weekend – The Truth)!

February 19, 2014

Hi NBA World,

Here are the realest most personal thoughts of mine on the 2014, NBA All-Star weekend. I’m just sayin’ this is the truth – if you can handle it, read on:-

It all started with sitting down to watch the Celebrity All-Star game. I don’t know why, but the NBA managed to invite people that don’t know how to ball!

What a big drop off in skills from last year’s crew. Also, why don’t they get some real A-List celebs.

Just a note:- You wouldn’t invite people to a swim meet if they can’t swim. That said Snoop was in there, he did ball hard and he did seem to ball well, Kevin Hart missed everything even his jokes were off. The minister of Education won the MVP after Kevin Hart deferred the award (as Hart won it by a biased fan Vote).

Was it just me or did the U.S Minister of Education sound like Mike Tyson when he spoke?

So the Celebrity Ball game didn’t have the quick Usain Bolt jamming it like last year, they did have some Victoria Secret Model who made it on the court for about 2mins. The game was riddled with turnovers mostly coming from WNBA players and also some out of shape ex-NBA players like Bruce Bowen – who couldn’t hit a bucket.

The best thing about the competition was seeing Jalen Rose near a ball court again, as he was one of the Celebrity team coaches and his outfit specifically his jacket (was pretty nice!!!).

What came next, was a massive yawn!!! as I had to watch the C-Webb vs G-Hill Rookie game, I believed this may be a competitive battle.

These two teams split up the rookies lineups in a draft with players showing no real chemistry and as was the motif of the actual All-Star weekend there was absolutely no defense. This allowed Drummond to excel and look like a man amongst boys.

Towards the end of the second half, an exciting one on one battle between the Knicks Hardaway Jnr and the Cavs Dion Waiters broke out. The game became lifted in intensity when they started slinging’ threes from deep, it went back and forth – I have to say in my opinion Dion killed it and won over heaps of fans.

Note: – Team Hill got the W.

Day 2 – I missed the D-League All Star game (Snoozed through it) I’ll probably see most of the players on the Lakers roster soon enough anyway! 

My first event of Day 2 was the Shooting Stars challenge – this to me is only exciting with the half court shootout, which Bosh again owned. He can hit those all day and shoots those half courts like a regular person does a free throw. That was mildly entertaining, I can’t really suggest a way for the NBA to expand on this except for possibly a Horse competition???

The next event was the most boring event of the weekend (a real yawn fiesta) this event should be scrapped, the NBA skills challenge, nobody ever tries to win this brainless event and nearly all the A-List players just coast.

I’ll be more specific here, all the players that are A-List NBA Ballers just jog, B-grader ballers sprint and C-graders move their tails like there life depends on it. The team of Lillard and Burk good-on-em for winning but this event is entirely meaningless and boring and if you ever need a substitute for a warm cup of milk to fall asleep, just replay this.

Now onto the 3-point comp, an event that used to excite me especially when it meant that I got a chance to see how great people like Reggie Miller, Stojakovic, Nowitz and Rice shot the ball with their sweet strokes.

This year I was disappointed – they changed the money ball rack? I was frustrated watching this not only from a lack of effort from the shooters but also because NBA produces planted so many friggin’ add-breaks in the telecast. It was so hard to get into watching this as they broke the mood with car and chip ads.

Anyways, I expected more from Lillard, Irving and Curry who all failed. Personally, I wanted to see Durant, Anthony and Curry square off in this event. Belleneli, missed so many early and heated up late – it was annoying to believe he was the best that the NBA can produce, this didn’t show his skills, this showed a lack of it! He did manage to string together two good racks which was good enough to beat Beal.

To improve this event to viewers on TV, it would really be better to watch a condensed replay of this, than the entire thing.

Now onto what I was hoping would be the highlight event, the dunk comp!

Listening to Kenny, Shaq, Ernie and Barkley try to explain the rules of this event was like trying to read Sanskrit!

Not one of them had a clear understanding of what was going on and at a few points they laughed amongst themselves at the complexity of the rules.

So Nick Cannon announced the dunk comp (HURRY UP AND LETS SEE THE DUNKS I KEPT SAYING).

He introduced the DJ, Competitors, Judges, Crowd, Commentators and pretty much everything that was in the venue! (SHUT UP AND LET’S SEE THE DUNKS!)

Finally, the dunk-off “Team Event” round – this began and was else can be said but ‘this is sad’, it was like watching a group of dis-organised mascots jumping off a mini-tramp.

There was no cohesion, chemistry or passion and I was insulted by the fact that the players were discussing the move on the court – so wait, this wasn’t rehearsed?

Next, was the battle segment, where I will skip the epic failures like Harrison Barnes (What a waste of air time showing his missed attempts).

What happened next in my opinion was the biggest highlight from the entire NBA All Star Weekend, let’s focus on the room all standing when they saw the missed-dunk attempt by PG, OHHHH DAMMMM! P.G. didn’t just try a 360 through the legs counter-clock wise did he?

That was sick – it would have been better if he made it on the first attempt, the excitement was finally back, it momentarily left the room when we knew what he was trying but to see him make it was epic!!!!!

And then, John Walls jump over the Wizards mascot with his addition of the Harold Miner-Pump reverse looked incredible, even more so in slow-motion (Except, they won’t show a replay of it from the front as he momentarily loses the grip of the ball), still what a sick dunk. It was the best original dunk I’ve seen since Carters run to win back in the 2000 game.

The winners were the East who received the award as a group with Wall winning best dunk. I have to mention the epic bomb attempt on Shaq by Macklemore, his miss dunk from his reach over the seated Shaq will be #1 in the Shaqtin the Fool this week – I thoroughly believe it deserves to be on the blooper reel, just terrible.

I’ve saved the worst till last, I will discuss the ‘Yawn Fiesta’ that had only two highlights – it was the inaugural 2014 NBA All-Star game.

I’ll spare you the entire game which featured no defense and the biggest score line in the NBA’s entire All-Star game history.

The two highlights:-

#1 Which I didn’t really enjoy, but everyone has raved about it on twitter and so did a few friends of mine so I guess it’s ok, but I just thought it was too pre-planned and it just seemed like a regular dunk. Steph Curry’s over the backboard oop to Durant form the inbound on the baseline.

#2 Kyrie Irving’s ankle breaker on Dwight – this I loved and truly enjoyed. The rest of the game was a ride off for me as there was no passion in this game.

Melo made it obvious, if you give him the ball and space he will score a 3 (Do it in the 3 point comp or a Playoff where it counts buddy). But no one wanted to put a hand up and the same went for all of the Blake and Durant’s buckets.

At least Irving tried to make it exciting, Durant V Lebron didn’t happen and at times when it could all we got was a long three (yawn) from a step back (do it in the 3 point comp Durant!).

Thus, the entire weekend had maybe 5 highlights too watch.

I hope y ‘all found it more exciting than I did and as always let me know your thoughts, especially if you think I got it wrong.



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  1. ParkitLikeItsHot permalink

    “Disorganised Mascots” ahahhahaha
    So accurate so boring

    • Hey it’s from the heart so you know it’s the truth.
      i hate this stuff now – I think it must be for the kids.
      It used to be for everyone.

  2. Smiddy permalink

    How would you change it?

  3. LakerLove permalink

    You kill me!!!
    You gotta start doing more of these man.

    • If I am annoyed with what I’ve seen i will usually post a lot more 🙂 LoL.. when all is going well I will quieten down.

  4. Ok, I usually update through Facebook!!!

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