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NBA World! (2015 Playoffs Finals + Lakers Pick #2 In 2015-16 Draft)!

June 10, 2015

Hey NBA World,

It’s a great day today as I’m back onto this blog posting away (especially after the months off due to injury and the loss of email to re-activate the account – my apologies) ANYWAYS; I got to finally put some words together to comment on the Cavs V GSW (2015) game 3 (from today).

So this game to me (just watched it closely) just like the series thus far – it feels like the second that GSW works out their offence, the game and series is theirs for the taking. They are down by 20, 15, 10 or 5 points I just am never worried for the Warrior’s I just know the Warriors can make the difference in points immediately. Yeah, they just lost Game 3 – but it means nothing to be 2-1 down. How can they fix the issues they are having:- Well they can start by getting Curry the ball and trying harder to work him to get open looks. Lee needs to be on the floor for about 25+mins; Klay needs to find his touch or at least work to help Curry get open – he stands there flat footed watching Curry shoot. Kerr can’t make any excuses as the entire Cav’s team is completely destroyed with injuries – especially with those on Love and Irving.

I need to say that the best game and the best series so far of this year’s playoffs was the first round Spurs V Clippers. The competition was high, the players were all mostly healthy and each possession was run to the max. I was so surprised by CP3’s playoff performance and win in the first round  game 7 that I am willing to overlook the second round failure to the Rockets.

How happy are we Lakers fans – we got the second round draft pick we get Randle back and we ditched Nash. Kobe will be in the house. I haven’t decided who I want to pick for the draft but let’s not make a mistake and get some weak tard we need healthy and strong (most likely a big) – lets ditch Boozer or make him a 6th man and dump Lin we can come on so strong 2016.



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