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NBA World! (What have the Lakers Done)!

July 14, 2014

Hey NBA Readers:-

What have the L.A. Lakers done!!!!!

Pau Gasol bails to the Chicago Bulls.
We sign Jeremy Lin (to fix our PG issues -lol-).
We pay a lot to keep ‘the streaky’ Nick Young.
We draft Julius Randle (I believe the only positive so far). We keep Steve Nash (Cut him already).
We lose Kaman (no biggie).
We sign up Brooks.

Who is playing Centre exactly?

Wow, I think we will be at least (.350) team (unless something amazing happens).

Oh here is the entire roster going into next season (2014-15):-

Brooks, MarShon (FA)
Bryant, Kobe (C)
Clarkson, Jordan (DP)
Henry, Xavier (FA)
Hill, Jordan
Johnson, Wesley (FA)
Kelly, Ryan (FA)
Lin, Jeremy
Marshall, Kendall
Nash, Steve
Randle, Julius (DP)
Sacre, Robert
Young, Nick

And the most important question – Where exactly are the W’s going to come from – Oh and I haven’t mentioned yet, who is going to be our coach?

As always let me know your thoughts!!!!!


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  1. Stuey permalink

    Lakers are tanking for 15!!!

  2. G-Dash_Kid permalink

    Sign Melo out the window
    Scott for Coach

    • I’ve been diving through the FA and there are a couple of people left – but we have zero bigs except for Jordan Hill who have some skills. Sacre is no starter – I’m sure we will get someone.

  3. Bryants RollOn permalink

    Bryant, will score 100ppg We will be fine!

  4. dave permalink

    i think the lakers are still hoping that Love is a available some next off season. They knew they were not going to get any top tier free agents this year so why tie up money when you can have major cap room for next years wave of free agents. they know this year is a dud year.

    thats why no rush on signing a coach.

    this year is going to be a full youth year. no one knows if kobe will be back at full strength and how long he will hold up. they will run and gun all season. all starters will put up good numbers on a crap team and if lucky will win 20 games.

    • Ooooffffttt — I feel that is right. But I also have information that plots K-love getting an offer sheet from Cav’s… I know that sucks. But Love might be the only saving grace for Lakers. Lin though that hurts!!!

      • dave permalink

        lin is one of what 3 or 4 plays on that team that can score consistantly. TBH i think you are lucky to have him this season. he was amazing on a bad Knicks team and he will do the same for you. big numbers but no real impact in the W collumn

        Sure cavs will offer a contract but so will everyone else with cap space.

        in reality wolves will trade him soon but to where? the only team he has said he would instantly resign is the cavs but cavs not giving up the pieces they want.

  5. Lin can’t play defense to save his life – it’s why he lost the starting role to Beverly.
    Cav’s lost Deng to Heat (Well not really a loss) but hey!!!!

  6. dave permalink

    Lins defensive inabilities wont really change anything. kendall marshall cant play D – steve nash cant play D nick young cant play D marshon brooks cant play D. i think its past the point of pointing out his faults on that. teams are still going to put 120+ on lakers every night. what matters is if lakers can score that much. and thats why Lin is good for your side at PG and maybe some SG at times.

    i would call deng to the heat a win for the cavs. he was terrible for them. played with no heart. didnt want to be there. cavs were NEVER going to resign with or without lebron. i think deng should have gone back to Chi town.

    • Well the Bulls made out with subbing Gas for Boz – great exchange for them. I wonder who else they might steal !!!!

    • FHernadez permalink

      Thads some 10th planet shit
      Lakers could fix all de holes in dere big man game with Love.
      Lakers should not worry bout d they should only worry about signin a coach and makin sure Kobe is healthy.

  7. dave permalink

    bulls next year are going to be great if rose is healthy. i cant believe so many people are giving up on gasol. he was huge last year. 17 pts 9 rbs 3.5 asst 1.5blk. Bulls are my Fav for the east.

    • My fav are the Wiz…. They lost Ariza but gained Pierce not a bad trade out… In the long run he’s not got Ariza’s defense. Anyhow the Bulls are killer in the East if they are ready go with Rose starting fresh on good legs (45% likely) – i just made up that percentage 🙂 I feel like they could be the fav in the East especially when you get Noah passing to Gasol and vice versa!!! love that for the Bulls – I’m glad Gasol landed somewhere safely… he’s prolly going to play on 20% of games 🙂

      • FHernadez permalink

        Ariza droppin treys in Rockets dats gotta hurt the Wiz.

  8. Season of Ariza’s career so far. 10 3’s in a game that’s awesome. His d was on par with the best in the league. The Wizards with pierce are trying to patch the gap.

  9. dave permalink

    i think pierce on that young fast team is not a good fit at all.

    they will want to run and gun but will have to slow it down to fit Pierce

  10. dave permalink

    nice boozer signing hahahahaha

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